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ClaroSpeak US Edition



quality text to speech reader capable of speaking any accessible text with a range of
human high
quality voices. ClaroSpeak offers the option of visual highlighting in sync with the
spoken words

and a great range of color and font settings to allow

for optimum reading.
ClaroSpeak is a quality app for proofreading text through listening, helping with reading and
literacy development and creating audio files from any text.

Speak it! Text to Speech

by Future Apps Inc.


Speak it! is the essential app for converting written words int
o spoken words. The app includes
four high quality voices. The app will highlight your words as they are read and can even save
your spoken words as an audio file. The app also includes a pause button in case you need to
take a break for a long reading. Th
e app also lets you change the playback rate. The app is
multitasking ready allowing for background playback and fast user switching. The app is an
essential because of its low price point, high quality of voices, great feature set, and continued

Newest version highlights text as it reads.

Web Reader HD

Text to Speech Page Reader

by Chris Chauvin


Web Reader HD is a web browser designed to read the web to you. The app is a great
alternative to other apps that only work with you inputting text. The app allows you to choose
where in the web page you want it to start reading. The app can also be config
ured to start
reading once loaded. The app has an interface designed to help you play, pause and hear the
web. The app will even continue reading the web to you in the background if you are running
iOS 4.2. The app comes with two great voices (one male and

one female). The app includes
playback speed settings. The app also lets you open web pages that you are looking at right up
within Web Reader HD through a bookmarklet. The app can also read files synced to your
Dropbox account. The app supports HTML, pla
in text, Microsoft Word, and RTF files. If you are
in the market for a web browser that reads to you this is the app to get.


by SITG.mobi


SpeakPad is a great alternative to SpeakIt

for those that do not want to spend any money. The
app comes with one built
in voice called Heather
. You can buy additional voices for $1.99
. The
in voice sounds great and is on par with many of the other apps. SpeakPad allows the user
to change the

text playback rate. The app does let you pause your playback and lets you save
documents and open those saved documents. SpeakPad also lets you have multiple documents
open at once. It allows for you to flick through your open documents and includes a pag
indicator at the bottom (like your home screen) to indicate how many pages are available. The
app also has text sharing built in. The app will send the text (not audio) throu
gh email, Twitter,
or Facebook.

GoodReader for iPad By Good.iWare Ltd.

GoodReader® is the super
robust PDF reader for iPad

the #1 selling non
Apple app for iPad in
USA in 2010! With GoodReader on your iPad
, you can read virtually anything, anywhere: books,
movies, maps, pictures.







is an advanced, fast, and portable, yet extremely easy to use, text to speech
application. With a few button clicks, iSpeakIt is able to easily read online articles, webpages,
and much more. Unlike other text
speech apps, iSpeakIt doesn't require any o
f that
annoying copy and paste of large amounts of text! In addition to iSpeakIt's text to speech from
online sources, iSpeakIt can also turn an image to text, and speak it to you! iSpeakIt can also
speak anything you paste or type into the text box. Final
ly, iSpeakIt can email the text
displayed, and the sound file, of the text spoken, to any email!

Reading/Writing Apps









Choose between different reading strategies: read from cursor position, read
selection of text,
read sentence by sentence, read words as you type. Text is highlighted as it is being read

Has high
quality synthetic voices. All menus and buttons can be read aloud.

The word prediction enables you to develop your writing skills

by providing the tools to
construct sentences with ease. Context based word suggestions will allow you to produce high
quality work and reduce the time it takes to do so.


predicts the word you want to
use next. This means that you will be less likely to make grammatical or spelling errors.

prediction is available with the ability to hear each word before selection. AppWriter comes
with American English and American Sp

Created documents can be emailed, copied to clipboard for use in another app or export it to
Dropbox or Google Docs.

Note Taking


MobileNoter for iPad

y Businessware Technologies Inc



is a powerful and multifunctional note taking application which is able to sync
with Microsoft OneNote. Although you can use MobileNoter as a standalone application to take
and store your notes, its real power comes into play when you start using it with
OneNote. Now all your Microsoft OneNote data is available on y
our iPad.

MobileNoter lets you v
iew and edit your MS OneNote notebooks on iPad
. You can create new
or edit or delete existing pages
, c
reate audio recordings and play media in your not
es and add,
move and delete images on your pages.

SoundNote by David Estes

SoundNote tracks what you type and draw while recording audio, so you'll never worry about
missing an important detail. During playback, just tap a word: SoundNote

will jump right to the
proper time in the audio. It's easy to edit your sketches, too. Tap a drawing to select it, or tap
twice to select an individual stroke. From there, you can drag it to wherever you want, or tap
"Delete" to get rid of it. Use two fin
gers to zoom and scroll.


