The NOHVCC Annual Conference The International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association Annual Meeting and Conference

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The NOHVCC Annual Conference

The International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators
Association Annual Meeting and Conference

Orlando, Florida

October 12 – 17, 2013

Reading this packet in its entirety before registering will make your
registration process easier.

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The NOHVCC would like to extend its most sincere

Thank You

to our sponsors who have made this conference possible

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Mission Statements and Conference Goals

The 2013 National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) and the International
Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association (INOHVAA) joint conferences in Orlando, FL is
part of the on-going mission of the NOHVCC to develop and provide a wide spectrum of
programs, materials, and information or “tools” to individuals, clubs, associations, and agencies.
This will be the 32
NOHVCC conference and the 11
joint conference.

The conferences create a communications forum through which land managers, enthusiasts,
organizations, and industry can share information and experiences, participate in educational
opportunities, and become partners in “furthering a positive future for responsible OHV
recreation.” It is also a great opportunity for education regarding current and future best
management practices. It is also a great opportunity to get recharged.

The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council is one of the founding members of the
National Trails Training Partnership (NTTP). The purpose of NTTP, a voluntary association of
national organizations and federal agencies including the Federal Highway Administration
Recreational Trails Program, Bureau of Land Management, and United States Forest Service, is
to encourage trail training and the sharing of resource information. The annual NOHVCC
conference, held in conjunction with the INOHVAA, supports this purpose.

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A Message from Russ Ehnes, Executive Director, NOHVCC

Dear NOHVCC Friends,

This year’s conference is just around the corner and will be a departure from the traditional
schedule of the past. It will also be our first NOHVCC/INOHVAA Conference in the great state of
Florida. The conference schedule is different from past years and so are some of the
opportunities you will have to participate in conference activities and events after the
Conference. The AIMExpo will immediately follow the NOHVCC Conference. NOHVCC and
INOHVAA attendees will be able to attend expo. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), the
ATV Safety Institute (ASI), and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) will
be having their Professional Development Workshops during the time of the
NOHVCC/INOHVAA conference. Plus ASI and ROHVA have declared that week as the Autumn
ATV Safety Week. They will be scheduling additional events to promote ATV safety.

The NOHVCC conference brings many leaders from the OHV recreation community and state
and Federal land managers together at one time, in one place and is the largest gathering of its
type anywhere. 2013 also marks the eleventh consecutive year that we’ve held our annual
conference in conjunction with the International OHV Administrators Association (INOHVAA, the
group formerly known as NAOPM). INOHVAA has been working hard over the past two years
and has formalized their mission and bylaws and is ready to use the conference as a
springboard for the next chapter in their development.

As in the past, you will be offered the opportunity to tour the trails and learn at an OHV area. The
Wednesday mobile workshop will be in the Ocala National Forest and will highlight the OHV
management and robust volunteer program for the area.

You will notice that we do have a fee to participate in the mobile workshop again this year.
That’s a direct result of the challenging financial times we’re in but we believe it’s an important
part of the NOHVCC Conference experience. We hope you understand the realities we face
and choose to participate in the mobile workshop for the value offered.

This year’s agenda is a departure from tradition because partners will arrive on Saturday,
NOHVCC sessions will take place on Sunday and Monday, and the shared day with INOHVAA
will be Tuesday followed by the field day on Wednesday. This schedule will allow us more time
to focus on partner development and the most relevant presentations to help partners succeed
in their states. This format allows abundant networking and communication opportunities for both
the program managers and the NOHVCC participants.

Please feel free to call any of the NOHVCC staff or me if you have any questions or suggestions.

We’ll see you soon!!

