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Steven Luis, Assoc. Director for IT

Florida International University

School of Computer Science

April 2004

School of Computer Science
Research and Education


School of Computer Science Facts

1000+ undergraduate students in ABET/CSAB accredited CS BS
program & IT BS program

70+ MS students, 50 Ph.D. students

BS degree program in Jamaica, MS program in China

18 ranked faculty 8 instructors, 35 research assistants, 4
research associates, 12 staff members.

Average $2 million competitive research funding annually


SCS R&D Programs

Research Areas:


high performance semantic/object
oriented DBMS, internet
based database applications, visualization

Software engineering

software modeling, design, verification and
testing, component technology and middleware, architecture

Computer communication and networking

Software security

Multimedia systems

Internet technology and mobile computing

Real time systems

Multidisciplinary R&D

Bioinformatics, healthcare and medicine,
disaster management, transportation, environment, material science, etc.

DOI, USGS, IBM, and other agencies and corporations.


SCS Research Centers and Laboratories

High Performance Database Research Center (HPDRC)

POC: Naphtali Rishe,

$10M+ funding, NSF, NASA, USGS, IBM etc.

20+ graduate students, 6 research staff/postdoc/visiting professor

Center for Advanced Distributed System Engineering (CADSE)

POC: Xudong He,

$3M+ funding, NSF, NASA, ARO, AFOSR, etc.

20+ graduate students, 1 postdoc

NSF Center for Advanced Information Processing and High Confidence
Systems (CREST) (new)

POC: Yi Deng,

$4.5M funding, NSF, 10+ faculty members, 20 graduate students

Distributed Multimedia & Information System Laboratory (DMIS)

POC: Shu
Ching Chen,
, 20 graduate students

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Laboratory (BCB)

POC: Giri Narasimhan,
, 7 graduate students.

Secure Software Architecture Laboratory (SSA)

POC: Raimund Ege,
, 9 graduate students


High Performance Database Research Center

NASA Regional Applications

$27 million in research
funding: NSF, NASA, USGS,
IBM and others

20 TB+ of public data
(Largest public GIS
like DB)

The TerraFly project

enabled GIS system for
supporting visualization of
spatial and remote sensed
imagery data

Featured in the Nature,
Yahoo’s weekly picks, USA
today …


NSF Center for Advanced Information Processing and

High Confidence Systems

$4.5M funding from NSF, joint effort with Computer

Multidisciplinary Research with 4 major components

High confidence real
time system design

dimensional data modeling and query research

Safety critical assistive technology research

Information processing with neuroscience applications

10+ faculty members, 20 Ph.D. students, external partners


SCS Laboratory Overview

million dollar facility funded primarily by research grants
and industry donations.

25+ instructional and dedicated research labs in ECS.

350+ workstations/desktops.

Over 100+ servers: File, compute, web, email…

Microsoft Windows XP, Redhat Linux, and Sun Solaris.

Over 1.5TB+ of regularly backed up storage.

Extensive automated network and server monitoring 24x7.


SCS Networking Capabilities

Laboratories interconnected by a redundant fiber
optic network.

Gigabit connected servers, routers, and primary switches.

Native IPV6 enabled via Abilene.

Campus network is connected to Internet 2, Americas Path
(South/Central American Research Network), Starlight/Startap and
other international networks.

802.11b Wireless access in offices, research and instructional labs.

Laptop bars in open labs.

Native Multicast (PIM
SM) available.

Access Grid, Polycomm station, and other video conferencing


SCS Computing Capabilities

120+ open lab desktop systems to run distributed
processing experiments (in user mode).

20+ node Linux Beowulf cluster.

Sun and Dell enterprise servers for compute intensive work.

Databases like POSTGRESQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

Middleware technologies like Globus Toolkit, CORBA and
other Web Services toolkits.

Microsoft .NET Framework, IIS, MS SQL, and other MS

Open Source Infrastructure. Our environment takes
advantage of hundreds of open source software solutions
including Apache with full mods., PHP, Perl, and other tools.


