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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Android 5.0

Jelly Bean


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has released
with some cool and amazing features. It is the
first Android OS compatible with both tablets and
. So what's next? What will be the
next Android version? If trusted sources are to be
believed and after confirming these sources with
some logic what everybody expects is that the
name of next Android

Android 5.0 will be "Jelly

Intro (cont)

The logic behind is that all the previous
version of Android have been named on a
dessert or sweet and have started

C (Cupcake), D (Donut), E
(Eclair), F (Froyo), G (Gingerbread), H
(HoneyComb), I (Ice Cream Sandwich)).
Moreover can you think of any other
dessert/sweet starting with "J"

Android Jelly Bean


Full Chrome Browser:

Yes, the changes to the
stock browser in ICS are welcome, bringing the
fancy tabbing from Honeycomb and speed
improvements too. Still, we are waiting on the
best browser around, Google Chrome, to come
fully to Android

with no limitations. Other
platforms have done this for example:

Safari, Windows Mobile uses Internet Explorer, so
why doesn’t Google have Chrome on our beloved
Android devices? Here’s to hoping we get it in
Android 5.0

Android Jelly Bean



File Manager:

Some manufacturers have
started placing a file manager on their phones
in their stock ROM, with Samsung being one
of them. I’d love to see how awesome a file
manager built by Google would look, and act,
and work for us. We shouldn’t have to search
the Android Market for a file manager, come
on Google.

Android Jelly Bean




The Gingerbread keyboard
brought some nice improvements to the
default Android keyboard, but with great
keyboards like Swype and Swiftkey X

personal favorite

Google should be able to
bring us a better keyboard. How many of you
have a custom keyboard installed?

Android Jelly Bean



Clear Upgrade Path:

This is perhaps the biggest
change we all want to see. I’m sure everyone is
just as tired as I am of waiting for upgrades to
new versions of Android, right? I mean some
phones are still on

Android 2.2

Android 4.0 is now announced and will be
available soon. Hopefully Google and
manufacturers can get this together for Jelly
Bean. I don’t want to have to wait 8
12 months
for my upgrade, and neither does anyone else.

Android Jelly Bean



Android 5.0

I love to have fast


why I have a quad
core laptop
and a dual
core phone, but what about those of
us who cannot afford to buy a new phone every 6
months? It’s unfair that they cannot get upgrades
to the new versions of the OS based on their
phones’ computing speed and size. Google,
please make a light version of Jelly Bean for those
of us who have just bought phones now, so when
Jelly Bean is announced

perhaps Google I/O

we can move on into the future.

Android Jelly Bean



User Interface on/off Toggles:

Every HTC
phone that I have owned has had different
toggles available in the widgets section to turn
off 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc., and it would
be awesome if Google could put these on all
Android phones, so everyone can enjoy this
awesomeness. These toggles make it much
easier to try and save battery.

Android Jelly Bean



Power Efficiency:

Learn from Apple, they have
great battery management on the
while some Android phones cannot even last
the entire day on moderate use. I’d love to be
able to get a good 18 hours off of my phones’
battery. I know I use my phone for almost
everything, and only getting around 10
hours isn’t enough for
, battery has
improved over the last few major updates but
it could still use more improvement.

Android Jelly Bean



Theme options:

Yes Gingerbread, Honeycomb
and now Ice Cream Sandwich all are starting
to look beautiful

especially when compared
to Eclair or Donut

but give us options! Not
everyone wants it all black with blue
highlights, as found in Android 4.0. Who else
would love to use different colors and/or
themes without rooting or downloading other

Android Jelly Bean



Widgets on the Lock Screen:

This is available in
Sense 3.0 and 3.5 on HTC devices, and I really
love it. I wish that there were more choices for
widgets but I’m sure they will come with time.
Now it’s Google’s turn, let’s see what they can do
for lock screen widgets. Maybe add the weather,
stocks, or a custom clock? I’d like to be able to
pull down my notifications from the lock screen,
but that may not work if you have a

or a
pattern, for security reasons.

Android Jelly Bean



Faster OS:

I’d like to see Google making the
Android OS faster and perhaps lighter, so that we
don’t need dual
core and quad
core processors in
our phone’s to make Android run fast and
smooth. Android is pushing the envelope of
mobile technology unlike any other mobile
operating system in the world. Currently, Android
is a little more sluggish then

and WP7, and I’d
like to see Android blow these competitors out of
the water, come Jelly Bean!