stainless steel dustbin Malaysia


Jul 5, 2019 (3 months and 11 days ago)


We are the leading providers of public outdoor furniture, designer and urban street furniture, functional and perfect in its utility in Malaysia.

Welcome to Ganz. We are the leading providers of long
lasting stainless steel waste bins, functional and
perfect in its utility. As makers of street furniture, we
keep your environment clean and beautiful.

Established in June 2002, Ganiart Sdn Bhd

the makers of Ganz street furniture

has over a decade of
expertise in designing, engineering and manufacturing of stainless steel street furniture for various

Street furniture, which includes bins, benches and bollards, are essential items in public spaces as they
keep the environment clean, beautiful and safe. Street furniture, particularly bins, dispose of waste and
garbage, keeping rubbish hidden away i
n receptacles designed to complement the environment.

We aim to bring the best of urban design into the public space to help create truly integrated, efficient
and attractive landscape.

Our products can be seen at many locations, Malaysia as well as abroad
, as we are the leading providers
of street furniture in Malaysia.


In Malaysia, Ganz bins, benches and other street furniture are the choice brand for global companies’
properties as well as government infrastructure projects.

Ganz street fur
niture can be seen at major national infrastructures such as theme parks, airports, city
train stations, major transport terminals, etc.

We are the choice waste receptacle brand because we make products with exact specifications with a
high regard to durab
ility and aesthetics.

There is no requirement that is beyond us. We are prepared for all designs your organisation may