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Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Software Engineer en Gorilla Nation Media
+ PHP Developer with 5+ years of experience.
+ Solid with PHP 5.3.
+ Experience with HTML/CSS.
+ Solid with MVC Frameworks such as Zend Framework,Kohana and CI.
+ Solid with ORMusing Doctrine 2.
+ Experience with Symfony framework 2.
+ Solid with unit testing using PHPUnit.
+ Experience with Javascript/JQuery/Ajax.
+ Experience with REST and SOAP web services.
+ Experience with Java and Ruby languages.
+ Experience with Rails framework.
+ Experience with MySQL 5.x+
+ Solid with GIT and SVN version control technologies.
+ Solid in Object Oriented Programming and Object Oriented Design.
+ Experience implementing design patterns such as Factory,Singleton,Adapters,Wrappers,Observers,
Decorators,Strategies,MVC,Dependency of Injection(Inversion of Control).
+ Experience with TDD and Scrummethodologies.
+ Experience in Behaviour Driven Development using behat and Domain Driven Development.
+ Knowledge of backbone.js library.
+ Experience with Perl.
Software Engineer at GorillaNationMedia
octubre de 2012 - Actualidad(6 meses)
+ Backend developer working with PHP 5.3,Zend Framework 1.x,SVN,PHPUnit.
+ Using scrum/agile methodologies actively.
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Software Engineer at Nearsoft
agosto de 2010 - octubre de 2012(2 años 3 meses)
+ Backend developer working with PHP 5.3,Zend Framework 1.x,Git,SVN,PHPUnit.
+ Using scrum/agile methodologies actively.
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Software Engineer at Freelancer consultant
enero de 2007 - agosto de 2010(3 años 8 meses)
Software developer for several projects using technologies such as Java,Ruby on Rails and PHP.
Skills &Expertise
Software Development
Web Services
Unit Testing
Best Practices
Zend Framework
Doctrine ORM
Code Igniter
Works well inateam
Ruby onRails
Software Engineering
Web Development
October 2012 to Present
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Sherdog is the world's leader MMA content provider.
+ Helped to increase object oriented approach in the application by refactoring some old modules and
implementing design patterns and usage of interfaces.As a result the code modifications are easier now and
new code follows those recommendations.
+ Encouraged the importance of the usage of unit testing and functional testing by helping and mentoring
teammembers.As a result now most of the new code developed has unit testing and fromJanuary to
February there was an increase of 3%of code coverage.
+ Proposed the usage of a bug tracker tool.Redmine is now being used.
+ Involved in the training and mentoring of two new teammembers in the teamreducing up to 50%the time
they needed to get their environment working and understand the platform.
My Anime List
October 2012 to Present
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
My Anime List is one of the biggest online communities for anime enthusiasts.
+ Participated in a security audit and the refactoring of some modules for site.As a result the
number of vulnerabilities were greatly reduced making common attacks less harmful,more easily detected
and blocked.
I don't Like YouInThat Way
March 2013 to March 2013
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
I don't like you in that way is a provider for information and pictures of celebrities.
Participated in the migration of the old site which was in plain html to our internal CMS platformusing Perl.
As a result images were imported massively in a short amount of time and without lost resources.
Tuneup Media
August 2010 to April 2011
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
TuneUp is a powerful companion app for iTunes and Windows Media Player that offers must-have digital
music organization,management and discovery features.
+ Helped to enhance sales reports section in the admin that helped to take decisions by generating graphics of
information obtained fromdifferent sources.
+ In less than 3 months helped to increase code coverage in the data warehouse code fromless than 70%to
up to 90%,also refactored some old code to improve readability.
+ During the time we collaborated with Tuneup there was a 100%on time delivery fromour side.
+ Helped to maintain relationship with Tuneup when internal changes in the company occurred and there was
a possibility to lose that it.
April 2011 to April 2011
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
AppFusions is a systems integrator and engineering solutions provider.
+ Collaborated in the creation of integration plugins for attlassian products using Java and Atlassian JDK.
Helped to complete the Enterprise Directory and Org chart for confluence plugin offered by that company.
Table Tracker
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
TableTracker is an online community for food lovers and an application to find best restaurants in the city.
+ Helped to sign contract with TableTracker client.
+ Helped to present the product in the wordpress summit of 2011.
Factoid Games
February 2011 to Present
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Factoid games are entertainment for the music lovers.
+ Worked on musical games developed using Html5 and PHP.
