Facial Recognition System

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Roads and Traffic Authority
The information in the brochure is intended as a guide only and is
subject to change at any time without notice. It does not replace
the relevant legislation.
December 2009
Stock No. 45071495
Facial Recognition System
The RTA is now using a facial recognition system to verify the
identity of licence and photo card holders in NSW.
The new system is designed to improve the security and
integrity of driver licences and photo cards, and will be used
to combat identity fraud.
Identity Management
Identity fraud costs the Australian community at least $3.5 billion
every year.
A NSW driver licence or photo card is a widely accepted form of
identification and can be used to obtain passports, credit cards and
loans. It is crucial to identity management that the RTA maintains the
authenticity of images and names stored in its database.
The facial recognition system will not only make it more difficult
for criminals to fraudulently obtain a licence or photo card –
it will help to protect the community against identity fraud.
Why do we need facial recognition technology?
This new system will improve measures to protect people’s
identities and help detect identity fraud.
It will also improve road safety by supporting the ‘one person
one licence’ principle, which ensures drivers are made
accountable for their driving behaviour.
Why use biometric technology?
Traditionally, identity verification has relied on something you
know, such as a password, or something you have, such as a
licence card. Biometrics is unique in that it is based on the
physical characteristics of an individual – ie something you ‘are’.
Facial recognition is just one type of biometric identification. Other
types include iris scanning, fingerprints and voice recognition. Given
that portrait photos are already part of the current identification
system for licences and photo cards, the RTA has chosen to
develop a secure biometric system based on facial images.
What does this mean for me?
The usual licence and photo card application and renewal
processes will not change, and the current look and feel of
licences and photo cards will not be affected.
To support the use of facial recognition technology, customers
must remove their glasses (regardless of whether glasses are
required for driving) when having their photograph taken for a
driver licence or photo card. For driver licences, the condition
S for spectacles will still appear on the licence card if the
customer wears spectacles to pass the eyesight test.
Will my privacy be protected?
Yes. Use of the new facial recognition system will adhere to the
strict privacy and security standards required for all personal
information held by the NSW Government and will comply
with relevant legislative requirements.
The RTA will not use or release your photographs without your
permission unless authorised to do so by law.
What should I do if I believe my personal information
has been used inappropriately?
If you feel your personal information has been used
inappropriately by the RTA you can lodge a written complaint to:
Facial Recognition
What is a facial recognition system?
How does it work?
The facial recognition system is a computer program
that compares digital images of human faces using
various facial features as points of reference.
When a digital photograph is taken for a licence or
photo card, various facial dimensions such as the
distance between the eyes, nose and mouth are
measured. This biometric data is then checked against
other images stored in the RTA’s database to check if
the person already exists in the system.
This means that if a person tries to apply for more than
one licence or photo card, the program can be used
to catch them out. It can also be used to confirm the
identity of existing licence and photo card holders by
comparing them to their previously stored images.
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Roads and Traffic Authority
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Privacy Commissioner
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