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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 11 months ago)


Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Technical Session 16
At the Heart of Parametric Development
by Razmig Sarkissian
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16

What is parametric development?

Code based on parameters allowing the developer to set
application mechanisms depending on their value

Adaptation to all devices; lets the developer optimize his
application to get the best of each device

What does Mobile Distillery bring to the party ?

We bring two products working together which gives this
parametric layer to Java ME

Celsius, as a development and porting tool

Alembic, as a device database cataloguing over 1,100 parameters
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Demo n°1: Hello World

Showing you the parametric development with a
simple app

1 project and 1 source code

Several profiles based on different parameters

The outcome: each build optimized for each phone’s
individual capabilities
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Device Knowledge

How do we make it work ?

We profile every device, testing everything ourselves

Tools and database to gather as much information
as possible

Evolution of the parameters

Industrial process

Strong technical team: 20 people dedicated to
learning about the devices, create new APIs,
optimizing, tweaking, adding features, testing, etc.

Mobile Valley in France
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Demo n°2: Full Cycle

Netbeans Celsius plugin

Creating a new Celsius Project

Write code based on device parameters

Demo of the Celsius frontend

Compile on several devices
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Going Further with Celsius

Focus your work on the user experience

Manage your own module

Insert external libs


Interface Builder

Profiling Builder

Audio / Video Streaming

Security Services

Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Demo n°3: Handling the devices

Define and explore your target

Export / Import into Celsius frontend

Compile to N devices

You don’t need to know about all the new devices

Different types of information:

APIs behavior testing

Java ME class identification

Java ME capacities
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16
Going Further with Alembic

Understand your market

Quickly debug a device understanding how it is
different from another device

Easy integration of new parameters suggested by

Backfill your app easily
Mobile Distillery – Technical Session 16



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