Notability powerfully integrates handwriting, PDF annotation, typing, recording, and organizing
so you can take notes your way! Amazingly smooth ink makes capturing ideas easy and
awesome. Notability's zoom win
dow helps you quickly and clearly draw every detail and the
palm rest protects your notes from unwanted marks. Our scissors let you copy, move and even
style the color and width of any ink. Reordering notes is a joy: drag
drop thumbnails,
while addi
ng or removing pages as needed. Your notes should be as unique as you are, so
choose a paper to fit your style and use a variety of pen colors and widths to create beautiful

It's easy to share your annotations with anyone using email or Dropbox and

recordings automatically link to your notes. While reviewing your notes, just tap a word to hear
what was said at that moment. Use the recording feature to capture your own voice for
memos, presentations, or speech practice.

Notability's auto
yncs your notes. They are always
backed up in the cloud. Enhance your notes by adding pictures from your photo library or from
the iPad camera. Insert web clips, figures, and drawings to compliment your notes. Crop, resize,
and draw on images to make them
perfect. Your text will automatically flow around them.

PaperDesk by WebSpinner, LLC

free lite version

or $3.99

PaperDesk is a simple, easy
use notebook replacement made specifically for the iPad.

allows you to keep a "Desk" full of your notebooks. Each notebook has an unlimited
number of pages in PaperDesk full version, and they remember where you left off when you
last opened them. In PaperDesk LITE, you are limited to 3 pages per notebook.


playing audio, tap a word and PaperDesk will take you to the point in the recording when
you typed that word. Free access to myPaperDesk.com to store notes and backups. Insert
images from photo library or camera. Rest your wrist on screen while drawing

Upload entire
notebooks to GoogleDocs, or share on Twitter. Bookmark pages to navigate easily.

Penultimate b
y Cocoa Box Design LLC $0.99

Penultimate gives you the fast, tactile gratification of writing on paper, with digital power and
flexibility. Your handwriting and drawing looks spectacular in bold gel ink. Use colors or stick
with classic inky black. Three different photorealistic paper

styles are included, along with a
magically effective eraser tool that's always the right size.

Store your thoughts in named notebooks for each topic, project, or category. Penultimate can
manage as many notebooks as you can create, each with an infinit
e number of pages. View
your list in a notebook carousel

or sort and scroll in a fast grid view. When your notebooks
get large, you can browse quickly through all pages, or insert, delete, duplicate, and reorganize
pages within and between notebooks.

he pioneering automatic Wrist Protection mode prevents most stray marks from appearing on
a page for writers of all grips. Image import allows photo annotation, cataloging, and design
work. Powerful ink selection and copy/paste is a touch away.

Send single

page images or full
notebooks in PDF format to anyone.

Spelling App


Writing is for Everybody!

By SecondGuess ApS


O uses a powerful word prediction engine and a sophisticated spelling error model to help
you write, even if
your spelling isn't perfect. The integrated synthetic voices let you inspect the
word predictions before selecting them, and check your text before emailing or pasting it into
other applications.


spell checking, file management and a selection of
four synthetic

Word prediction
O finds your word (and the next one) in its vast model of common
English words and phrases.

Text to speech
Listen to your word before you select it. Hear your words and your sentences,
before you

email or SMS them.

Perfect spelling optional
: T
O knows the most common spelling mistakes, and will often
suggest words even if you have misspelled them.

Voice to Text

(Speech Recognition) App

Dragon Dictation

by Nuance Communications


If you are looking for an app that does speech to text then this is the app for you. Dragon
Dictation stands in a class on its own on the iPad. The accuracy is fantastic and the app is free.
The app recogniz
es standard diction commands such as new line, new paragraph, question
mark, and much more. The app has email, Twitter and Facebook sharing options. If you are
looking for a great dictation app this is the one for you.

Web Browser











Our Browser with text
speech (TTS) system converts normal language text found in websites
into speech
. Uses
a clear and natural voice.

Our application works like a regular browser with
the exemption
of an amazing feature. You can actually ask the browser to "read" aloud for you
the webpage you are browsing.

Perfect for reading stories (ebooks), news, long websites,
forums and more.

Currently the app reads only in Engl
ish. French, German and Spanish to


Dragon Go!

By Nuance Communications


Allows you to speak what you're searching for on the web

so Google, Wikipedia, Youtube are
defaults. You can also search for maps (using the location function), Twitter, and more.

your Dragon Go! results via an easy
use pop
up toolbar featuring link share options across
email, text messages, Facebook and Twitter.

You can also

type your Dragon Go! requests for
the same fast, ac
curate results.

Reading Apps

Read2Go By


From within Read2Go, you can browse, search, download, and read books directly from
Bookshare using your Bookshare membership, as well as read DAISY books from other sources.
The app gives you full control over visual choices for font siz
e and color, background and
highlighting color, and text
speech preferences. Read2Go features word
highlighting for multi
modal reading.

