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Nov 15, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


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Bungee Jackets and Magnetic Levitation

1) How do they use magnets to levitate objects?


Basically there are 2 methods in which
magnetic fields and forces are employed to repel
each other and levitate an object.

The basics are that poles of the same charge repel each other so they defeat gravity.

The hard part is mantaining balance.

The second

method is super conductivity.

2) What uses maglev 8magnetic levitation) today?


Trains that
use maglev are a good method of transportation in the world of today.

Trains that use maglev need only to accelerate electrically at the begginning, later electro
magnets (superconducting) push it forward at a quick speed.

3) What are electromagnets?


Electro magnets are magnetized metals that emit a magnetic field only when plugged in to
an electric current.

You can make one by wrapping a (
conductive) copper wire around a piece of metal, and
turn the field on.

Normal, permanent magnets have a north and south pole (+ and
), + attracts

and vice
versa, as well as + repels + and

. It digffers from an electro magnet in that the
romagnet has this as a temporary effect.