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By: Miguel Smith
Company Profile
Before Nike the company was called Blue Ribbon Sports.
Nike Swoosh was created by Carolyn Davidson a Graphic Design
Student from Portland State University.
Nike waffle trainer was their 1st shoe to blew up. It was the top selling
training shoe in the country in 1974.
They officially changed their name to Nike in 1978
just Do It
was created in 1988
1st Nike town was opened in 1990 in Portland, Oregon
Nike was named
Advertiser of the Year
in 1994 & 2003 making them
the 1st 2-time recipient of the prestigious award.
s co-founders were Bill Bowerman & Phil Knight.
In 1999 Bill Bowerman passes away.
2004 William D. Perez succeeds Phil Knight as President & Ceo of Nike.
Perez had been the President & Ceo of S.C Johnson since 1996 before
taking over Nike.
Knight continues to serve as chairman of the Nike board of Directors.
2006 Perez was succeed by Mark Parker as President & Ceo
Mark Parker gave the role of president to co-owner Charlie Denson.
New Sole
Nike was introduced in 1972 when BRS unveiled the Nike Moon shoe, Which
was made with the waffle sole Bowerman made from his wife
s waffle iron
In 1979 Nike created the first air-
 sole units: durable bags filled with
pressurized gas that compress under impact, then spring back. This was
considered on of the single greatest footwear cushioning innovations ever
The Nike Air Tailwind
s were the 1st Nike running shoe to have the new sole
they were released in 1979.
Nike unveils new sole in 2000, the Nike Shox. Using material used for the
engine mount of race cars, the designers were able to provide stable, spring-like
pillars of resistance for the new generation of runners
2005 Nikes new technology gives them a shoe that runners can wear bare
footed. Nike free launchers provides runners with footwear that emulates the
leg-strengthening benefits of barefoot running.
2006 Nike launches the Air Max 360, it features a foamless midsole using a new
method of creating air-sole units called thermoforming, which allows consumers
literally to run on air.
IT: Nike Research lab
* Biomechanics (study of human movement and related forces)
* Physiology (study of the integration of the body's energy
systems and responses to environmental stresses)
* Sensory/perception (subjective evaluation of product
attributes, usability, and durability)
IT: Nike Research Lab
* Motion analysis (kinematics)
* Ground reaction forces and loading rates (kinetics)
* Foot-pressure measurement (in-shoe and external)
* Ankle range of motion (ROM)
* Foot morphology
* Electromyography
* High-speed video
* Metabolic cart
* Heart-rate monitors
* Skin and core-temperature sensors
* Bloodwork
* Several other methods/devices the NSRL has created but which
remain, obviously, confidential
scientific techniques the researchers use
Revenues top the billion dollar mark in 1986
2003 was the 1st time in Nike
s history international sales exceed U.S
s net revenues in 2006 are $15 billion,a 9% increase from2005.
International Revenues
Europe, Middle East & Africa Region
Total revenues $4.3 billion in 2006
Asia Pacific Region
Total Revenues: $2.1 billion in 2006
Canada & South America Region
Total Revenues: $236 million in 2006
Main Competitor
2005 Nike creates a product they call Maxsight. It is tinted contact lenses that
filter out specific wavelengths of light, providing sharper images for athletes.
2006 Nike & Apple team up to make Nike ipod. Thanks to one small sensor in
the running shoe, Nike ipod plays music, gives biofeedback, and collects data.
Nike ID gives consumers the ability to customize certain Nike shoes any way
they want.