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Jun 26, 2012 (6 years and 1 day ago)


Over the last few days, I have gone through a very interesting process, so interesting in fact that I

knew you could learn a lot from it, so here I am divulging the entire process hoping it will spark

some ideas for you to use in your online efforts.
Read on to see the entire process of creating a new product, through to branding , to brand research

and marketing to sales, the entire process from whoa to go! (and some research secrets revealed) I

will supply links where you can repeat this entire process using free resources.
Nothing to buy here, just the exact process I use to create very successful product/websites.
Holidays are a great thing :) Some time to relax and new ideas start flowing! I just returned from 2

weeks in Indonesia.
(Pic of my girls helping me come up with new idea's !! more of our
holiday pics on facebook
Back in 2005 I released this magic keyword research tool called BrainStormGenerator.
Back in the day we all used the keywords supplied by overture, and we all did very well with this

data, making 1000's of sites based on this data and did very well indeed. Though when Overture

was turned off, there were other sites to gain this data, but most were using historical data gathered

from Overture originally, so we were using old data. The software still performed ok, though not to

the quality we expect, so I let this software slide for a while.
For some reason this software found a dormant spot at the back of my brain, even with the advent

of the brilliant
free Google keyword research tool
staring me right in the face, with the ability to get

search volumes for individual countries for local listings, just TONS of data see image.
Image above shows data for all countries, what is even better I can get this same data for in

particular counties.
Plus this data shows trends.
Even with all this data staring me in the face, obviously knowing we can automate this process

easily it just didn't occur to me, for some strange reason to use this as the source of data for my

keyword research software. I think it was the captcha entry required that was blocking me.
While sitting beside the pool I had one of those “Oprah” moments LOL. Doh, my software is

intelligent to solve captures now.... DOH!!
That night I emailed my coders back in my office stating.
We need to totally revamp the BG software.
Use google keyword research tool for our data.
User has the option to choose global keyword search volume results, or by country.
Supply beside these results data supplied by google tool
Supply competition for Each keyword/phrase in google search engine
and similar in “quotes”
And similarly for global from .com or from specific country if specified.
Use the same filters as used before, for our adwords people to use to milk the gems from.
Export to txt or csv as before.
While continuing to work on the new Brute Force Seo EVO II software, they completed this task

while I was away, slaving over new ideas at the beach or beside the pool.
The resulting software is so much better than it was before using all the data google now supplies

us, especially knowing how well my customers are doing with local seo listings and for their local

seo clients. I knew we are on a winner.
So now I get back home with a back log of work to catch up on and not sure how to introduce this

new brilliant software to the market? Honouring my commitment to all my “
Brute Force SEO

members, they get all my new software as part of their membership, so that's a no brainer, they get

it pretty much instantly and will be a very nice surprise for them as a gift on returning from

holidays. Not to mention saving them even more time and making it so much easier to find

excellent niches to target now.
So here I am, I want to get this software to them asap. Though have not got the best strategy in

place to release it to the market to profit from it the most for my organisation and my very loyal

My original email to my design and copy team was to
re vamp
the existing brainstormgenerator site.

I then left it for a day and continued catching up on my backlog of work. Then it struck me, there is

very little of the original software left, its really a brand new product. So out with the old and I need

to rebrand this software.
Ok, cool.. but what do I call it? Of course I'll run with my existing very successful brand “Brute

Below is not the best or perfect way to do it, but its exactly how I came up with my new brand

Opened a text file and started jotting down some ideas.
Words copied from my text file
rebrand BF to
Brute Force Sniper
Brute Force google spy
brute force research
brute force Niche Research
brute force niche assasin
brute force niche generator
brute force niche spy
brute force niche dummy
Brute Force Niche Exploder
I wasn't too happy with these, so chatted to one of my support team in MSN messenger.
I went to my registrar
to register
bruteforcekeyworddominator.com though then noticed the double dd's in the domain name, which

doesn't look good, and will not type in a browser easily.
One thing Col noted was that we need the word “keyword” in the name to really get this simple

point across. So I fired up the software that we are looking for a name for, and entered the term
and got these results in 2 mins
See the term
keyword generator
? How nice is that,
33,100 searches per month
in google and only

4 million competing terms in google.com
, and only 152,000 competitors in google in Quotes.