Russ Ehnes

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A Message from Dan Kleen, President, NOHVCC

Hello Everyone,

The NOHVCC Board of Directors and I would like to invite and welcome you to the 2013
NOHVCC Conference and the INOHVAA Conference in Orlando, Florida.
As you probably have already noticed by now there are several changes for the 2013 NOHVCC
Conference. One is the time of year we are holding the conference in October. Second is the
days of the week we are holding the conference. Please double check the conference packet
and agendas to make sure you are able to attend all the conference has to offer.
What has not changed for 2013 is the great work our NOHVCC Staff and Partners have done
again this year to provide for a very informative and interesting conference. The agenda is
packed full of seminars by the leading OHV experts. No matter how long you have been involved
in your OHV community, there will be something new for you to take home with you.
Every year our NOHVCC Partner's list continues to grow. We welcome those who are new to
our organization and we look forward to meeting you during this conference. We are also
excited to welcome back all of our good friends from around the United States, Canada and
hopefully several other countries again this year as well.
The mobile workshops are a great way to visit with old friends and make new ones. They are
also the best time for networking while doing what we all are working so hard for "RIDING". We
hope you can join us. Please check your conference packet for signup and ride information.
We would like to thank all of our sponsors who have helped make the 2013 NOHVCC and
INOHVAA Conferences possible. We truly appreciate your support.
On behalf of our NOHVCC Board of Directors; Steve Gunderson, Tom Umphress, Mark Mitchell,
Jim Barrett, Lewis Shuler, Bruce Butler, Mike Pinkerton, Dave Halsey, Wayne Briske and Scott
Jones. And our Ex Officio Canadian Partners Oksana Buhel, Wayne Daub, Bob Smith and Bob
Ramsay we would like to welcome you all to the 2013 NOHVCC Conference and INOHVAA
Please take a minute at the conference to thank Russ, Mona, Jack, Karen and Heidi for their
hard work and dedication to the NOHVCC. We are lucky to have the best staff in the business.
Thank You, for being a part of the NOHVCC Team.
Ride Safe!

Dan Kleen

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A Message from Tom Metsa, Interim Chair, INOHVAA

Dear OHV Program Managers

I would like to invite you to the 2013 National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council
(NOHVCC) and International OHV Program Administrators Association (INOHVAA) conference
in Orlando, Florida. This will be the eleventh year that state and provincial OHV program
managers formally meet as part of the NOHVCC annual conference. This conference will
proceed the AIMExpo which features the ATV Safety Institute (ASI), Motorcycle Safety
Foundation (MSF) and Recreational OHV Association (ROHVA) trainers and events.

INOHVAA will meet to continue work on building and growing its organization along with
participating with the NOHVCC conference. A lot of good work has been done over the last two
years by INOHVAA members to formalize its organization. INOHVAA’s purpose is to provide a
network for OHV program managers to share information, ideas, and develop national strategies
for managing safe, ethical, sustainable and high quality OHV recreational opportunities.

Thanks to all of the sponsors of the 2013 NOHVCC/ INOHVAA annual conference. This year
sponsors include: the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), the Specialty Vehicle Institute of
America (SVIA), ROHVA, Polaris, KTM, Kawasaki, Honda, and the Professional Trail Builders
Association (PBTA).

We hope to see you in Orlando!

Tom Metsa

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Saturday – October 12

 NOHVCC Board Meeting See page 12

Sunday – October 13

 New Partner Breakfast See page 12
 NOHVCC Annual Conference – Day One See pages 12 - 13

Monday – October 14

 NOHVCC Annual Conference – Day Two See pages 13- 14
 OHV Managers Round Table See page 14

Tuesday – October 15

 INOHVAA Annual Conference – Day One See pages 15 - 17
 NOHVCC Annual Conference – Day Three See pages 15 - 17

Wednesday – October 16

 INOHVAA Annual Conference – Day Two See pages 17 - 18
 Mobile Workshop and Training See pages 17 - 18

Thursday – October 17

INOHVAA Annual Conference – Day Three See pages 18 - 19

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Conference Pricing:

 Main Conference
(Either the INOHVAA or the NOHVCC conference will be your main conference)
 Additional Sessions
(The other conference will be the additional sessions)
 Wednesday Mobile Workshop or Training $70.00
 Discount for providing your own machine $-35.00
 Discount for providing your extra machines for others $-70.00
 Guests attending the Sunday night informal dinner $45.00
 Guests attending the Tuesday Celebration dinner $60.00
 OHV Program Manager Round Table $30.00
 Off-Site breakfasts (entire conference) $45.00
 Off-Site receptions (entire conference) $75.00

The NOHVCC conference is Sunday through Tuesday and includes Sunday informal dinner and
the Tuesday Celebration dinner. The INOHVAA conference is Tuesday through Thursday and
includes the Tuesday Celebration dinner.

