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Jun 26, 2012 (6 years and 29 days ago)


On Tuesday June 17, 2008


Pasch Consulting Group will

be conducting
our next Internet Marketing and SEO seminar at the Molly Pitcher Inn in
Red Bank. We strongly encourage every company on this email list to send

at least one member of your staff
if you have not attended in the past.
Brian Pasch will be covering the latest trends and developments for
marketing your business on the Internet. The cost of the seminar is $200
per person if you pay online by June 7, 2008. The seminar fee includes
Registration starts at 9:30 am and the seminar will start promptly at 10:00
am. We’ll be finishing up at 3:00 with time being allocated after the
seminar for follow-up conversations.
Use this link
to sign-up online. If you register after June 7th, the seminar
fee is $250 per person. If you’re serious about building your online
reputation and visibility, someone in your company must become familiar
with best practices in Internet Marketing. Attend!

April Seminar Feedback
User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - by Lucy 04/29/2008
Wow, what a wonderful, information packed seminar. I left the seminar
with an array of tools to increase the search optimization of our company
website. The content was presented is a clear and concise manner by
Brian Pasch and was very user friendly. If you are looking to increase your
business through internet marketing, I would urge you to attend this
workshop. A++ all around.

User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars - by Foodini 04/26/2008
The search engine optimization seminar presented by Brian Pasch was an
invaluable way to learn how to increase our business's website presence.
We were taught techniques that will allow us to increase our website's
ranking with simple 5 minute procedures. If you are interested in internet

marketing strategies, Pasch is the SEO guru to contact. A+ NJ search
marketing seminar! Thank you Brian Pasch.
SEO Seminar June 17

Red Bank

SEO Seminar
April Seminar Feedback
New Clients June 2008
Adding Video to Websites
Press Releases - Again
Organic Ranking Updates
Calculate PPC Cost/Sale
“The SEO Seminar
represents a value of
over $1,000 when
compared to a private
classroom experience”
June 2008 732-842-4720
Internet Marketing

Page 2
Pasch Consulting Group
“For most companies, you can
DITCH any advertising money you
are spending on the PRINTED
yellow pages and direct those
funds to better, more effective,
Internet advertising channels.
Print advertising, in the right place,
can be very effective. We know
that branding is important and
print plays a role in branding
However, for the most part,
the printed Yellow Pages are a


“The ability for consumers to
post positive or negative
reviews on the Internet should
scare you!

Make sure you have Google
Alerts setup to MONITOR 100%
of all indexed posts on Google
that include your company
name, company partners or the
services that you offer.

Know when posts are made
about your company.
It’s also a good way to test if
your current PR Company is
posting any REAL INTERNET
PR out on the wires that Google
will see.
Welcoming New Clients

We are pleased that we receive so many sales leads from our existing clients as they
share their experience with PCG with their friends and colleagues. Just this week has
been another week of great new client calls and we are hiring to keep up with the
demand. We also want to welcome Michael Cooper to our team full-time who was
previously working part time.

Here is a partial list of new clients that we are welcoming to the PCG family in the
month of June. If you can utilize their services, please give them a call.

Infiniti of Scottsdale

Infiniti of Scottsdale is the finest Infiniti dealer in Arizona and has one of the
highest customer satisfaction scores in the United States as measured by the
independent website Visit


Techout is a technology company that monitors web applications, e-commerce
systems and any web based applications for key metrics including load time,
response time, and availability. If you want to know when your website
platform is not delivering optimal service for your customers, give Techout a


Tovatech is a supplier of chemistry and laboratory equipment including digital
measurement and analytical devices. The company is run by scientists to serve
scientists. If you know anyone that works in a laboratory or uses scientific
measurement equipment, let them know about the fine products and customer
service offered by Tovatech.

Resource Group

For the very best advice for all your personal and business insurance needs,
contact Paul and Eva Squassi and their team at Resource Group. Their firm also
specializes in employee benefits and 401K planning.

Dr. Daniel Goldberg

In 1997, I had Lasik surgery performed on my eyes by Dr. Goldberg and 11 years

later Dr. Goldberg approached me to promote his business on the Internet. Dr.
Dan Goldberg was one of the first 3 doctors to own a VISX laser in New Jersey
and the second Lasik doctor in New Jersey to own an “Intralase” Laser. The
Intralase laser is a “blade free” Lasik device that has superior results. We
welcome Dr. Goldberg to the PCG family and my experience 11 years later is a
glowing A+++ score.

Pasch Consulting Group
Page 3
We strongly believe that adding video clips to your website can be an
effective tool to increase response rates and lead submission rates.
However, we believe than many video clip implementations are tacky and


If you would like to add video to your website, give us a call. We can
discuss the opportunities that are available for your specific application
and business model.

Meet Barbara

Barbara Ehrlich is one of
our Senior Staff writers who
has been tasked to “bug”
our clients each week to ge

to us topics and information
for press releases.

