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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)



Touch communication

human computer interaction

all kind of people

Current stage of the project

we did the feasibility

survey and now have all the
necessary information and currently we are working on the prototype, which
would substantially prove our concept.


To achieve seamless communication( data transfer) using human
body as a medium.

: We will be developing a hardware involving a 8051 microcontroller
which will be responsible for the basic data transfer. Since the human body
houses weak electrical field, it will be the carrier for the data and the data
will be transferred between two mobile devices using nothing but

Describe the innovation developed

will be the future of the
communication technologies. Infrared ,Bluetooth need radio waves for
successful transfer of data between two devices. This new technology needs
just the human body for transferring the data between two devices.
Whenever we touch the

hardware at both devices(transmitting &
), human body becomes the medium for carrying the data across the
devices just like radio waves for Bluetooth.

Need for this project….!!

Wired connections between electronic devices in human area networks are
cumbersome and can easily become entangled. Short range wireless
communication systems such as Bluetooth and wireless local area networks have
some problems.

Throughput is reduced by packet collisions in crowded space such as meeting
rooms and auditoriums filled with people and communication is not secure
because signals can be intercepted. The principle drawback of infrared
communication is the tight directionality of beams between terminals is needed
for the system to be effective.

The ultimate solution to all these constraints of conventional technologies is “intra
body” communication, in which the human body serves as the transmission
medium. In ubiquitous services (which imply communication between electronic
devices embedded in the environment in close proximity to people), if we could
use the human body itself as a transmission medium , then this would be an ideal
way of implementing human area networks because it would solve at a stroke all
the problems including throughput reduction, low security and high network setup


Development in this field and technology will have a massive impact on the way
communication takes place. Bluetooth and the current existing technologies
have few limitations. The limitations include
throughput reduction, low
security and high network setup costs.

These limitations can be overcome by the

technology that we will be
developing. Dedicated connection between two peers helps to have a better
speed and throughput

When the technology gets embedded in the mobile devices just like
many applications that can be developed pertaining to our daily activities like
sending business card just with handshake, opening door only if the person is
authenticated with the device, printing just with a single touch.


For the implementation part we would be using a microcontroller of 8051
family .this device would be connected to the mobile phone(in later
development it can be integrated inside the phone itself).A interface would
be built in the mobile device, guiding in file transmission,

A amplifier would be used at the receiver end

would be
connected to the computer.

Both these devices would have a copper plate installed onto them ,which
would do the work of transmitting data through human body

The hardware component used in these project would be pretty simple.

The devices would be powered by a 5 volt power source.

Graphical representation


1)Data transfer is faster and easier through this technology.

2)Data loss during transfer is less.

3)Use of minimum amount of power(of some

4)Security is more.

5)Can provide with authentication also.

6)Data transmission



Once developed this technology can be used even by blind

doesn’t require any specific (visual) interface even bling can interact with the
system by ‘touch’.

Even lame person could communicate easily.