Read words on the screen with synchronized text
speech (Read2Go audio on). Read with highly natural Acap
ela voices and navigate with
VoiceOver gestures (Read2Go audio on, VoiceOver on). Read with Apple VoiceOver gestures
and voice (VoiceOver on, Read2Go audio off). Read with many choices of font size, color and
backgrounds, and no voices (Read2Go and VoiceOv
er off).

Read2Go is the most accessible DAISY ebook reader for iOS.

Read with Braille displays
connected via Bluetooth

Learning Ally Audio By Learning Ally


Learning Ally, formerly Recording for the Blind &

Dyslexic, is committed to making reading
accessible for all who learn differently.

Instantly access Learning Ally’s (formerly RFB&D)
downloadable DAISY
formatted audiobooks.

Learning Ally serves people with visual
impairments or learning disabilities who experience difficulty in reading print material. Learning
Ally members can explore our extensive library of textbooks and literature titles.

To use Learning Ally Audio, mem
bership is required. Visit LearningAlly.org/membership
for individuals)
to see if you are eligible for membership. Learning Ally is a nonprofit
organization, and the nation’s

leading provider of accessible educational content. Learning Ally works
with key textbook
publishers to provide audio textbooks for K
12 and college level curricula.

Dictionary Apps

Webster Dictionary By Merriam
Webster, Inc. F

n addition to all the definitions from Merriam
Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, the app offers
voice search

to let you look up a word without having to spell it

along with an integrated
thesaurus, example sentences, Word of the Day, Favorites, and more

Reminder App

Voice Reminders! by GZero Ltd Free

Includes our latest 'Echo' feature that will keep alerting you every minute or every hour until
you have done what you needed to do! From everyday ‘to do’ lists, to repeating annual

Speak your personal memo, set the time and date, and be reminded in your voice.
No need to type text!

Speaking is quicker and more accurate than typing and speech
recognition can sometimes get it wrong. VoCal makes a personal memo quick, easy and
y has no spelling mistakes! The time/date setting is all done using Apples simple
spinning click wheel design.

Your alerts are delivered even when the app is closed! VoCal now
includes a ‘snooze’ feature. Delay the job, but never forget it!

Time Timer
By Time Timer LLC


Make every moment count with this visual Timer App

it gives you three timers in one!

It’s a
Visual Timer

to helps students
plan their work without the anxiety of a numerical countdown.

Ways to Visualize Time:

60 Minutes Mode:
the circle represents 60 minutes, so you can quickly
uge how much time you have left; Custom Mode:
the circle will count down any amount of
time you set

up to 1
1 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds; and Clock Mode: the t
imer appears on a
al clockface. So, if it’s 9:00 and you set a 90
minute Timer, you can watch time elapse until

Concept Mapping App

Idea Sketch
by Nosleep Software


Helps in creating and editing diagrams and outlines right away.
nter text and move the
around. So, it is very easy.

asily draw a diagram, mind map, concept map, or flow chart and
many more. You can also convert it to a text outline, and vice versa. That is not all because Idea
Sketch will help you to create anything you want such as
brainstorming new ideas, illustrating
concepts, making lists and outlines, planning presentations, and many more. If you create
diagrams then you can save it to the Photos app and then synced to your desktop computer. If
you want to share your idea then yo
u can easily share it on your facebook account. All you have
to do is just touch the “Save to Facebook” button to upload an idea to a photo album in your
Facebook account. If you want to share it then you will only have to login to Facebook and
share it.

SimpleMind+ b
y xpt Software & Consulting B.V. Free

Mind mapping tool for brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device.

Easy to use

drag, arrange and edit topics on the Mind Map page. Tap or drag Node Well to add
new Topics. Cut/ Copy/ Paste

move or duplicate topics between Mind Maps. Create new
MindMap from selection or clipboard. Apply visual styles

change colors, b
orders and lines for
maximum presentation impact.

iagram size is only limited by memory. Scroll, zoom and rotate

Homework Organization App

myHomework By Rodrigo Neri
Lite Version

or $1.99

With myHomework you can easily know what's due
and when so you will never forget a
homework assignment again.

app includes allows the student to track

classes, homework,
. Provides T
ime & Block based class schedules
Beautiful calendar display.
Gives m
ultitasking support
myHomework is also available on the web so you can quickly sync
and access your homework from your computer at myhomeworkapp.com

Remote Desktop App

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad

By Splashtop Inc.


This app allows o
click access
from your
to your
computer desktop with minimal
Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your computer

supports Windows 7, Vista, and
XP (including Home Premium), as well as Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for
Mac users)
. The app
tomatically finds your local computers

sign in to your Gmail account
on the app and Streamer to find your computers across the Internet

seful for students who have AT tools on their home

computer and wish to access the tools
from school. Many of the A
T tools do not have iDevice or droid versions.