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Tenova Delkor is an industry specialist in solid / liquid separation and mineral processing applications for the minerals,
chemical and industrial markets. Offering comminution, flotation, sedimentation, filtration, screening, and gravity
separation systems, Tenova Delkor services range from test work, process trade-offs and flowsheet design, to
installation, commissioning and aftermarket support.
The Tenova Delkor organisational structure ensures that each major global centre is staffed with engineers assigned
to gain an in-depth knowledge on specific products. These specialists offer an unmatched combination of experience
and product-based process knowledge, and are also integrated in a global grouping that meets and communicates on
a regular basis. This way knowledge gained in one part of the world is disseminated and applied in other similar
applications. Our clients therefore benefit from face to face technical discussions with our local experts who are able
to draw on global experience to offer our clients the best local solution.
Tenova Delkor continues to offer our valued customers the same competitive advantage with flotation technology that
has evolved through decades of continuous R&D and experience. Over 40 years in business proves our commitment
to our customers, as well as the operational reliability and performance of our equipment. Our automation and analyzer
solutions offer operators the perfect tools to enhance flotation performance. In addition, our froth management
technology and particle-size-specific flotation lead the field for optimizing recovery in every application. Our teams
are ready to serve our customers at any time – in whichever corner of the world you operate.
Tenova Mining & Minerals is a total integrated solutions provider to the global mining, bulk materials handling and
minerals beneficiation and processing sectors, offering innovative technological solutions and full process and
commodity knowledge across the mining and minerals industry value chain.
Sedimentation Equipment
TENOVA is a worldwide supplier of advanced technologies, products and engineering services for
the metals and mining & minerals industries.
58 Emerald Parkway Road
Greenstone Hill 1609
PO Box 7737, Johannesburg 2000
South Africa
Phone +27 11 899 9111
It pays to talk to a specalist
The Delkor Ultrasep concept permits a very high rise
rate in the thickener and thus reduces the required
thickening area significantly, affording a far more cost-
effective thickening solution. The Ultrasep thickener has
no moving parts and uses patented internal baffles to
maximise compaction of the settles slurries.
It is used in the metallurgical and mineral processing
industry for mill circuit thickening, counter current
decantation, backfill and carbon-fines recovery,
dewatering and water recovery and slag treatment
The Delkor Conventional Thickener is often used where
the process requires minimal addition of reagents that
could affect downstream operations. The large area and
hence low rise rates allow particles to settle with little
or no flocculant addition. Though area requirements and
capital costs (CAPEX) are often higher, compared to a
High Rate design – long term running costs (OPEX) can
be lower.
The Delkor Pinned Bed Clarifier is a unique process
for hydrometallurgical plants where solution clarity is
important. Offering very low suspended solids counts
in the overflows, the clarifier regularly achieves clarities
of less than 50ppm solids, and even as low as 20ppm.

Typical applications include:
„ Cu / Co PLS clarification.
„ Gold Merrill Crowe clarification.
„ Uranium PLS clarification.
„ Au scrubber off gas clarification.
„ Zn PLS clarification.

Sedimentation is a cost effective method of increasing
the percentage of solids in a liquid - solid process. It
can be used in conjunction with filtration where the
pre-treatment of the slurry to a higher percentage of
solids will enhance and reduce the operational and
capital cost of the subsequent filtration stage, the
sedimentation step can also replace the filtration stage
when a high density slurry is sufficient for disposal or
subsequent processing stages.
„ Delkor High Rate Thickeners.
„ Delkor Paste & High Compaction (Density)
„ Delkor Ultrasep Thickeners.
„ Delkor Conventional Thickeners.
„ Delkor Pinned Bed Clarifiers.
„ Delkor Conventional Clarifiers.

The Delkor High Rate Thickener is a proven performer
in a variety of different applications including: minerals,
industrial, chemical, water treatment and waste water
industries. The reliability and performance of Delkor
thickeners means that they are well represented
throughout the world.
With a wealth of experience and a large database of
results, Tenova Delkor can provide accurate estimates
on sizing of a thickener for most applications. Bench
scale testing on representative samples can be carried
out at our numerous laboratories around the world and
we can also conduct site pilot tests, using high rate,
high density, Paste and Ultrasep models.

Tenova Delkor takes its knowledge and experience
of over 30 years providing thickeners for the mining
industry and applies it to the extreme mechanical and
process requirements needed when dealing with high
rheology underflows. The key driver for the use of
this technology is improved water recovery but there
are also numerous other advantages that minimise
environmental risks by reducing the footprint of tailings
dams and permitting backfill tailings emplacement.

With years of bench scale and site pilot testing and
full scale thickener experience, Tenova Delkor is able
to accurately and quickly ascertain the type, geometry
and number of thickeners for a particular application.
Designs can vary from large diameters with standard
side walls and deep cones to smaller diameter, very
high sidewalls and deep cones for production of paste.
Delkor thickeners have been used on a variety of different materials in a number of different industries.
Mineral Processing, Beneficiation and
„ Gold & silver
„ Platinum group metals
„ Copper & other base metals
„ Iron ore concentrates and tailings
„ Diamonds
„ Aluminium/bauxite
„ Coal
„ Nickel
„ Potash, salts and nitrates
„ Uranium
„ Mineral sands
Water Treatment and Waste Water
„ Acid effluent neutralisation plants.
„ Treatment plant residues.
„ Water purification plant effluents.
Chemical / Industrial
„ Smelters & refineries.
„ Chemical plants.
„ Cement industry.