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Oct 27, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)




stands for transmission control protocol/internet protocol. It was developed in the 1960s by US
Department of defence to link computers across the world ro maintain connectivity in the case of
another world war. TCP/IP can communicate to
any pc using a desktop or network operating system
anywhere in the world as long as it supports the TCP/IP suite.

is an acronym for internet packet eXchange/Seqenced Packet eXchange. Unlike TCP/IP, IPX/SPX
is a propriety protocol, owned and develop
ed by novell but also used by other networking operating
system companies

NetBEUI stands for NetBIOS Extended User Interface. It was originally developed in 1985 by
IBM as a networking protocol. As an extension of NetBIOS , NetBIOS, it has the same

shortcomings as
NetBIOS. Because of these limitations, it is recommanded for links fewer than 200 PCs on the same
segment, or where bridging or switching used to connect segment.

Apple Computer developed the AppleTalk protocol suite to aloow fil
e transfer, printer sharing
and mail service between Apple systems (using the localtaalk interface, which is built into apple
hardware) and to send data to other network media. For example it allows communication with other
network protocols such as ethern
et either by using local talk to ethernet bridges or through Ethernet
add in boards on apple machine