Note1: Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are for registered attendees for their specific conference only.

Note2: To get a discount for bringing machines, contact our home office at to get a discount
code that will be used during on-line registration.

Note3: For your guests, the hotel does not offer a complimentary lunch. Lunch can be purchased in the hotel dining
room or at numerous nearby restaurants. If you would like your guest to join you during lunch buffets, you will need
to let us know ahead of time (for the correct meal counts) and you will be charged the hotel rates $25/meal.

Note4: Cooked to order breakfasts and the evening receptions are for registered hotel guests only. If you wish to
partake of these meals and you are not at the Embassy Suites, you must register for those meals. This includes
NOHVCC partners as well. On the other hand, if you are staying at the Embassy Suites, you don’t need the off-site

Travel Arrangements

The NOHVCC conference sessions begin first thing Sunday morning. Please plan on arriving
Saturday evening so that you can attend all of the NOHVCC sessions.

Grants to cover conference travel (flying or driving) and lodging are available to NOHVCC State
Partners. If the State Partner is unable to attend, the grant will be passed to the Associate State
Partner designated by the primary State Partner. (NOTE: Only one travel grant per state is
available) Associate State Partners not receiving a grant and all other attendees are required to
pay for their meals, travel and hotel expenses. Other sources of funding (local clubs, state
associations, etc.) should also be explored.

NOHVCC State Partners or Associates who qualify for a NOHVCC Travel Grant must make their
own travel arrangements. Please submit a receipt for your airline ticket to the Great Falls Office
at 427 Central Ave W, Great Falls, MT 59404 for reimbursement. If you are unable to prepay for

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your flight, please contact Heidi at 800-348-6487 and she will book flights for you. You will need
to give Heidi information regarding the closest airport, flight times you can make, your full legal
name, etc; you might not make it through the airport if Heidi has to guess your information.

Please make your airline reservations as soon as possible. You will be responsible for any
additional cost if flight arrangements have not been made prior to September 20
or if you do
not have a Saturday night stay. NOHVCC Partners are responsible for the payment
arrangements for any accompanying guests. If you are an Associate Partner traveling on a
grant please contact the home office for a code for the grant.

The NOHVCC grants only covers the period of the conference. If you elect to participate in the
optional post-conference courses, mobile workshop, or come early or stay late for any other
purpose, you are responsible for the additional costs of the hotel, food, etc. You are also
expected to share a room. If you choose to take a single room or are sharing a room with a
guest, you are responsible for the additional costs of the room.

If this is your first conference, you are invited to the new partner orientation to get to know the
board and the staff.

All State Partners and Associate State Partners are required to attend all the NOHVCC
sessions including team time. Please make your airline reservations accordingly. If this
is a problem, please contact the Great Falls Office.

Those traveling by car will be paid per gas receipts only up to the cost of a three-week
advance, Saturday night stay over airfare. Please mail your receipts to the Great Falls Office at
427 Central Ave W, Great Falls, MT 59404, after the conference for reimbursement.

Hotel Accommodations

The Embassy Suites – Orlando, International Drive, 8978 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819
is the hotel for the conference. There are two Embassy Suites near the Orlando conference
center, please ensure you have the correct hotel. NOHVCC is holding a block of rooms at the
rate of $130 per night plus tax for a King bed or $140/nt for a double room. Confirmed
government employees will have a discounted rate of about $100/nt, which may change after
September 30. When making your room reservation, be sure to find the NOHVCC discounted
rate, even for government employees. Room reservations must be made prior to Sept 24

for the rates to apply. All rates are subject to change. If you are not a NOHVCC State or
Associate State Partner and will be booking your own hotel room, you may use these links:

Non-Government Employee:

Created 7/30/2013 - 10 -

Government Employee:
20131011/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG (NOHVCC group discounts appear during step 2 of the

The Embassy Suites offers all two-room suites. They also offer multi-day tickets to Walt Disney
World, plus a free shuttle to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. NOHVCC
will make hotel reservations for all State Partners, Associate Partners and their guests
attending. You will be responsible for room charges prior to Saturday night and after
Tuesday night. Your credit card will be charged for those nights stay. You are expected to
share a room. If you wish a single room, you will be charged the cost of ½ of the room nights
between Saturday and Tuesday. If you do not register in time to stay at the Embassy Suites,
you will be charged for the additional (off-site) breakfasts and receptions.

