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Mobile Enterprise
Application Platform
On Premise
Sky Cloud
Mobilizing World Business
Mobilizing World Business
A Single Platform
On Premise
Sky Cloud
The Sky MEAP enables you to support multiple mobile applications across a
diverse range of devices, users and data sources; on premise or in cloud.
This proven platform enables
applications to scale across
thousands of devices while
protecting your existing
business systems through
comprehensive interface
management. With over
twelveyears of research and
development and production
use, Sky’s MEAP has been
used to deliver hundreds of
successful projects across
the globe.
Key features:
• On Premise / in cloud deployment options
• “Secure Containment” support for all major mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows
• Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting “code free” applications
• Centralized systems management of all devices, software, applications and integration
• Complete end-to-end interface management from inception to final posting
• High Performance robust scalable architecture
• Secure data object transmission and storage
• Fully Unicode compliant with international language support
• Supports connectivity with business systems, applications and databases
In the above diagram, The Sky MEAP supports an application server (secure container) on the mobile
device and a central MEAP server, providing specialized interface management components and com-
prehensive integration support for back end business systems, applications and databases.
As most production users will attest, the biggest threat to any business system is flooding it with external
transactions and synchronisation requests. It is therefore critical that your Mobile Enterprise Application
Platform (MEAP) provides all the controls to effectively and efficiently manage all mobile interfaces.
“It is not OK to carelessly lob transactions over the fence into the back end with no load balancing,
dependency controls and error monitoring”.
Other major considerations include:
• Total visibility and management of all transactions from a single central point
• The ability to perform multi-phase business transactions within and between business systems e.g. CRM,
Manufacturing and Financial, without having to write custom code
• Internal dependency management to avoid sequencing errors, resource locking conflicts and priority
scheduling issues
• Variable “throttle” controls to manage the maximum computing resources that can be used at any one time
i.e. connections, processes, instances etc
• Support for all major integration options i.e. Web Services, XML, EDI, Files, peer-to-peer sockets, SQL, etc
• Ability to use the most appropriate trigger points (events) to initiate outbound transactions and data object
synchronization i.e. push technology
With our twelve years of integration experience, we have included all the customer experiences and
technical knowledge into the Sky MEAP. It has a proven interface management component that
effectively protects your back end business systems while improving the overall throughput of mobile
transactions and data object synchronization requests.
Mobilizing World Business
Comprehensive Interface Management
On Premise
Sky Cloud
According to Gartner (i), “Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) provide tools and client/server
middleware for mobile (targeting any sort of mobile application) and multichannel (highly device/OS- and
network adaptive) thick (offline) enterprise AD (Application Development)”.
The Sky MEAP provides an application server (secure container) for all the major mobile device types i.e.
iOS®, Android®, BlackBerry®, and Windows®.
This provides the following advantages:
• A multi-threaded application server provides a “secure container” within which to run applications and store
• Stand alone capability i.e. a application can run without a network connection with its own secure database
• Advanced GUI capability over and above that of a web browser
• Seamless integration with both “native” and 3rd party applications e.g. phone, browser, contacts, calendar,
email, GPS, GIS etc.
• Local device systems management, providing secure networking, resource monitoring, application/ data
synchronisation etc.
Important things to note are that:
• “Code free” applications can run seamlessly across different platforms without change e.g. the same CRM
mobile application can run on iPhone®, BlackBerry®, Windows® and Android®
• A central Integrated Development Environment (IDE) providing the capability and flexibility to develop and
deploy applications without having to write program code and deploy binaries i.e. no specialized programming
and complex change management required
• Application definitions, business data and transactions can be synchronized while the application is in use
• Supports both “on premise” and “in cloud” deployment models
Mobilizing World Business
All Major Mobile Devices
On Premise
Sky Cloud
Mobilizing World Business
The Sky MEAP provides a comprehensive IDE that supports the full development and operational life
cycle of mobile applications. It provides the capability and flexibility to develop and change feature rich
applications without knowledge of ‘programming’ and complex device specific API’s.