(Nothing better than using the actual software to find a great domain for itself LOL)
SWEET!! Using my Brute Force SEO Tools this niche is a no brainer for us. I have to be confident

stating this publicly, before I even try to rank for it, but I know I'll get very high listings for this

term very easily over the next 2 to 6 weeks. The date today is 11
September 2009 , so you can

check my sites progress in google when you read this.
Based on this keyword research the domain
was born.
Its got a nice ring to it, I like it. Plus now I know I'll get a truck load of Free traffic from google to

boot. Thank you very much....!
Now I want to show you a very cool strategy I use, that's not listed anywhere else on the web, well

as far as I know anyways.
I entered the term
keyword generator
in google.com and go these results, and
Check on the top listing domains to check a couple of things, whether they are all TLD's

only or if internal pages are listed in the top 10, if its only TLD's listed its a very tough term,

if internal pages are listed in the top 10 I know I can get on top of them with my own TLD

(TLD = Top Level Damain, e.g something.com , internal page listing would be

Find another couple of tasty proven related niches to target.
So what are we looking at here? We are seeing sites that are getting a LOT of traffic from just one

keyword phrase, e.g keyword generator. Now we go to one or more of these sites and check to see

what other phrases related to our main “keyword generator” phrase they are getting traffic for.
How? Alexa.com is your friend!
In this instance I will not use the No1 listing of google.com though will choose the next best being


On this page click on the Keywords Tab (A)
This data is showing me exactly what keyword phrases this domain is getting TRAFFIC for :-)
Using only related terms to my original keyword generator term, I will now add B and C terms to

my list of niches to target for this new domain.
So now I have four terms to use to promote my new website
brute force keyword generator
keyword generator
keyword tool
google keyword tool
I will work these into my sites main title in the <title> tags , in the body of this site and extensively

via backlinks pointing to this website. (It is very much easier to rank in google for a term if it is in

your title tag, not required 100% but just makes it easier, why work too hard huh?)
Over time I fully expect these above terms to arrive in the alexa data. Check now

this is what that page looks like now.
Why data? Cause there is no site :) see
So now I'm here writing this PDF, I'll throw up a webpage on this site, a holding page, prior to the

sales copy arriving, so I can promote this site in the search engines, and get traffic before its even

released, I will create a new Aweber list to let people who are interested in trialling this software for

just $1 for 5 days, the ability to get on the waiting list. Also letting them know they get access to my

SEO Fight Club Internet marketing forum to boot.
To inspire more people to get on this list, I will give these people on the waiting list a special deal

price for getting on this list.
To promote this website in the search engines I will use my

software in conjunction with my free
site to create an RSS feed for this site so I

can then promote it via all the RSS aggregators and get some very nice additional backlinks. (noting

this feed will be updated automatically, when I update this page with the real sales page.)
To get my full seo strategies read my SEO PDF that comes with the Brute Force Linking Loophole

33 Pages of great SEO

Ok, I'm going to go and draft a quick html page for the front of this website as a holding page, using

those keywords in the body of the page and see what sort of title I come up with best addressing

those 4 niches at one time..
Ok, back, this is the title I came up with for the site, using the keywords found above
<title>Brute Force Google Keyword Generator Tool by Peter Drew</title>
From this title, I can rank well for these terms
(For my sites, the title tags are for the search engines and CTR from search engine listings and the

header image contains the actual Brand Name)
Brute Force Keyword Generator
Keyword Generator
Google Keyword Tool
Keyword tool
These will be the anchor text for the links I create pointing to this website as well.
I've created the temporary holding page for this domain. In case you are reading this after the sales

copy has gone up I've put it here in a zip if your interested to see it.


This temp page will be more than enough to get this page ranking well for the keyword phrases Ive

chosen. If you read the link to my SEO PDF above, you will know how I get this site to rank for

these terms, though in brief:
Created temp index.html page time = 30 mins.
Used my
Linking Loophole software
to create a lot of backlinks on very high PR sites using

the 4 keyword phrases listed above in one session. Time = 30 mins
Created an RSS feed for this html page using
Time = 1 min.
Created another RSS feed containing all the URL to the accounts on the above High PR sites

that are now hosting my links using the keyword phrases above as anchor text to this new

domain. This means that the rss feed contains the links to the High PR Account URLs, see

Time = 1 min.
Promoted both these RSS feeds to the top 20 RSS aggregators using my

software. Time = 2 mins
The rss feed promotion enables faster indexing of the High Pr Account URL's thus giving me link

love faster since these links are indexed faster in google. The first Rss feed submitted to the RSS

aggregators also supplies me some nice link love from the RSS Aggregators themselves, these in

and of themselves also will rank well in Google and send me traffic pretty fast.
Now getting back to keyword Research. Alexa is REALLY your friend here. Alexa is supplying us

what our competitors are ranking for right now, Alexa provides us the niches that people use to

reach these sites. This is massively important information. If your competitor has a decent traffic

ranking in Alexa, this means its getting traffic and making income. Alexa “Shows” us the terms

people use to find this site in the search engines. Often providing us niches we'd never think of in a

