Transversal dynamics of paramagnetic colloids in a longitudinal magnetic ratchet.

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Nov 16, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Transversal dynamics of paramagnetic colloids in a longitudinal magnetic ratchet.
Pietro Tierno

Departament de Qu´ımica F´ısica,Universitat de Barcelona,Mart´ı i Franqu`es 1,08028 Barcelona,Spain
In this talk I will describe the transversal motion of
paramagnetic particles above the magnetic stripe pattern
of a uniaxial garnet film,exhibiting a longitudinal ratch-
et effect in the presence of an oscillating magnetic field
First I will focus on the behaviour of one colloid.With-
out the field,the thermal diffusion coefficient obtained
by video microscopy is D
∼ 10
/s.With the field,
the transversal diffusion exhibits a giant enhancement
by almost four decades and a pronounced maximum as
a function of the driving frequency.It is possible to ex-
plain the experimental findings with a theoretical inter-
pretation in terms of random disorder effects within the
magnetic film
On the second part of this talk I will focus on the collec-
tive dynamics of an ensemble of paramagnetic particles
organized as a one-dimensional chain and driven above
the magnetic film.The centre of mass of the chain shows
a diffusive behavior with mean square displacement ∼ t,
while its end-to-end distance shows anomalous kinetics
with a sub-diffusive growth

t.It is possible to extract
the potential of mean force between the particles within
the chain by invoking the Pope-Ching equation
the experimental data are interpreted by using the Rouse
model,originally developed for polymers,and all relevant
parameters are extracted experimentally
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Junio de 2011,Barcelona Pruebas de la contribuci´on1