We encourage you to make
time in your busy schedule
to get at least 2 press
releases out a month.

Over time you will be very
leased with the fact that
your press releases show
up for all the targeted
keywords on your
marketing list.
“If you are tired of getting
too much spam on your
website forms, call us
about our new website
spam blocker software”

If you don’t have the time
to do it yourself, hire us.
Just don’t delay any

Adding Video to Websites
Back to Press Releases & Content

Rich Galiano, one of our Senior Web Developers, has been testing new
SEO techniques and their effect on Google and Yahoo indexing. One of
the confirmed conclusions that Rich found is that “what is visible” to the
naked eye on a website page is the most important for Google indexing
and evaluation. The Google “bots” simulate the text that a live person
will read when they visit a web page. Google clearly weights content over

hidden tags.
So, content, content and content are the three most important things to
be adding to your website and the Internet via press release and articles
each month. You will move BACKWARDS if:

• You are not adding new content pages to your website each month

• You are not issuing multiple press releases each month
• You are not creating new inbound links each month

The META tag argument continues to rage but it is clear from all of our
testing that fresh content on web pages, with proper hyperlinks and
keywords imbedded in the text, is one of the most effective tools to
increase SERP.

Page 4
Pasch Consulting Group

Organic Search Visibility in June
Getting on Google Page One for local search and statewide search is very

important for local lead capture and local customer development. For
doctors, dentists and restaurants their targeted visitors are often at the
city, county and state level.
Our track record for statewide search visibility is impeccable. We have
many clients that dominate search phrases that include their state name.

Sometimes our clients need to step up their Internet marketing scope and

compete nationally. PCG knows how to rise to the occasion.
Here is an update list of national and statewide searches in June:

National Search Phrase Client
IT Staffing NJ Pierce Technology Corp
IT Staffing NY Pierce Technology Corp
NY Concierge Service Luxury Attaché
Monmouth County Whitening Drs. Michael & John Bixby
Monmouth County Porta John Mr. John & Russell Reid
NJ Gourmet Cheese Store Sickles Market
Porta John Rentals Mr. John / Russell Reid
Waste Management NJ Mr. John / Russell Reid
NJ Edible Gifts Edible Gifts Plus
NJ Green Modular Homes CBI Modular Homes
Infiniti Car Prices Infiniti of Santa Monica
Infiniti Service Infiniti of Santa Monica
Lease Infiniti Boston Infiniti of Norwood
Massachusetts Infiniti Cars Infiniti of Norwood
BMW Used Cars Circle BMW
Lease BMW Boston BMW Peabody
BMW X6 Boston BMW Peabody
BMW X6 Pasch Consulting
BMW SEO Pasch Consulting + Clients
Lightfair International LED Radiant Lighting
NJ Recording Studio Sonic Boom Studios
Red Bank Italian Food 2 Senza
NJ Memorial day car Sale Circle Infiniti
Gastric Bypass NJ Dr. Ajay Goyal
Summer Arts Camp Appel Farm
Infiniti Warranty Circle Infiniti

“The Pasch Consulting
Group ranks nationally
for dozens of Google
Page One phrases for
the automotive niche
markets that we are
developing, including:

Infiniti SEO
Dealer Website SEO
Winery SEO
Lead Generation SEO
Automotive Internet

We also dominate our
local statewide search
for phrases like:

NJ SEO Strategies
NJ SEO Company
NJ SEO Agency
NJ SEO Consultants
NJ Internet Marketing

Pasch Consulting Group
Page 5

SEO Tips & Playbook
• We found another free Press Release website that

after testing

looks to have good “respect” from Google. Check out
. This website is good for companies

that want to promote the goods and services in the USA and also
in the EU.
• If you are looking to add a video spokesperson to your website at
a low cost, checkout:
. This type of video
package is not for everyone, so check it out carefully.
• If your business services any major events like festivals, concerts,
galas, etc. keep in mind that these events can be great lead
generation tools. Call us to discuss how PPC and organic search
marketing campaigns can allow you to “cash in” on other peoples’

marketing investments and brand equity.
• Is your business in the Yahoo Paid Business Directory? The fee is
$299 a year and I recommend that you signup immediately. There

are many reasons why you should pay the annual fee so just trust
me on that one. Make sure when you create your ad you are
careful with the business name description. The link to signup is:

We hope to see many of you at the June 17
SEO Seminar

Thank You

Thank you Gary Weiner, CEO of Mr. John & Russell Reid for the lead that
resulted in a new client;

Thank you Dr. Bixby for recommending our services at a recent dental
conference that resulted in two strong leads which we are pursuing.
“Google Adwords
is Expensive”

”In our experience, many
companies are paying
way too much for Google
Adwords campaigns.

On average we have been
able to save clients at
least 25% off their
Adwords costs by better
keyword strategies.

We have also increase
lead generation through
Google Adwords by
creating effective landing
pages when people click
on your ads.

If you want to increase
the effectiveness of your
Google Adwords
campaign, call us.”