The primary components of the IDE are:
• A workbench to build, change manage and deploy “code free” mobile applications
• A Binary object repository for all associated media e.g. pictures, documents etc
• Data object definitions and synchronization controls
• Data Profiler to manage the automatic distribution of data objects
• Integration object definitions and interface controls
• Built-in change management, security, data dictionary and object repository
It takes approximately seven days to undertake the Sky technical certification and become proficient at
building, customizing and managing mobile applications.
Configure once, run anywhere “code free” applications:
The application definitions generated by the Sky IDE are stored internally as meta-data. These are
synchronized and subsequently interpreted and executed by the Sky Application Server on the mobile
device. This means that there is no need for device specific compiled program code; and the mobile
applications can be far more dynamic, adaptive and context aware; and subsequently much easier
to manage. It is therefore possible to define a single application that can be ran on iOS®, Android®,
BlackBerry®, and Windows® without change.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
On Premise
Sky Cloud
Mobilizing World Business
Whether its 1 or 10,000 mobile users, the Sky MEAP has the flexibility to scale and grow with your mobility
requirements. You can expand the number of components to handle large numbers of connections and
transaction volumes, while protecting your back end systems.
You also have options to effectively load balance, prioritize and control mobile connections and data
transmissions. High availability options provide automatic failover and seamless network connectivity,
ensuring that mobile users experience maximum “up time”.
Because SkyMobile has complete interface management capability, it can also significantly improve the
performance of transactions i.e. Improve the overall throughput and capacity of the back end business
systems. This is important i.e. Process as many mobile transactions as possible while minimizing the
impact. Both “on premise” and “in cloud” deployment options are supported i.e. you may implement
the Sky MEAP on your own infrastructure or subscriber to Sky’s own cloud “mobility as a service”
High Performance Scalable Architecture
On Premise
Sky Cloud
Mobilizing World Business
It is important to be able to manage your entire fleet of devices from a central point. By this we mean:
• Deploy application and software changes “over the air” (including decommission)
• Support mobile users by being able to remotely connect to their devices and analyze the system
• Control individual or groups of device connections
• Remote control of applications
The Sky MEAP provides a complete set of systems management tools with which you can perform:
• Capacity planning and performance tests
• “Self test” diagnostics for connectivity status and device vital signs
• Tuning and optimization analysis of throughputs and quickly identify bottlenecks
• Backup and restore operations of database data on the device
• High availability failover of key components to enable maximum “up time” and DRP Scenarios

As well as providing built-in support for symmetric and asymmetric encryption on all data transmissions,
you can also encrypt all data stored on the device. This is important should the mobile device fall into
the wrong hands! Sky’s data security does not rely on the security services of the OS and network, but
rather we see these as an additional bonus. So no matter what the platform and network infrastructure,
you can be assured that your data is safely transmitted and stored. Sky’s application server provides a
“secure container” within which all applications run and data is stored.
Certified Technology:
• The Sky MEAP framework is an industry certified technology
• There is no impact to any other Vendor or Customer objects
• Standard API’s and sub-systems are used throughout
• Backward and forward compatible with all major heterogeneous computing environments
Integration Workbench:
The Sky Meap has a powerful integration engine that supports a variety of mechanisms to connect and
interact with back end business systems, applications and databases. These include:
• Web Services, XML, EDI, SQL, fixed and delimited raw data formats
• TCP/IP sockets, Http, Serial connections, File transfer, Email, Java/.Net methods etc.
Centralized Systems Management
On Premise
Sky Cloud
About Sky Technologies
Sky Technologies has been Mobilizing
business systems for more than 12 years.
With hundreds of successful projects in
more than 25 countries, Sky’s Mobile
Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)
is a proven technology, capable of
deploying “code free” solutions on all
major mobile devices.
Increasing returns and lowering costs is
what we do best.
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