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Mohammad Haque

Topic: Total Quality Management



In the business world “Total Quality Management” is a very important
term. This

term is
a broad concept in the business world. Many companies use this term to satisfy their customers,
employee participation, strengthening supplier partnership and continuou
s quality improvement.
In addition, some companies use this term as a major concept.

First of all, many companies use this TQM method to improve their companies’ quality.
For example, Maquiladora Industry

this TQM method to improve their

Dowlatshahi, Shad

writes, in his article, “The objective of this article is to empirically investigate
the extent of purchasing involvement and the prevalence of total quality management practices in
the Maquiladora industry. The study was targeted
to 196 manufacturing companies that belongs
to the Asociacion de Maquiladoras, A.C (AMAC) which border EL Paso, Texas.” We can see in
this article how Maquiladora spread this total quality management method to other company.
only USA companies use this

term but also some other country use this term to improve their
business quality. For example, a Spanish company uses this term to improve their quality.
Fuentes, M. Mar Fuentes writes in his article,


examines the relationship between

and Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation, as well as the impact of the
adaptation of both to organizational performance. We have used the emphasis on cost leadership,
differentiation on marketing and differentiation on innovation as strategic dim
ensions to develop
four great strategic configurations.” We can see in this article that this company use TQM
method to develop their leadership, marketing strategy and innovation.
So these two companies
TQM method using proves that this method plays a maj
or role to improve any companies

Ho, Samuel K. M. and Cicmil, Svetlana wrote in their article, “Many SMIs are working
very hard to

achieve good quality goods and services, and using them as competitive

in their business. In the 1990s, t
here are two

main aspects of quality that capture the attention of
Mohammad Haque

Topic: Total Quality Management



most businesses in the world:
how to satisfy

better and total quality

From this article we can say that not only now TQM method are used by companies
but also

in 19

century TQM method also popular, and used in companies. This methods main
purpose is to obtain good quality and service.
Total quality management theme also now using in
many banks to improve their quality and customer service. For example,

Bilich and
Feruccio wrote in their article, “In the development of the model for the management of quality
in banks, data obtained from 56 executive representing a universe of 43 banks actuating in Brazil
were analyzed. Concluding the work, alternatives a
re presented for adequate conduction of the
actions for quality considering five dimensions: strategy, managerial model, organizational
structure, human resources and systems.” From this article we can say that total quality
management used in banks for de
velop strategy, managerial model, organizational struc
human resource and system. If any banks improve these sections then it will be the best bank in
country. So we can say that TQM is very


method in business area.

Secondly, Total Quality Man
agement is now also using in some small service businesses.
For example, NAICS/ Industry
, other Commercial and Service Industry, Machinery
Manufacturing and Service Establishment Equipment and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

using this term to improve th
eir business quality. Author Lingaraj writes, “This paper discusses
the findings of a survey of managerial perceptions regarding total quality management (TQM)
practices in small well established service organizations in the U.S Ares covered include TQM
ployment, tools used, successes, failures, bene
fits, and problems encountered.” From this
passage we can say that small businesses using this method for company’s success and benefits.
Not only TQM method will help them find their success but also they wil
l find what problem can
be occurring in their company. If they know about their problem they can solve them easily. So,
Mohammad Haque

Topic: Total Quality Management



we can say that TQM method is very helpful for small businesses.
Not only small businesses use
this method using this method, but also s
ome service organizations are also using this TQM. For
example, Sureshchadar, G. S. and Rajendran wrote in their article, “The manufacturing
landscapes of the corporate resulting in a plethora of research works on the tools, techniques,
critical dimensions

and other organizational requirements for the effective implementation of
total quality management (TQM), and same can be said with certainty of service industry
From this article we can say that total quality management now also is very
ortant for service management organizations.

Nowadays total quality management is more
accepted than before. For example, Rajagopal, Shan and Balan, Suresh wrote in their article, “In
today’s market
place, customers are more sophisticated and their expecta
tions to product and
service quality are forever rising
, presenting business and industry with growing challenges.
Total quality, as a way of conducting business, is becoming more accepted as an approach to
improving total effectiveness, flexibility and co
mpetitiveness of an organization.” From this
article we can say that in these competitive market places total quality management is more
accepted, because from this method an organization can reduce their problems.
However, not
only in companies but also i
n service organizations are getting benefited from total quality
management. So we should use this method in broad areas.

Thirdly, this TQM program provides many benefits. Some people also did some
experiment to know how it is benefits a company. For exam
ple, author Black, S and Porter, L. J
writes in their article,
“Recent empirical studies performed by the European Center for Total
Quality Management, University of Bradford, have gathered data which can be used in the
development of a working model of TQ
M. The research identifies a set of critical factors of
TQM, their relative importance and the interrelationships between each.” From this quote we can
Mohammad Haque

Topic: Total Quality Management



say that TQM method can brings overall financial benefits include lower operation costs, higher
on sale and investments and an improved ability to use premium pricing rather than
competitive pricing.
Also author Jones, Christopher writes in his article, “It is the authors believe
that the management services professional is particularly well qualifie
d to take the lead role in
supporting the development of a total quality strategy for his or her organization.” From this
passage we can say that total quality management system is very well organized term so if any
company use this term they will definite
ly get benefit from this.
Using the total quality
management method is very popular in other countries. They are using this method, because they
get benefit from that. For example, Wong, Alfred and Fung, Patrick wrote in their article, “Total
quality manag
ement (TQM) is increasingly being adopted by construction companies as an
initiative to solve quality problems in the construction industry and to meet the needs of the final
customers.” From this passage we can say that construction companies will also ge
t benefit from
this TQM method. Like this Hong Kong’s company our country’s construction companies also
adopt this (TQM) method, because from this those companies will also get benefit.
some hospitals also using this total quality management. For
example, author Kunst, Paul and
Lemmink, Jos wrote in their article, “In this paper we shall concentrate on the hospital sector.
Based on the hospital data, we examined if criteria other than those used in the European Quality
Assurance (EQA) model are mor
e accurate in identifying quality progress and business
performance of hospitals. Our research shows that different explanatory variables are linked to
progress in total quality management (TQM) and business performance”. From this article we
can say
total quality management is now very useful in hospitals. Many hospitals are getting
benefit using this total quality management.

Mohammad Haque

Topic: Total Quality Management



Finally, TQM method is very
useful in today’s business area. Big companies and small
companies getting benefit from this term
. So we should use this term in every big and small
companies so that those
companies and organizations can

get more success.