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Log: June 22, 2011

Wonderful jazz music provided by Jay Jasper and Jeff Russ prior to today’s session.

For the good of the group:

Blog For NWP

Writing letters about how NWP has affected their lives and the lives of their students.
Writing together
internationally, class to class. On
line discussion possible and units (Night) read
together. Anne Farmer

Greater Kansas City Project.

Shari brought up technology

hybrid schools? 3 days per week learning on
line and 2 days at school.
Shari said som
etimes they are out on “field trips” during the 3 home days. Teachers have office hours.
Parents are considered “coaches” and are supposed to be responsible for the students’ work. Steve said
it sounds like a good situation for kids who can’t handle bei
ng in the classroom a full week. Part of the
realization that we might not always need to be in the classroom everyday with every student. What is
the strength of each situation, Steve asked. He added description of the New Tech High Schools that
on technology. He visited one and said students were excited and that teachers had a lot of neat
projects. How do we use the new technology to facilitate the needs our students have?

Marie shared the read aloud:

She chose a book that focuses on the ex
ploration of why we eat what we
Gullah Home Cooking the Daufuski Way

by ________________________ She read much from the
introduction to the book, written by Pat Conroy, the author of
The Water is Wide
, who had taught the
author of this book.

Steve r
ecommended reading
The Water is Wide

because of how he tells such a great teacher story and
that you’ll fall in love with the kids he writes about.

Sister Ernestina told a story of the one time that the got in trouble in school and how her English teacher
challenged her and kept her on course. She said she made such a difference because she saw something
within Ernestina that she didn’t know was there, herself.

“Hard work and good manners will take you places that money cannot.” Good quote from

Marie’s re


The discussion turned to to “Low Expectations.” Pat Conroy and the Superintendent were both victims
of low expectations because of their situation, but they wanted to do whatever they could to help the
students. This is covered in the book

Joe asked a question about some families that don’t want their children to rise above their situation.

Mary cited Gail Sheehy’s book

tracking passages in life. She intereviewed the middle class b/c
those people have true choices; whereas, the r
ich are trained to be like mom and dad, and the poor
don’t have the money for choices.

Jay talked about “the illusion of choice” compared to “the illusion of not having choices” and how that
affects students and their futures.

Nancy warned about looking
through the lenses of middle class view because some families want their
children to stay with them and they find their own ways to “be rich” within their own culture and

Daniel talked about the expectations of the middle class that says “You are

going to college

no choice
about it.”

Tiffani cited movies:
The Town

The Fighter

as examples of people trying to get out of their own
cultures. A book also: Ruby Paine’s
Framework for



Mary discussed how getting “in print”

is a certain standing or perception of rising above one’s own
financial situation. She added how technology is opening new doors for people with things like self

s Demo: Teaching Perception Through

: See the demo on wiki

cussion of Demo
: Lots of questions about how this is implemented and what the culture of the
classroom is and getting the effective word choice for the student responses.

Warning of the student
responses being harmful: Suggestion: Wordingthe phrases fo
r how the
responses. Writing a letter that recommends those people. Practice this with writing
about other people. How do you write about a person that will not attack????

Joe: You seem to be _______ because you do _________. Hopefully it will

not feel like an
attack, but a judgement.

Shari: Write your own story using third person. This person ……

Heather: Personality Profiles

line diagnostic tests. Have someone take the test for you.

Tiffani: Present a scenario and ask them to describ
e how that person would react to this

Marie: Tie that into
The Things They Carried

and have them decide how that person would

Steve: Have them write about the things they (the students) carry. Then what that tells about
them as a perso

Mary: How characterization like this can be used to teach dialogue.

Crystal: It is helpful for teaching “characterization” and extends to a deeper comprehension.

Sister Ernestina: Suggestions for responses can be two
fold: first is positive; second is “this
person could work on…..” Two person response is helpful.

Marie: When they respond

the second reader cannot read what the first person said.

Visitation wit

Advanced Institute:

Activity: “Chalk Talk”

The AI members had already written many “blurbs” on the board regarding the value of being a
member of the National Writing Project/Hoosier Writing Project.

We were instructed to take a marker and add any ques
tions, comments, suggestions, thoughts
we might have.

After, we had a discussion of the usefulness of the comments and this activity.

Secondly, everyone introduced themselves and told when and how they learned of the National Writing

We returned

to our rooms and writing/lunch/learning/brotherhood of the Insitute time began.

Later in the afternoon we were informed that the NWP has a secret sign. If
we are out in public and place our thumb to our nose and wiggle our other fi
ngers, anyone in the project
will recognize us. Also, police will let us go! This was information shared by Alec.


Shari shared a wonderful piece she wrote today when she read the previous anthology from HWP:
Sumo Writing: Me Write
Pretty One Day. She reflected upon her mother’s writing and poetry, upon her
mother as a former SI member, and herself NOW as a writer. Beautiful.

No one else read

we’re a bunch of chicken!!!! (
: Lovely chickens, nonetheless!

We need to decide upon

a name for our anthology tomorrow or Monday.