Android User Interface made easy

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Android User Interface made easy
By Clive Sargeant
Android User Interface made easy Details:
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Android User Interface made easy
Android User Interface made easy By Clive Sargeant
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Android User Interface made easy is ideal for beginners as it not only covers the User
Interface in detail, but also includes 34 tutorials with line by line commentary: The areas
covered are:
User Interface - a brief overview of the User Interface introducing the key components;
Views, ViewGroups, Layouts, UI Events, Menus, Adapters, Styles and Themes.
Declaring layouts - the layout defines the arrangement of the elements on the screen. It also
contains all these elements. We cover layouts here in more detail, explaining how to create a
layout file and how to use it in your application.
Creating menus - Android uses Option and Context menus. We cover both in detail using a
Creating dialogs - dialogs are the small windows appearing in front of your application
screen from time to time, usually requesting some sort of action from you in connection
with the application. We cover dialogs in detail here and include tutorials for the following:
Alert Dialog, DatePicker Dialog, TimePicker Dialog, Custom Dialog, Progress Dialog,
Progress Bar Dialog and the SeekBar Dialog.
Handling User Interface events - this section covers how the application responds to the
user touching the screen, clicking buttons and entering text. It includes an Event Listener
Notifying the user - sometimes the system needs to notify the user about something
concerning the application. It does so in three ways, through a Dialog, which we have
mentioned and through Toast messages and Status Bar Notifications. We cover the latter
two here in detail and include a Toast tutorial and a Status Bar Notifications tutorial.
Applying Styles and Themes - Styles and Themes determine the look of your application,
the size, shape and color of the elements. We cover both here in detail and include a Style
tutorial as well as a Theme tutorial.
Creating reusable components - Android allows you to reuse components that you create.
Here we cover how to reuse your layouts with include, merge and ViewStub. We work
through tutorials for each of these. We also cover building Custom Components and include
tutorials for: Modifying an existing view, Compound Components and fully Customized
Binding data with adapterview - the adapterview's role is to fill the view with data and then
to deal with the user's selection afterwards. We cover this in detail using tutorials for the
Spinner, ListView and GridView.
Common layout objects - here we cover the layouts in detail and include tutorials for the
following: FrameLayout, LinearLayout, TableLayout, RelativeLayout, SlidingDrawer
layout, Gallery, GridView, ListView, ScrollView, Spinner, Tab, ImageSwitcher,
TextSwitcher and ViewFlipper.
Widgets - widgets are view objects that allow the user to interact with the application. We
cover widgets in detail here and include a tutorial.
Appendix - here we briefly define terms such as: RemoteViews, Intents, Application
Components, Threads, Runnable, Handler, Adapters, Context, Constructors and Services.
We also include brief tutorials on: Creating a new project in Eclipse, Working with layout
files in Eclipse, Working with Strings and Working with Dimensions.
Android User Interface made easy covers all aspects of the user interface so after working
through the tutorials you will confidently be able to develop good looking, functional
Android applications.
Learn how to effectively use Layouts, Styles and Themes, Menus, Dialogs, Custom
components and much, much more by working through the 34 tutorials. Includes over 150
color images.
All project files can be downloaded from
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