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Nov 7, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Monthly Free Webinar Listing





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ng an archived version. All organizations identified below are well
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For individuals with an HR certification, these webinars can be used for one hour of HRCI credit, up to a
total of 20 credits.


Jul 31

Using Social to Transform Talent Management,
1300 EST

Utilizing social media as a platform is growing exponentially. LinkedIn has surpassed 200
million members, Facebook boasts more than 680 million mobile users, and Twitter
maintains 500 million total use
rs tweeting in excess of half of a billion tweets per day. How
can HR leadership harness the power of social to transform talent management? Employees
are most productive and satisfied while participating in meaningful work. Tech savvy HR
leaders can lever
age social technology to not only increase employee engagement, but also
manage talent with public and private goal setting, transparent progress tracking of goals,
and agile praise and recognition, or a more discrete venue. Join this webinar to learn how
social technology can drive results for the firm.


Jul 31

Assessing and Addressing Organizational Knowledge Loss Risks
, 1200 EST

Many organizations are at significant risk of losing key c
ritical knowledge due to
retirements of employees over the next several years. By the time an employee announces
retirement, or otherwise leaves the organization, it is often too late to fully understand
exactly what knowledge is walking out the door and t
o document and transfer that deep
tacit knowledge. American Water has dedicated significant resources to developing a
system to proactively identify and address critical at
risk knowledge across all departments.
This webinar will review American Water’s ex
perience to demonstrate the importance of a
comprehensive knowledge management system. Participants will learn a continuum of
options for risk mitigation activities, and important differences between succession
planning and knowledge management. Participan
ts will have opportunities to ask
diagnostic questions to better understand their own organization’s knowledge loss risks.


Aug 08

Leaders in Transition: Stepping Up Not Down

00 EST

In times of transitions leaders are exposed as never before. Up to a third of leaders don’t
make the transition successfully. Join

webinar and learn what over 1000 leaders
have to
share about their transitions including: t
he most significant barriers
to overcome
, i
hindsight, what would leaders liked to have known before their transition
, w
here leaders go
to find th
e support they desperately need, and what organiz
ations can do to help better
prepare their leaders to m
ake the transition successfully. P
articipants will
receive a copy of
DDI’s research paper “Leaders in transition: stepping up, not off.”



Aug 7

Reimagine the Employee Experience: How to engage your workforce with a Social

Many companies have successfully deployed portals
as a mechanism to communicate with,
empower, and engage their workforce while others have tried and failed.

In this webinar,
participants will l
earn from Appirio’s experts what to

do to

stack the odds of success in
favor as embark upon a portal (soci
al intranet) refresh or deployment.

In this webinar
participants will

learn what the Workforce Experience is, how to craft the
appropriate experience to maximize impact within

unique corporate culture, and the
ways in which it can positively impact w


Aug 13

The Conference Board Economics Watch®

00 EST

This webinar will focus on countries’ integration in the global value chain. Despite all the
discussion about off shoring, how many jobs in the U.S. are actually related to global
production, and how many of those jobs are in other sectors of the economy?


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