There is no free shuttle from the airport. You have the option of taking a taxi or a shuttle from
the airport to the hotel. A recommended shuttle service is Mears. The cost is $26 round trip.
Comments from previous riders is that the shuttle can be up to 30 minutes later than what is
scheduled, so be prepared on both ends of your journey. Unless you are a NOHVCC State
Partner or Associate State Partner traveling on a NOHVCC grant, you are responsible for
your transportation to and from the airport to the hotel.

Mobile Workshop Information
This year’s mobile workshop, offered post NOHVCC conference and as day two of the
INOHVAA conference, will be on Wednesday, October 16
. All participants must register for the
workshop when you register for the conference. Participants must be in the hotel lobby ready to
board the bus at 6:45 AM on Wednesday. The bus will depart on the hour whether you are there
or not.
The mobile workshop will be at the Ocala National Forest, about 80 miles north of the
conference hotel. There will be a tour of the volunteer operations center, a look at trail projects
funded by RTP and Florida OHV fund grants, and a tour of the designated trail system for off-
highway motorcycles, ATVs, and ROVs. Please send an e-mail to if you
plan to bring an ROV (side by side).
Training for all OHVs is available again this year in conjunction with the mobile workshop.
Training will take up a large portion of the trail tour time. If any time is left after training, a short
trail tour may be possible. Please register for either the training or the mobile workshop. If you
need a loaner machine for training or for the trail tour, please indicate that as part of registration.
The registration fee for the mobile workshop is $70 per day if you ride a loaner machine or $35
per day if you provide your own machine. The $70 fee includes breakfast, transportation
between the hotel and the riding area, loaner motorcycle or ATV, gas for loaner machine, lunch,
snacks, water and soft drinks. Each rider must supply safety gear (helmet, eye protection,

Created 7/30/2013 - 11 -

gloves, long pants and long-sleeve jersey, over-ankle boots, etc.). Please let us know if you
need assistance with the safety gear. If you plan to ride a loaner ATV you must provide proof
that you have completed the ASI ATV Safety course.
Thanks to the support of Polaris, KTM, Honda Training Centers, and NOHVCC State Partners,
we will have a limited number of loaner ATVs, ROVs, and dirt bikes available. Register early to
get your name on the loaner list. You may have to share a machine but other activities will be
Please note: If you ride a loaner ATV you must have completed an ASI ATV Safety
Course. You will be required to sign a release. You will be responsible for any significant
damage to the ATV, ROV, or motorcycle. You will not be responsible for normal wear and
tear and scratches.
All machines must have a USFS-approved spark arrestor and a muffler that does not exceed 96
dbA when tested in accordance with SAE J1287. If you bring your own machine you will be
responsible for transporting it to the workshop sites. If you are coming early or staying late to
ride on public lands in Florida, you will be responsible for complying with all applicable federal
and state requirements.

Register before September 24, 2013. If you have questions contact
us at

Click here to go to the online registration

If you are a NOHVCC Associate State Partner and using the travel grant or are getting a mobile workshop machine
discount, make sure you contact NOHVCC at prior to registration to get a discount code.
Failure to register and book hotel prior to September 24
may result in increased charges for hotel rooms and
conference meals.

