CORBYS - Cognitive Control Framework for Robotic Systems

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Nov 13, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



Cognitive Control Framework for Robotic Systems

Prof. dr. ir. Danijela Ristic

University of Bremen,
Institute of Automation

Project CORBYS is an integrated project funded by the Eur
opean Commission under the 7

Framework Program
[]. The objective in CORBYS is t
o design and implement a robot
control architecture that allows the integration of high
el cognitive control modules,

driven self
awareness module and a cognitive framework for ant
icipation of, a
nd synergy with
human behaviour. CORBYS will provide generic control architect
ure to benefit a wide range of
applications where robots work in synergy with humans, rang
ing from mobile robots such as
followers to gait rehabili
tation robots.
As a pra
ctical application of the control architecture, a novel
ive mobile gait rehabilitation
system will be developed during the project lifetime. The system

consists of a mobile platform
and a powered orthosis attached to the platform. The mobile plat

will provide mobility for
a patient, and the powered orthosis will help the patient to c
omplete his/her
leg movements.
CORBYS cognitive modules will interpret the intention of the pa
tient and his/her
physical and
psychological state and from these create
appropriate comman
ds for low
level robot
control.The cognitive modules are supported by

an advanced mult
sensor system consisting of
physiological wearable sensors and EEG sensors for pe
rception of the physical and
state of the patient.

Through the cognitive
robot control, the CORBYS gait
rehabilitation system will
be a self
aware system capable of learn
ing and reasoning to optimally
match the requirements of the
patient at different stages of rehabili
tation in a range of gait