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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


SIMULA and 40 years of the object
oriented programming

Eugene Kindler

40 years ago, the IFIP conference on simulation
was organized,
where certain principles of programming were presented. Some of these principles were
classes as structures of data and procedures, subclasses and virtuality of procedures; they were
later covered by the term object
oriented programming


But there are other principles
presented at the conference, which transcend OOP; some of them have roots in former
simulation languages


other are in relation to the block orientation of
programming, which
was considered as actual in the sixties, the
n condemned in the seventies and nowadays step by
step accepted as


and advantageous

Two phases of development of the programming paradigm will be analyzed, especially from
the viewpoint
of simulation; the first

was between 1958 and 1967, t
he other between
1968 and nowadays.
The principles that transcend OOP enable e.g. (1) formalizing world
viewings using concepts represented by classes (which

for different world viewings

differ in their semantics contrary to having the same names),

(2) nesting models, (3) secure
communication among simulation models with different modeled time flows,
(4) nesting
world viewings,
etc. Thus simulation

a vanguard of computer
analyzing of
comparing formal theories using mutually correspondi
ng concepts with the same context but
with different interpretation. Illustrations of applications in industry


and services

will be presented.