Robotics and Automation


Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Robotics and Automation
Society Chapter

Oregon Section


Robotics: Current State of the Art

Attracts widespread public interest and
enthusiasm, especially among engineers.

Basic electro
mechanical design problems
solved decades ago.

Dramatic improvements in compute and
sensor hardware continuing.

Lack algorithms for most applications.
Current software is only competent in
highly constrained (simple) environments.

Immense Potential

Very large number of talented engineers
who are keenly interested in working on

Almost no jobs in robotics because the
lack of competent software has been a
roadblock that severely limits the
commercial viability of robotics firms.

RAS Oregon Chapter


Bring together interested engineers to:

Share information about the latest research,
technical ideas, developments, and applications.

Organize activities to help expand the envelope
of robotic capabilities.

Strongly encourage supporting research and

Provide a professional voice to check unrealistic
marketing claims and expectations in the press.

Organizational Meeting

Thursday October 20

at 7 PM.

OGI Wilson Center

Room 407.

I will bring in video from the DARPA Grand

We will discuss meeting topics/speakers
and organizing a summer Mobile Robot
Software Challenge.

Free pizza/drinks will be provided.

Brainstorm Future Topics

DARPA Grand Challenge Teams

CMU, Stanford, or Oregon State

Dieter Fox

U of Washington

probabilistic space
mapping algorithms.

OGI Center for Spoken Language Understanding

Intel Open Computer Vision Library


Boeing X45 Unmanned Combat Aircraft

Hans Moravec


Consciousness, Commercial Viability, Social

Recent Developments in Theories and Algorithms for

Mobile Robot Software Competition

Seek to expand the envelope of mobile
robot capabilities.

In some ways, akin to the X Prize and
DARPA Grand Challenge.


Advanced Robotics Software

Development of advanced capabilities.

This is not purely an educational exercise.

Participation of Professional Engineers

Continuous Improvement

Frequent Regional Competitions

Minimize Costs for Participants and


Oregon chapter will run a competition in
the summer of 2006.

Request announcement in RAS magazine.

$100 entry fee will cover cost of facilities
and awards.

Will not schedule in conflict with robotics
major conferences.