million years. And some niches come from nowhere and stick, using Alexa we can grab these and

rank for these terms aswell.
So use my keyword generator software to find great niches, then check your competition to see

different variations on your chosen niche. These are Gold, since we know there are people actively

using these terms in the search engines to find these queries.
In 4 to 6 weeks, in the keyword generator niche I will check another competitors site in Alexa to get

another batch of keyword phrases for my new site to rank for. Thus creating even more free search

engine traffic.
Additionally I will check my Cpanel stats to see what other terms my site is ranking for, I'll put one

of the most popular in google.com and find a competitor, put this link in alexa and find even more

related niches to target.
Using these keyword research strategies can supply you a never ending list of related niches to

continue to rank your website for. Thus ensuring a continual growth of traffic to your website, and

using tools like my linking loophole software for providing powerful links to your site, each time

you do it, your site gains more authority in the search engines, making it even easier to rank for

stronger terms supplied to you by your competitors URL's in Alexa.
If you read my Linking Loophole PDF, you will see the terms I was targeting 2 months ago and the

associated domains I was promoting, if you check these sites in Alexa, you will see these terms are

now listed in Alexa. Its truly a beautiful thing to see, full circle marketing. Coming up with a term,

then finding from 3
party resources that people are using these terms to find your website and

generate traffic, there is no better evidence of a successful research and seo or marketing strategy.
About Choosing Niches.
In very simple terms I only choose Action oriented terms, terms people use to GET something or

need something to DO something. Then present the end user with an answer to their problem.
I have some excellent videos on niche research here

Other terms that work very well are terms that people are not comfortable discussing personally

with other people. Where they use the anonymity of the web to supply answers to their problems.

toe fungus
how to find a date
man boobs
You get the idea, choose products that people usually order online as compared to driving to a shop

to pick up.
Ebay, Amazon, Google Shopping all offer lists of their most popular products, as a Brute Force

SEO member you get access to these live lists supplied by them and sorted by us. You can find

these with a bit of a search in google also. These are excellent places to see what people are “buying

Personally I stay away from any niches with the word FREE in them. I would rather 1000 serious

buyers coming to my site than 50,000 tyre kickers. Very much consider this when checking your

lists of available niches to target. You need to think like the surfer who is entering the term in search

engines, what is it they are trying to achieve with this query? If its an urgent query, perfect, if its a

tyre kicker query, no need to rank for it.
This again is where the Alexa tool comes in very handy, it is supplying you these terms that your

competitors are already ranking for and getting traffic for. If this site is successful, then you can use

their successful terms to rank for.
Niche research is an Art. It IS the basis for all successful marketing efforts. A person might be great

at SEO though if he doesn't know what terms to rank for, he can work very hard for very little

return. Where a great niche researcher can get a little traffic and profit BIG TIME. Ideally you want

to become a Pro Both :) though please focus on good niche research first.
Speaking of SEO, lots of my customers make lots of money providing SEO for their clients. The

more proficient they are at niche research, the better quality product they can offer their clients.

Clients have no idea about what their websites should be ranking for. As an SEO business provider

its up to you to send your clients targeted traffic related to their niche. Happy clients pay for longer

and talk about you a LOT more, just one GREAT term can make all the difference. Of course Alexa

can provide you these gems. Find the main term your client wants to rank for, find one of his

competitors sites, stick this URL in Alexa and there you go, its that easy!
Google Adwords listings for a niche generally tell you if a niche is hot. BFKG displays the amount

of Adwords listings beside each term and the amount of this bid. So you can use this as a good

indicator of a hot niche. Though sometimes, you might find one that has little ads, though is running

hot. Not often, but when you find one, jump on it, as the search engine competition will generally

be easier and you can own this niche in the search engines.
When you take the $1 (5 day) trial of this software, I give you access to my
SEO Fight Club Forum
So if you get stuck on any part of this document you can create a thread and ask any questions,

either myself or one of the 2000 active paid members will be happy to answer your questions. There

will be a new sub forum specifically for this product.
Ok, in closing, I just checked this in google.com
and got this result.
click on the image to see the live results, which will be dramatically increased by the time you get to check it most

Which shows this page,
the new feeds submitted to

feedagg.com this page has sent spiders to all the links on this page, including the 2 new rss feeds I

submitted to it via badassrss.com see,
This is one of those feeds hosted on feedagg.com

You can see that this feed contains links to all my High Page Rank Account URL's, which means

that the search engine spiders have found these already and are preparing to index them. Not bad

considering I only ran the badassrss.com software 1 hour ago, while typing this document.
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I hope you have enjoyed this document as much as I have in creating it.
Peter Drew
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