Reference List for Machine Vision Lecture - Atlas

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Oct 17, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Reference List for Machine Vision. Some web references that will be of benefit to
you. Use these as you go through the power point which is on the CD. Use the print
out in your notes to take down additional notes from the web sites mentioned. Read
the note pages on the Power Point as there are some additional notes. This document
is also on the CD and reference are hyperlinked, so just CTRL + click to follow the
link you are highlighting.


Justifications for using machine vision can be found on:

Overview from;

Portioning Machines
Machine illustrated is from Marel.

Look down through products and see Portioning machines.

Lots of other food processing examples and projects spend some time looking around
these sites:

This site gives information regarding the extent and types of equipment available and
the main companies in the USA using food equipment processing with machine vision

Detecting contamination

Paper available on:

Full article: Machine Vision Sees the food contaminants We Cant See.

Further articles:

Tuna, Further information and full paper on this topic:

Apple shot taken using Short Wave Infrared Radiation Illustration on web site:

Peppers from:

From Vision-based Citrus Inspection and Grading System. Douglas F. Britton, Wayne
D. Daley and Brian Galloway. Electro-Optics, Environment and Materials
Laboratory. Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Table of spectra to use for various applications and further information from:

Lentil Grading. Full paper available on:

NIR for weeds etc. Images and further information from:

Wood defects. Related article on:

LIDAR Article is on site:

How it works:

Further Applications:

Spot weed spraying:

Potato Sorting: