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With the emergence of Oracle
, users are trying to understand how to migrate
their applications into the new “Web
enabled” environment. In addition, many of
these application developers are finding that this migration can be time consuming
and overwhelming. As they move their applications into the Java environment they
are looking for the ability to facilitate a smooth transition. Users want to move quickly
to take advantage of new technology without having to spend enormous time and
al resources.

Industry analysts predict that within 2
3 years, 80% of “successful” applications will
be Web enabled. In order to assist clients with converting their applications, Exodus
makes the job easier, faster and more cost effective. The Exodus pro
duct has been
benchmarked to be 90% faster than manually converting Oracle Forms and PL/SQL
and provides an 80% cost reduction for the client. It also eliminates many of the
“human errors” that occur during conversion as there is very little human interven
with the automated product.

Companies need to look for solutions that possess the same attributes as good
business strategy

namely flexibility, responsiveness, and cost
Based on CipherSoft’s migration and Java expertise, there is a ma
jor difference in
effort between creating a J2EE

elivering one that is
performance driven
, and scalable. CipherSoft has taken the steps to
design and deliver a J2EE design pattern framework with Exodus. This approach
vides a decisive leg
up in getting J2EE applications built, deployed and enhanced
more quickly.


Exodus is a project that converts the existing Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to 100%
Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture. This white paper is
intended to help
you understand the need, functionality and efficiency of this product, in addition to
the normal migration considerations of moving Oracle Forms and PL/SQL into a
Java and XML environment. The following paper will discuss the company’s
ration expertise, endorsement received from the industry and the technical
aspects, challenges and benefits of moving Oracle Forms and PL/SQL into J2EE
and XML.

Corporate Profile

CipherSoft is a Canadian owned and operated Software Company incorporated in

1999, and remains privately held. The owners of the company have over 50 years
combined experience in providing conversion tools and services. CipherSoft
White Paper

Exodus™: State of the Art Conversion Tool

provides software to VARs, system integrators, consultants, dealers, manufacturers,
and a variety of
large end users located throughout the world.

The CipherSoft Advantage

The CipherSoft advantage is comprised of three core strengths:

CipherSoft’s ultimate strength has always been its people, comprised of quality
driven employees in our sales, technical

and marketing departments. Our
commitment to our customers is to continue to provide them with products and
services that exceed their expectations.

CipherSoft maintains a development and conversion facility in our Calgary, Alberta
office headquarters. T
his facility offers select IT services to its strategic partners and
clients. Our instructors have extensive real
life experience from numerous
applications using such tools as Oracle Forms, SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL and Java.
The instructors have led several
large projects and understand the transition from
design and analysis to the implementation phase.

CipherSoft has specialized in developing products that enable its customers to
migrate to the latest technologies and has built a reputation for providing
on time,
within budget and high
end service around the delivery of our products. CipherSoft
takes pride in being “customer centric” and we work carefully with our clients to
determine their requirements and the technologies that are best suited to their

Corporate Vision

CipherSoft aims at being a customer
oriented, quality driven state of the art
ompany that profitably provides world
class products and services. Our
working environment encourages employee self
expression, creativity, pr
ide, growth
and loyalty. We are motivated to reach this goal through teamwork, honesty and
through the respect and esteem in which we are held by our customers, our
partners, our competition and ourselves.


CipherSoft associates have had extens
ive experience working with different
technologies on various platforms. Technical expertise among CipherSoft
employees spans the following areas:


Multiple databases: Oracle, MS
SQL Server, DB2, Sybase


Developer tools: Visual Basic, FoxPro, Oracle De
veloper 2000, PowerBuilder


Programming languages: C, C++, Java, COBOL, FoxPro, Oracle PL/SQL, XML,
HTML, Oracle JDeveloper


Operating Systems: Unix, Windows 2000, and any O/S that supports Java


Application/Web Servers: We
bLogic, Oracle 9ias
, Apache, Tomcat, Voyager, Orion
and WebSphere


Over the years, CipherSoft has successfully implemented hundreds of conversion
projects for various Fortune 1000 clients. A potential Exodus client usually realizes a
need to take their applications
into an “open” environment. They are normally
looking for the ability to move their applications quickly and effectively to Java but
are usually planning to do this manually. Many organizations have been mandated
by management to convert their applications

but are struggling for the ability to do it
quickly and effectively.

In addition, the customer has noticed the increasing popularity of Web
applications. These customers may not have an immediate problem; however, they
have recognized the increasi
ng utilization and use of web
enabled applications by
other companies. Web

enabled applications are becoming more recognized in
many industries, so a decision to purchase may result from the fact that the
technology is becoming more wide spread.

