Call Center Services

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Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)




Inbound Services

Query Handling & Query Resolution

Helping the Publishing or E
Publishing companies to improve the performance and sales by automating
customer service interactions using various options

including e
mail, Web
sites, online chat, and voice
recognition systems or speaking with live agent.

Deciding what and how to automate is challenging, though, since companies that do so excessively risk
alienating their customers and forgoing the revenue opportunities generated

by agents.

Product Information


useful information to the caller about the book or E
book they have purchased or to be
purchased online or placing an order by phone



Portal Queries
& Chat Support

Asking about customer feedback
and problems they faced while purchasing a book from online store or
while placing order over phone. If we get queries from customers, it will be handled by email response
or by outbound call center agent.

Up selling

Creating awareness about publishing
company’s products which are online or in stores

24/7 Help Desk and Technical Support

To provide live support to customers for purchasing books from online store or by placing bulk order
over phone

Outbound Services

Welcome Calling

Setting new
tone to publishing company customers by their various services, new products to make sure
how each customer is important to them

Product Selling

After making research about new book or e
book published online, store or in app stores, area of target,
ey, conclusion etc., and our

outbound call center agent will target customers and meet
our target set by our client on hourly or daily basis

Customer Satisfaction Survey

This service is offered by a live agent after handing a customer query
or providing support or when
customers call for next time we can take a survey about their previous inquiry, sending Emails or SMS
asking about customer experience to identify our error and improve the sales to the customer called for
an inquiry.