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Nov 7, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)



1. Was the move from 20
old legacy systems at Stanford necessarily a
good idea? Why or why not?

The move from 20
old legacy systems at Stanford is necessarily a good
idea because it never slowed down the implementation engine and improved
much in very little time which indeed helped the student to get rid from
problems in ERP systems.

2. Did S
tanford spend too much time consulting the ERP vendors (Oracle
and PeopleSoft) and not enough time consulting their own staff?

Stanford spent same time in consulting ERP vendors and own staff and
Improved much in very short span of time .

3. Can ERP sy
stems work in universities and other higher education

Yes, ERP systems can work in universities and other higher educational
institutions as there are plenty of training was offered, but many users did not
take it. New training programs has

been set up, including a group of trainers
who sit side by side with users to help them learn how to do complex tasks;
periodic user group meetings; Web site and e
mail lists that offer more help;
and expert users embedded in the various departments who a
id their colleagues.

4. How can a university campus or institution achieve business success
through the use of collaboration tools?

Campuses must be able to collaborate. Without collaboration a campus would
have a very difficult time operating. Campuse
s collaborate in a number of ways
including document exchange, shared whiteboards, discussion forums, and e

5. How can your institution use knowledge management systems to
improve operations?

Knowledge management involves capturing, classifying, e
valuating, retrieving,
and sharing information assets in a way that provides context for effective
decisions and actions. A KMS system could be used to capture the knowledge
of retiring professors or research among staff.

6. How can your institution use
content management systems to improve

A content management system (CMS) provides tools to manage the creation,
storage, editing, and publication of information in a collaborative environment.
The CMS marketplace is complex, incorporating docu
ment management,
collaboration and versioning tools, digital asset management, and Web content
management. An example is a Web page to post course content including the
syllabus, assignments, and grades.

7. How can a team of students use a workflow management system to
complete a group project?

Many workflow management systems allow the opportunity to measure and
analyze the execution of a process. Workflow systems integrate with other
organizational sys
tems, such as document management systems and database
management systems. A team of students that is completing a group project
could use a workflow system to complete the project.

8. If your institution wanted to implement a groupware system, what would

be its primary purpose?

Groupware is software that supports team interaction and dynamics including
calendaring, scheduling, and videoconferencing. Organizations can use this
technology to communicate, cooperate, coordinate, solve problems, compete, or