Value Add
ed Partner Program

CipherSoft’s partner program offers our partners a winning product, knowledgeable
service, timely support, comprehensive training and the marketing and sales support
required to succeed in today's complex computer marketplace. We realiz
e our
Partners are the experts in their application business and that we are the experts in
the conversion business. We want our partners to be successful, so that together we
can be successful far into the future.

Strategic Alliances

Oracle PartnerNetwo
rk Member

CipherSoft provide

Oracle users with an automated tool and services to convert
their Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to Java. This product, a result of years of
development, will assist Oracle users in moving more quickly and efficiently to the
environment. The combination of their technology and our expertise
broadens your potential to dominate the Internet space together. Please visit the
Oracle PartnerNetwork page at: and type "CipherSo
in the keyword search box for more information.

Validated Oracle Worldwide Migration Partner

CipherSoft is working closely with Oracle to ensure that our migration solutions are
as complete and accurate as possible. Oracle has not only endorsed Exodu
s, but
has also embraced the architecture. CipherSoft’s automatic migration tool will
migrate the entire PL/SQL code, objects, forms, menus, libraries, as well as triggers
to 100% Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture, or integrate Oracle Forms
lications seamlessly into JDeveloper, and Oracle's UIX and BC4J technology.
Please visit Oracle’s Technology Network Website for more information: ndex.

Sun Microsystems, Inc.

iForce[sm] Partner Program:

This initiative brings together Sun and its best
breed partners worldwide to deliver
proven solutions to customers. Sun can be found in more than 150 countries and at

ion to Sun Platforms Partner Program:

Migration to Sun Platforms for commercial/enterprise developers offers you access
to Sun experts for technical advice, resource guides, porting tools, planning
strategies, and more. For more information, please visit

IBM Business Partner

In today's competitive business environment, it's critical to build on a solid database
foundation when deploying corporate applications. CipherSoft is working closely with
IBM to
create complete solutions, designed to leverage the reliability and industrial
strength performance of IBM products.

Exodus™: State of the Art Conversion Tool

Hewlett Packard Partner

HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions
globally. CipherSoft and HP have
signed a Worldwide Systems Integration and
Software Distribution Global Licensing Agreement. Under terms of the agreement,
CipherSoft will provide its Exodus™ migration software and training to HP’s services
professionals, in preparation for a worldwide ro
llout to assist HP’s Oracle®
OpenVMS customers. For information on OpenVMS, click on

Exodus Product Suite

Exodus migrates the entire PL/SQL code, objects, Forms, menus, and libraries, as
well as triggers and automatically creates
100% Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE)
architecture. Exodus has continued to grow and transition with the following

PL/SQL Converter

Complete automated migration from Oracle PL/SQL to Java

Exodus 3.0™

Automated migration of Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to J2EE

Exodus 4.2™

Integrates with Oracle JDeveloper

Exodus 6.0 ™

(March, 2006
) ADF Version (additional integration of the product
with Oracle’s environment)

Exodus Features

he Exodus solution to migrate to Java is the best option to leverage the
application's competitive differentiators and the existing knowledge capital
embedded in mission critical applications. It facilitates taking full advantage of new
technology in the f
astest and most cost
effective way. The following details Exodus
advantages and features:

Portability of the converted product

Exodus produces native Java and XML code and is completely portable from one
machine to another. The Exodus solution enables the

user to utilize virtually any
J2EE application server (including Oracle 9iAS, WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss). By
migrating the code to a true J2EE environment, the client can choose the most
efficient method of hosting the application based on their requirem

Relative cost of the product or service

Exodus is very competitively priced. The product has been benchmarked to save up
to 90 percent of the time (automatic vs. manual) and 80 percent of the costs in the
conversion process.

Advanced tools like Ex
odus cut time and costs of migration services and eliminate
risk in migration projects. By automating migration services with proven tools that
have been used successfully in the migration of large environments before, the "let's
invent the wheel" aspec
t of migration services is totally eliminated. Exodus wipes
out the risk of the conversion process introducing bugs in the new system, as the
human element is reduced and so too are the room for human error.

The direct cost of migrations projects will be
a fraction of those of redevelopment, as
the use of automated conversion tools will eliminate much of the human factor that
introduces uncertainty and error within the project. The use of tools in the project to
automate data conversion, platform retargeti
ng, language conversion of applications,
and the management of the project itself, is the guarantee of speed, efficiency,
consistency, and quality.