SCS Undergraduate and Graduate Labs

John C. Comfort laboratory (JCCL): 61 workstations
running Windows XP (55 seats), RedHat Linux (5 seats) and
Mac OS X (1 seat).

Graduate lab: 18 XP and 4 Linux.

Services 70+ SCS classes.

Students assigned accounts on semester basis.

Intel Pentium 4, 2.0GHz,512MB of RAM, 24x CD
RW, 19"
color monitor.

Windows XP software: MS Office, MS Visual Studio.Net and
MSDN libraries, Masm 6.15, Visio 2002, Rational Rose
2000e, Jcreator 2.5 pro, Eclipse 2.1, Xwin32: X server, and
a number of Internet connectivity tools.

Each student is given 100MB of file storage space.

Students can login remotely into several Linux and Solaris
file and compute servers.


Instructional Lab

Dedicated computer training lab. 16 Intel Pentium 4,
2.0GHz, 512MB RAM, 24x CD
RW, 17" flat panel display.

Windows XP with Xwin32, X Server for Unix/Linux apps.

Classroom instructional software, NetOp School, which
allows an instructor to lockdown the systems, isolate one
system and redisplay on the computer data projection

Instructors can use a wired workstation in the room or a
wireless PC tablet to operate their presentation.


Service and Operations

Support staff: 4.5 full
time employees plus part
time lab asst.

Project management for lab development.

Network layer 1, 2 and 3 service.

Server/Desktop OS installation, tune, patch, debug and security.

Procurement and asset management.

based application development.

based Trouble Ticket system.

Annual faculty and semesterly student customer surveys

Free Seminars on lab relevant topics: Dev. tools, environment.

Free MS Software for faculty/students academic work.

Free Sophos anti
virus for faculty/students.


Challenge: Linux/Microsoft Integration

Goal: Seamless heterogeneous computing.

Current environment: Separate file
systems and credentials
with cross
mounting capacity.

Preparing Samba 3.0 implementation

Unified account credentials.

Web page to change p/w.

LDAP hooks.

Unified file

MS Desktop, MS profile, and Linux/MS user home file systems
can be placed under one home directory location.

Improved quota management.

One Windows domain model consolidation.

Interoperate with Windows 2003 Server.


Challenge: Desktop Image management and deployment

Goal: On
demand OS/application installation.

Norton Ghost 7.x.

Image server.

Multicasting images.

Kernel dependencies and multiple architectures:

Intel and AMD.

Legacy equipment and image management.

Desktop Support end

LanDesk application management

SUS vs. LanDesk Patch Manager?


Challenge: Network, Server, Desktop Security

Goal: Secure and reliable computing environment.

Patch, patch, patch…

Minimize MS outlook.

Consolidate IIS/ MS SQL dependency.

Sophos antivirus on all desktops.

Antivirus mail filtering.

Firewall around at risk systems.

Restricted admin account usage.

Monitoring of all servers and network devices.

What more can be done???

Improved patch management.

Advanced network monitoring tools to identify infected

More education…


Challenge: Software Development Environment

Goal: Provide innovative environment for instruction and

Console manageable web
hosting environment for

Limited control of sub
domain. (“Sandbox” model)

Web services management.

Quota report on file system, compute and other resources.

Open Source application installation.

Create db and other accounts.

Monitor activity of web services.

mode Linux?

MS 2003, Longhorn, Studio.NET, IIS and MS SQL tool

Java and Eclipse


Challenge: Collaboration tools

Goal: Provide collaboration infrastructure to improve
communication and productivity.

Courseware/Student relationship management.

Groupware: CMS, Calendaring, Forums, Blogs…

Document management


Grant proposal preparation.

Materials archive.


Access control.

PantherSoft integration.

Intellectual Property portfolio.


SCS Goals: Five Years

1300 undergraduate students

200 graduate students

70 Ph.D. students

$3M annual external research funding

10 new tenure
track or tenured faculty members

Top 50 rank nationwide in competitive research funding

The leading provider of computing and IT talent and
resources in the region


Contact & Information

Steven Luis, Assoc. Dir for IT

6215 (office)

(305) 348
2336 (fax)