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Saturday, October 12

8:00AM-6:00PM: NOHVCC Board of Directors Meeting
NOHVCC Board and Staff required
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel

Sunday, October 13

7:00AM-8:30PM: National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council Annual
Conference – Day One

7:00am New Partner Orientation
New partners meet board and staff

8:00am Conference Check-In

Breakfast Buffet
Hotel registered guests only

9:00am Welcome and Introductions

Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director
Dan Kleen, NOHVCC President of the Board

9:30am The Importance of Getting Involved
Session description

John Waldron, Florida

10:15am Break

10:45am Recruitment and Retention
During this session, we will have a panel discussion to talk about successful recruitment
and retention practices. We will have some examples and hope that you will share what
has worked for you.

Session Moderated

11:30am Effective Political Action
Learn about how you can be most effective with your legislature. Too often, we only look at
the current laws when we should look at how the current laws could be changed to improve
OHV trail systems and regulations.

Duane Taylor, Motorcycle Industry Council, Director of Federal Affairs

Larry Smith, Americans for Responsible Recreational Access, Executive Director

12:15pm Lunch

1:15pm Promoting Positive OHV Press
Tennessee has utilized new technology to assist with promoting OHV recreation in
Tennessee and across the country. Find out how this happened.

Created 7/30/2013 - 13 -

Iva Michelle Russell, NOHVCC Tennessee State Partner

1:45pm NOHVCC Partner Roles and Responsibilities
This session informs newer NOHVCC State and Associate State Partners and reminds
older NOHVCC State and Associate State Partners about the roles and responsibilities of
NOHVCC Partners. All NOHVCC Partners are required to attend.

Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director

2:30pm NOHVCC Team Time

5:00pm Conference Check-in.
Ends at 7:00pm

6:00pm Hotel Manager’s Reception
Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, plus hors d’ oeuvres served.
Hotel registered guests only

7:00pm Informal Supper Buffet

Monday, October 14

6:30AM-9:00PM: National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council Annual
Conference – Day Two

6:30am Conference Check-In

7:00am Breakfast Buffet
Hotel registered guests only

8:00am Morning Kick-Off and NOHVCC Election Process

Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director
Jim Barrett, NOHVCC Network Development Team Leader

8:30am The Nature Conservancy
Just hearing this name can give some of us chills, but it shouldn’t. This organization’s main
goal is to preserve lands from housing or other types of developments, not kicking out OHV
recreation. Getting to know the people in this organization in your state may help to give
you additional areas for OHV recreation.

Steve Bennett, The Longleaf Alliance
Jack Terrell, NOHVCC Senior Project Manager

9:30am Working with Federal Agencies
With so much of our public lands part of the federal government, it is important to
understand how to effectively work within the federal agencies processes to help keep and
create the use of OHVs on federal agency land.

Dick Dufourd, RecConnect

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10:15am Break

10:45am Technology: Websites, MS Office Tricks, etc.
We have once again brought back Tom to help clubs and organizations utilize technology.
This session will begin with how-to’s for creating websites, then continue on to some tricks
for MS Office and answering your technology questions.

Tom Umphress, NOHVCC Minnesota State Partner
Karen Umphress, NOHVCC IT and Project Manager

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Partnerships: Thinking Outside the Box
In this session, we will give you some examples of partnerships that you may not have
expected and how they worked in favor of Off-Highway Vehicle trails systems or areas.
Exploring options outside the box can assist with adding trails to your state or area.

Panel Discussion, Moderated

2:15pm Dealing with Anti-Access ‘Facts’
In this session, you will learn how to deal with popular ‘facts’ and myths given out by anti-
access groups and the general population which doesn’t understand OHVs. Being able to
refute or rebut these facts will assist with keeping and creating trail systems.

Ron Potter, NOHVCC Consultant
Chris Gamache, NH Department of Resources & Economic Development

3:00pm Break

3:30pm NOHVCC Officer Elections
Nominations for NOHVCC Officers and the election process will be explained.

Jim Barrett, Network Development Team Leader

4:00pm-5:30pm Additional Team Time and Officer Elections
This team time will include the elections of Team Leaders and NOHVCC officers. You
must be present in your team to participate in the elections.

5:00pm-9:00pm Conference Check-in

5:30pm-7:30pm Hotel Manager’s Reception
Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, plus hors d’ oeuvres served
Hotel registered guests only

6:00pm-9:00pn OHV Program Managers Round Table
Any government agency personnel and INOHVAA members are invited
Dinner is included if you signed up in advance.

