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Myths about Walt Disney World

There are many myths swirling around the Walt Disney World Empire since it has opened in
Myths as ridiculous as Mr. Walt Disney being cryogenically frozen after his death.

Disney died on December 15, 1966 and rumors stated that he was frozen after his death in
hopes that one day medical technology would allow him to be brought back to life.
There was
also a rumor that he was stored below The Pirates of the Caribbean at
traction under the ship.
This was

because Mr. Disney was very interested in new technology and details
about his funeral and burial weren’t made public.
Also the technology for being cryogenically
frozen was available at the time. This myth is
false because there is no known documentation
that Disney desired this treatment and the documentation that does exist shows that Walt was
cremated two days after his death. His remains were buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in
Glendale California.

A diffe
rent Urban Legend states that the Haunted Mansion owner and sea merchant,
Master Gracey,
who h
d been married 6 times previously but all the wives died. He proposed to
his 7

wife. The wife decided to pull a prank on their wedding night by sneaking in the

attic and
hiding in a large trunk that was up there in her wedding gown. Sadly, the trunk locked and
nobody heard her cries for help. She suffocated and died. Master Gracey had his wife’s body
placed on a horse drawn carriage to be brought to the cemetery

and held her hand for the last
time. As he was holding her hand, something spooked the horse and it bolted. Her wedding ring
fell and was stomped into t
he pavement by the horse’s
The following day, the carriage
was found outside the cemetery, but th
e horse, driver, and corpse were nowhere to be found.
Master Gracey later committed suicide back at the mansion. Some

Haunted Mansion cast
members from the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World claim that to this day, you can still se

the imprint of the Brid
e’s wedding ring outside of Gracey’s old mansion in Liberty Square.

outside the Haunted Mansion is the carriage without the driver and horses.

Lastly, the myth of the underworld under
Magic Kingdom

Ever wonder where the trash
goes or how character
s get from one place to another? That’s because Magic Kingdom is
technically on the second and third floor. The first floor is
a tunnel system and is used for cast
members to travel place to place, AVAC system to move garbage
to a central location where it
processed, storage, wardrobe/costuming, offices and for offload of delivery truck. Walt Disney
came up with this concept when he saw a Frontierland cowboy walking through Tomorrowland.
He then decided that some needs would have to be hidden so Disney b
uilt a nine acre network
of tunnels so Cast Members would be able to move around out of public view