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Oct 28
, 2008

Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile

Developing for Mobile Devices


Amit Chopra, Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Giorgio Sardo, Microsoft Corporation

Mobile phones are fast becoming the most ubiquitous device with
industry projections saying that there will be 4 billion devices among
roughly 6.8 billion people around the world by 2010. Having great
experiences on these devices and seamlessly having the
experiences across the Web and desktop are the main goals of the
Silverlight Mobile team.




Windows Mobile

In this fun
filled session with a lot of demos, the speakers talked about the opportunity of
building rich applications for the mobile device and how Silverlight is positioned to provide the
continuum of experiences across the PC, Web, and Silverlight. Th
e team announced in this
session the availability of Silverlight 2 for mobile with a public CTP in early 2009.

Silverlight 2 for Mobile will span across Windows Mobile and Symbian S/60 phones providing a
device .NET core and familiar .NET programmin
g model. The best part is that a
Silverlight Web application does not require any recompilation and can be deployed straight
into a mobile device. Also, development for the Silverlight Mobile is done with the familiar
Visual Studio and Expression Blend e

List of demos

Overview of Silverlight
development for mobile in
Visual Studio

This demo shows a Silverlight
application being debugged on an
emulator or device using some new
features in Visual Studio

15 min. into session

Overview of Silverlight
designing for mobile in Blend

This demo shows a simple vector
animation created in Expression Blend
and Visual Studio and then deployed to
a mobile device

25 min. into session

Reusing XAML Assets
between WPF, Silverlight 2
and S
ilverlight 2 for Mobile

This demo shows the “BabySmash”
application running on Silverlight in a
browser and with minor changes being
ported to the mobile device. The demo
continues into showing how to detect the
device and dynamically add UI logic to
application to render only different
devices (PC and mobile)

30 min. into session

Silverlight 2 for Mobile

Several demos showing various
Silverlight 2 for Mobile applications with
various complexity and different UI
designs, and showing various f
such as media rendering, animations,
and other standard Silverlight features in
the mobile

35 min. into session

Silverlight 2 for Mobile Future

A demo being shown for the first time of
using a mobile device to work with its
local accelerometer to navigate through
a set of 3D planes in a WPF application
(which simulates a device that could be
connected via the cloud)

50 min. into session


Silverlight 2 for Mobile has been developed to ensure easy development and compatibility
between the Silverlight that developers are familiar with in Web development and to taking the
experience forward to the mobile device.

Key takeaways from the se

Overview of Silverlight 2 for Mobile development

Demonstration of several possible scenarios and applications using Silverlight 2 for Mobile

Roadmap for Silverlight 2 for Mobile

Pandurang Nayak