Dinner on your own – all others

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Tuesday, October 15

6:30AM-9:30PM: National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council Annual
Conference – Day Three and International Off-Highway Vehicle
Administrator’s Association Annual Conference – Day One

6:30am Conference Check-In

7:00am Breakfast Buffet
Hotel registered guests only

8:00am Welcome and Morning Kick-Off

Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director
Tom Metsa, INOHVAA Interim Chair

8:30am What is NOHVCC
This session gives basic information about the NOHVCC organization. It takes the place of
the previous year’s orientation

Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director

9:15am Map-21 Update and New Guidelines
Some of the rules for the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) changed during the last re-
authorization. This session will walk you through the changes and answer any of your

Christopher Douwes, FHWA Trails and Enhancements Program Manager

10:00am The Importance of RTP
One of the new changes under Map-21 is the Governor’s Opt-Out option. This session
helps give you reasons why the RTP should stay in place and its importance to your state.
It will explain many reasons why your State should not opt out of the program.

Duane Taylor, Motorcycle Industry Council, Director of Federal Affairs

Larry Smith, Americans for Responsible Recreational Access, Executive Director
With assistance from:
Christopher Douwes, FHWA Trails and Enhancements Program Manager

10:30am Break

11:00am Concurrent Sessions

1) Trail Talks
The OHV Program Manager for Arizona State Parks has taken to the road and is working
weekends to reach the OHV recreators. He explains his program and how it has become a
successful way to reach and manage volunteers.

Jeff Prince, Arizona State Parks OHV Program Coordinator

2) Polaris Trails App
Polaris is working to help the sport of OHV recreation by making it easier for people to find
the trails, know where they are on the trails, and finding services near the trails. The

Created 7/30/2013 - 16 -

second version of the app will be released prior to the conference. Get the details on the
app and how your clubs, associations, and agency can ensure the maps are correct.

Jan Rintamaki, Polaris Industries
Kim Weckert, Polaris Industries

11:45am Concurrent Sessions

1) ROV Basic DriverCourse®
The ROV Basic DriverCouse® was just released last year. Get an update on the course
and how training has continued. This course is in addition to the on-line e-course. If you
will be at the mobile workshop, you can also take an abbreviated course.

Tom Yager, ROHVA and SVIA Vice President

2) OHV Acoustics
Acceptability of OHM and ATV noise - Two case studies of successful challenges to land
closures due to noise complaints and zoning issues. The Manitowoc Area OHV Club faced
closure due to sound complaints and zoning issues. This case went through the Wisconsin
Supreme Court and was a victory for off-road clubs and enthusiasts. The Paul Bunyan MX
track faced closure or significant restrictions due to neighbor noise complaints. A redesign
of the facilities in conjunction with discussions with the neighbors and town council resulted
in all parties coming to an agreeable solution.

Alex Bub, NOHVCC Wisconsin State Partner

12:30pm Lunch

1:30pm Concurrent Sessions

1) Transforming Existing Routes into Manageable, Enjoyable Trails for the OHV
This session will present experiences, methods, techniques and strategies for the
restoration, modification, and transformation and restoration of OHV routes to make them
more manageable while also creating an improved ride. The presenters will cover the
following topics:
 The basic principles of sustainable trail design for a variety of OHV’s (noting that
“one size does not fit all vehicles”)
 Challenges faced by “evolved rather than designed” trails
 Techniques and strategies for transforming established trails while increasing
manageability and enhancing the ride.

Margie Tatro, Reineke Construction Co-owner
Scott Linnenburger, Kay-Linn Enterprises Co-owner

2) Youth Corps Presentations
Every year, NOHVCC, in conjunction with the FHWA, brings in a couple of Youth Corps
members to tell us about their programs and experiences. This year’s members will be
interns from the SCA in Florida and will explain their program and what has been
accomplished for OHVs in the State.