The Exodus automated migration eliminates the need to write
off the system as an
asset. By reusing (or leve
raging) the existing developments into the system on a
new platform, the asset is retained and this unnecessary cost is eliminated. The
second source of indirect costs, namely user retraining and business disruption once
the new system goes live, is also r
emoved. Because the new system, in its core, is
the same system as it was previously, the users will accept what is in effect a
completely "new" system the same way as they would accept a new release of their
existing system, with minimal or no retraining
being necessary. Business disruption
is negligible as a result.


CipherSoft's automated migration tools benefits developers who need to maintain
the system after the conversion. Automatic code generation tools offer the only
100% guarantee
that all new code will follow the same standards. Developers who
make adjustments and maintain the system after automated conversion will easily
recognize the overall structure of the code for the entire system. Next, developers
can easily locate the locat
ions within a program they need to work on in order to
make adjustments when new requirements are made. When a large program is
converted without total adherence to coding standards, developers can lose valuable
time just looking for the spot where new adj
ustments have to be made later.

One of the major differences between CipherSoft and its competitors is the
architecture of the product. The software mimics the Oracle environment so closely
that companies can quickly achieve a successful conversion project

and see

immediate benefits of moving to new technology.

Furthermore, CipherSoft’s competitors presently “wrap” the Oracle Forms classes
causing Oracle users to continue to license their old software while utilizing the new
technology. This “wrapping” tech
nology causes significant performance issues and
is considered a “band
aid” approach to the conversion process.

Relative ease of use

Exodus has many features that make it user friendly and accessible to any level of
user. Exodus has GUI type capabilities
, which are aimed at making the product
easier to use.

Exodus is the only Oracle Forms and PL/SQL tool on the market that provides
Canvases (screens) that are converted into XML. The XML files will be used by the
Exodus runtime to draw screens at the clie
nt’s browser.

Java & XML Benefits

Exodus utilizes the latest Java technology version and standards. This offers a
substantial productivity boost for software developers compared to programming
languages such as C or C++. In addition, developers using the
Java platform can
create sophisticated programs that are reusable and maintainable compared to
programs written with scripting languages. Using XML and Java together,
developers can build sophisticated, interoperable Web applications more quickly and
at a
lower cost.

XML and Java technology have a number of shared features that make them the
ideal pair for Web computing, including being industry standards, platform
independent, extensible, reusable, Web
centric, and internationalized.

XML promises to simpl
ify and lower the cost of data interchange and publishing in a
Web environment. XML is a text
based syntax that is readable by both computers
and humans. XML offers data portability and reusability across different platforms
and devices. It is also flexibl
e and extensible, allowing new tags to be added without
breaking an existing document structure. Based on Unicode, XML provides global
language support.

Exodus to be tailored to individual users’ needs and expertise

Multiple national language support is a


with Exodus. However, the
same code that was developed to support each user in their own national
language(s) could also be further developed to create user profiles that would allow
users to work with a Exodus interface tailored to thei
r level of expertise. Combined
with the strong security aspects of Exodus, each user will be working with a product

significantly different from his or her co
workers, one that specifically targets the
needs of the individual.

Future Languages supported




Other proprietary environments

Migration Services

Migration Assessment, Planning, and Implementation Services

Conversions are the core competency at CipherSoft, and this is reflected in the
development of conversion methodo
logies, conversion tools and the conversion
consulting services we provide that help users move to the latest industry

Migration and Web deployment of Oracle Forms 3.0
, 4.5, 6 and 6i


Older versions of Oracle Forms can be migrat
ed successfully to Forms 6i and
deployed on the Web, with the aid of the Exodus migration tool customized as part
of this service.

This service will be done using the Exodus migration tool. The solution simplifies the
process of web
enabling your existing

applications. The solution is highly scalable
and user

Legacy data

CipherSoft has been converting legacy applications since 1982
. Over that period of
time, CipherSoft has performed over 400 conversion projects for their clients.

Technical and

Training support

With facilities in the Canada, U.S., and UK, CipherSoft’s technical and training
support staff is well equipped to respond to issues in a timely manner. CipherSoft
offers training either at the client’s site or at CipherSoft's head offic

Consulting Services

CipherSoft assists our client's acquire new strategies, processes, and capabilities to
gain competitive advantage, expand into new markets and take advantage of new

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to Quality Assurance is one of the reasons why CipherSoft has
been able to maintain a 95% satisfaction rate from clients and ensure a smooth
project that is delivered on time and within budget. Our goal is to facilitate a long
term relatio
nship with the client, to ensure that standards and procedures are
adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements.