Dec 3, 2012 (5 years and 7 months ago)


A Vision for Business

Speak for the Process Industry

the chemistry using industries

chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, fine chemicals and biotechnology

Critical to NE and UK

NE 25% GDP, 35000 jobs, 200,000 indirect, 40% R&D, £3bn investment las
t 3 years

UK 6

largest chemical industry in world

UK CLC forming a vision for the future

includes WWF; Forum for the Future


The benefits of the industry

health, nutrition, clothing, housing, transportation, communications

The negatives of t
he industry

Historically closed and defensive attitude, Environmental issues by incremental progress

Legacy of 50 years of capital investment

Long term capital intensive, needs agreed environmental vision for future to invest properly

inventing the Che
mistry Industry

Accept that it is critically important, work together

Closer relationship with users of chemistry (eg food industry)


reduce, re
use, recycle and renewable feedstocks

Green product design

known and trusted by consumer; min
imise environmental effects

Increased process and product innovation

700 co’s spend £8bn on UK R&D; role of CPI is
here in NE

An enhanced reputation with both the public and prospective employees

A Vision for Business

lead it’s own future; bringing all

parties into the debate