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PHP Project

PHP Project Development

Model-View-Controller pattern (MVC)

DotKernel (DK)

Zend Framework (ZF)

MVC in DotKernel

Project Development

Model-View-Controller concept

Model – data layer

View – user interface
(UI), presentation

Controller – business
logic layer

Model-View-Controller concept

Model (Data Layer)

Process data

Actual content that is stored in database or files

Encapsulates core application, data and
functionality “Domain Logic” (the calculations and
data storage that form the core of the application)

Must be

It cannot refer to either the view or controller
portions of the applications

May not hold direct instance variables that refer
to the view or the controller

View (user interface)

System output

A base presentation class that will handle
loading and displaying the applications
after they have run (display application in
different format - HTML,...)

Obtain data from the model and presents it
to the user

Should not change the state of the model


System input

Accepts and intercepts user requests and
controls the business objects to fulfill these

Coordinates the operations of the MV layers by
taking user input, manipulating the Model, and
causing the View to react appropriately

Responsible for calling methods on the Model
that change the state of the Model

between the View and the

MVC boundaries

Do not cross the boundaries.

View should not control or store data.

Similarly, controller and model...

Is this in my boundary ?”


Project skeleton

Interface between the three layers (MVC)

Ensure that we will adhere to the design
patterns principles

Does not let us „so easy” to cross the

Handle complexity on our behalf

What is DotKernel

DotKernel is the framework from which to
start a new application, based on Zend

DK is using a simplified MVC

DotKernel can be seen also as a „skeleton”
that use many features from Zend

Why Zend Framework

Simple to use

Facilitates applications performance

Ensure security

Separate HTML from PHP

Encourage code quality

Enforce best practices

Availability of compressive documentation

Active community around the framework

Zend Framework Features

We recommend to search first into the ZF
classes when you need a new feature to be
added to your project, e.g:



Zend_Service(Amazon, Twitter,



MVC in DotKernel

MVC in DotKernel

Bootstrap (index.php)

Handles all requests, deciding what
happens next

Front Controller (indexController.php)

Only one per module

Routes requests to AC

Action Controller (pageController.php)

the heart of MVC Controller

Multiple AC inside one module

Beyond framework

The framework does not finish your project.

Framework will simplify the project, but we
need to KISS

KISS – Keep It Short and Simple

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

Project Development
Continuous improvement

Where are we ?

Where are we going ?

Where do we want to go ?
People are the single most valuable
resource in any software project

Do not work hard, but smart

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