Allison Williams
Crystal Dillard

Created 7/30/2013 - 17 -

2:30pm Concurrent Sessions

1) Creating Porterfield Trails
There is a new set of single-track trails near Porterfield, MI which are sustainable,
technically challenging, and use the contours of the land very well. This trail converted
older, wider trails into a whole new trail system. And it was done as a partnership between
the MI DNR and a club. Get the details of how this was achieved.

Steve Kubisiak, MI Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Rec Division
Lewis Shuler, Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan

2) GPS Lessons Learned
GPS technology continues to influence the riding experience for the OHV community. Trail
Tech will be discussing the increase of acceptance of GPS over the last few years, the
availability of trail data and the future of GPS on our industry

Garridan Robinett, Trail Tech

3:15pm Break

3:45pm NOHVCC Management Solutions
This is no longer a series of pilot projects, but a full program offered by NOHVCC to any
entity that needs OHV trails assistance. This session will explain where the program is
today, the new name, and how it can work for you.

Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director
Ron Potter, NOHVCC Contractor

4:30pm State of the Four-Wheeled Powersports Industry
The topic of the newer Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles has been of interest to many
people attending this conference for the past several years. These vehicles continue to sell
well and new opportunities and challenges have arisen regarding these vehicles and where
they can be ridden. This session continues the discussion of these and other 4-wheeled
powersports machines.

Paul Vitrano, ROHVA ROHVA and SVIA Executive Vice President

5:30pm Hotel Manager’s Reception
Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, plus hors d’ oeuvres served
Hotel registered guests only

7:00pm-9:30pn NOHVCC and INOHVAA Awards Ceremony and Banquet
Awards Ceremony plus a silent and live auction

Wednesday, October 16

6:00AM-7:30PM: Mobile Workshop and Training

6:00am Conference Check-In

Cold Breakfast
Hotel registered guests only

Created 7/30/2013 - 18 -

7:00am Bus for Ocala National Forest departs
For those people registered for the mobile workshop or training.
Be at the lobby by 5:45am to check-in. Bus departs on the hour regardless of whether you
are there or not.

9:00am Mobile Workshop and Training
The mobile workshop will be at the Ocala National Forest, about 80 miles north of the
conference hotel. There will be a tour of the volunteer operations center, a look at trail
projects funded by RTP and Florida OHV fund grants, and a tour of the designated trail
system for off-highway motorcycles, ATVs, and ROVs. The training is combined with the
mobile workshop and it is tentative based upon the number of people who wish to take it.
There is also a maximum number of students so let us know right away if you wish to take
this training.

4:00pm Bus for Hotel departs
For those people registered for the mobile workshop or training.
Be at the trailhead by 3:45pm. Bus departs on the hour regardless of whether you are
there or not.

5:30pm-7:30pm Hotel Manager’s Reception
Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, plus hors d’ oeuvres served
Hotel registered guests only

Dinner on your own

Thursday, October 17

7:00AM-6:00PM: International Off-Highway Vehicle Administrators Association Annual
Conference – Day Three

7:00am Conference Check-In

Breakfast Buffet
Hotel registered guests only

8:00am INOHVAA Annual Meeting

Tom Metsa, INOHVAA Interim Chair

12:00pm Lunch

1:00pm Concurrent Session

1) Trails Committee Meeting

Mary Straka, INOHVAA Trails Committee Chair

2) Website Committee Meeting

Erik Dietrich, INOHVAA Website Committee Chair

Created 7/30/2013 - 19 -

2:00pm Concurrent Session

1) Planning Committee Meeting

Carman Jackson, INOVAA Planning Committee Chair

2) Legislative Committee Meeting

Open Chair position

3:00pm Break

3:30pm Concurrent Session

1) Financial Survey Committee Meeting

Rhonda Fowler, INOHVA Financial Survey Committee Chair

2) SEE Committee Meeting

Leland Owens, INOHVAA SEE Committee Chair

4:30pm By-Laws Review and Vote

Troy Elmore, INOHVAA By-Laws Committee Chair

5:30pm Committee reports and Meeting Wrap-Up

Tom Metsa, INOHVAA Interim Chair

6:00pm-7:30pm Hotel Manager’s Reception
Complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, plus hors d’ oeuvres served
Hotel registered guests only

Dinner on your own