+ Led the architecture of two games (sample master and lyric master) using Zend Framework and TDD with
+ Helped to implement the design using HTML 5 and CSS so the code could be ported to mobile without
much effort.
+ Helped to improve integration with service APIs such as Facebook,LyricFind,Rovi,Itunes,Amazon,etc.
+ The code was 100%OOP and aimed to follow best practices such as name spaces,mature error handling,
up to 80%of code coverage,etc.
Nearsoft Inc
August 2010 to October 2012
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Nearsoft helps you extend and grow your development teamwith a dedicated teamof engineers in Mexico.
+ Involved in recruitment for our company participating in at least 4 interviews monthly voluntarily helping
to minify costs of recruitment.100%of candidates hired for PHP became billable in their first week.
+ Involved in the training of two new PHP programmers for a client.Both were hired and maintained after
the training.
+ Helped to improve recruitment process by translating the Java pair programming to PHP and developed a
new pair programming exercise for php with the help of a co worker.
+ Participated constantly in all company activities that helped to attract talent such as public talks,workshops,
+ Received a very positive feedback frommy teamand superiors in my last company assessment.
+ During my stay in the company facilitated the recruitment of several new customers by getting involved in
estimations,code reviews,testing work,etc.
+ Participated in the Nearsoft Blog with one of the most viewed posts talking about php frameworks
+ Participated in the first Nearsoft Summer Talks in 2011.
+ Participated in Nearsoft Friday Talks talking about object oriented design.
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Helped to reduce their operating time by creating a Java application to automate their payment process,
inventory management,etc.Then a few years later helped to migrate that application to a web application
using Kohana Framework as the old application was getting slow and made it difficult to add new resources.
Miembros:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Helped to increase the online presence of this company by creating their website.Also helped to reduce the
time of development by programming it in Code Igniter framework.As some SEO techniques were applied
the site reached the no.1 rank in google searches just a few weeks later of its completion.The site was a real
state page but its offline now.
(Competencia bilingüe o nativa)
InstitutoTecnológicoSuperior de Uruapan
Ingenieria en Sistemas Computacionales,2002 - 2007
Grade:Partial Certificate.Grade 85/100.
Six non-technical books every programmer should read.
Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Autores:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Fromtime to time some colleagues and programmers I know have asked me for book suggestions.As a full
time programmer staying up to date is crucial but this becomes extremely difficult with the daily routine and
the challenges that we must face.With less free time to invest in our own growing choosing carefully what to
read to improve our skills becomes an important matter.
Object Oriented Disorder
Nearsoft,Inc.agosto de 2012
Autores:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Una analogía sobre dos programadores y las buenas prácticas,así como introducción a algunos conceptos no
tan conocidos de programación orientada a objetos y diseño orientado a objetos.
CodeIgniter vs Kohanavs Zend Framework
Nearsoft,Inc.23 de noviembre de 2010
Autores:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Five Misconceptions about Unit Testing
Nearsoft,Inc.23 de noviembre de 2010
Autores:Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
A while ago I wrote this article about the common misconceptions that I constantly heard about unit testing.
Most of themremain unchanged.
Software development,Open source technologies
Marco Emmanuel Patiño Acosta
Software Engineer en Gorilla Nation Media
14 people have recommended Marco Emmanuel
"Marco Emmanuel es una persona dedicada y trabajadora,en constante actualizacion,Se esfuerza por hacer
su trabajo bien,amante de la tecnología de programación web php,es un buen programador."
Marco Emmanuel indirectly at Gorilla Nation Media
"Marco is passionate programmer,with strong skills on backend,I knowthat he has worked efficiently with
PHP,Mysql,HTML,CSS,Javascript,Perl,Zend,and Wordpress.He like to build things,but the planning
 Miguel Angel Frías Bonfil,Frontend Web Developer,Gorilla Nation Media,worked directly with Marco
Emmanuel at Gorilla Nation Media
"Marco is a great teammember (and for me a Teamleader),he is a passionate software engineer with an
extensive knowledge of Design Patterns,OOP,PHP,Unit testing,best practices,agile development,
recruiting process,oriented to keep simple solutions for different kind of problems.He is a professional
committed to the goal of delight the customer."
 Alex Osuna,Web Developer,Nearsoft,reported to Marco Emmanuel at Nearsoft
"Mark es un compañero de trabajo muy eficiente y innovador,tiene diversos conocimientos que lo ayudan a
ser muy analítico y critico con su trabajo eso lo a catapultado a grandes oportunidades y desarrollarse mejor
como persona."
 Jvier Saurett,Propietario,Empresa individual,was with another company when working with Marco
Emmanuel at Nearsoft
"Marco is an excellent php dev,is capable of understand the requirements of a project quickly and identify
possible errors before they happens."
 Victor Reina,UI/UX specialist/web designer,Nearsoft,worked with Marco Emmanuel at Nearsoft
"Marco is a programmer's programmer.He writes well-organized,well architected code...fully documented.
Marco commucates well and is process-oriented.Perhaps,most importantly,he is constantly improving
through self-education and mentoring his peers."
 Raza Zaidi,was Marco Emmanuel's client
"Marco is a passionate person,he is always reading documentation,and learning new stuff."
 Roberto Carlos Gonzalez Flores,Senior Software Engineer,Nearsoft,worked with Marco Emmanuel at
"Marco Emmanuel trabajó en Nearsoft junto conmigo.En todo lo que estuvimos trabajando en la misma
empresa el siempre se destaco por ser uno de los mejores programadores de PHP.El se encargaba de hacer
programación en PHP para diferentes clientes.Ademas de esto,el atendía muchas entrevistas para candidatos
de Nearsoft y se encargaba de entrenar a los programadores con poca experiencia en PHP que ingresaban a la
empresa.Es un buen programador inteligente y responsable.También es una muy buena persona y se integra
bien con los demás.Lo considero un miembro muy importante para un equipo de trabajo.Lo recomiendo
 Renato Fontes Tapia,Uwisio,Nearsoft,worked with Marco Emmanuel at Nearsoft
"There are many types of developers which skills might sound great on paper,interviews would go perfect,
enthusiast on their craft,etc.If i could describe Marco's way to work is:He will get your Stuff Done.If you
are looking for someone who you can rely in a project,does not need to be micro managed,is eager to bring
solutions on your table and will do his best with the hardworking and integrity attitude that is expected froma
professional.Marco is your guy."
 Jesus E.Urias,Software Developer,Nearsoft,worked with Marco Emmanuel at Nearsoft
"Though Marco's specialties are back-end programing (PHP,MySQL,HTML/CSS,and multiple
frameworks) he is,above all,a consumate teammember.Marco not only understands how to build a software
service,he can define tasks and deliverables easily and clearly and he can work well in multiple roles,within
a team,often filling in the role of a Project Manager,even when its not in his job description.He takes
responsibility and works hard to build solid,well-developed products.I have known and worked with himfor
a number of years,and consider himto be one of the best Software professionals I have worked with through
the years.I give himthe highest recommendation as a professional that I can."
 Ed Celis,was Marco Emmanuel's client
"Español:En el equipo de trabajo donde estuvimos juntos colaboro mucho en ideas de como desarrollar o
como implementar soluciones de software,uso de patrones de diseño y conocimientos de programación.
Ingles:In the teamthat we worked together he collaborate a lot with ideas of how to develop or how to
implement software solutions,use of design patterns and programming knowledge."
 Jesús Yair Maldonado Bustamante,Desarrollador,Nearsoft,worked directly with Marco Emmanuel at
"Un buen desarrollador en PHP que utiliza frameworks como herramientras de desarrollo.Tiene un amplio
conocimiento sobre unit testing y sobre todo un gran compañero en un grupo de trabajo."
 Jvier Saurett,Estudiante,Instituto Tecnológico de Villahermosa,worked with Marco Emmanuel at
"Recientemente he tenido la fortuna de colaborar con Marco en el contexto de entrevistas tecnicas con
especialidad en lenguage PHP,para efectos de seleccion y contratacion de colaboradores de la empresa,y
puedo asegurar que Marco es sin duda una persona con una excelente actitud y predisposicion natural a poner
lo mejor de su persona como profesionista para el cumplimiento de los objetivos trazados conjuntamente.No
dudaria en recomendar ampliamente a Marco como un activo para el proyecto o empresa que mostrara interes
en su perfil."
 Carlos R.Ponce,Marketing &Business Development,Nearsoft,worked with Marco Emmanuel at
"Excelente compañero de trabajo,muy responsable siempre con gran disposicion para ayudar y colaborar,
comprometido con su trabajo y Autodidacta."
 Jesus Guerra,Developer,Nearsoft,worked directly with Marco Emmanuel at Nearsoft
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