Oil Field Work

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Oil Field Work

Final Draft

How much do you think you could get paid for one year of working in the oil industry?
The oil industry is one of the most paying jobs out there because there aren’t many people that
work in this type of field. If you go to college for this it will benefit

you in all sorts of ways you
have a good job and good benefits as you work and the longer you work for a certain company
you get benefits like time off of work. If you start college for this and start working straight out
of it you will be making approxim
ately 100,000 a year for starters. If you’re wondering thinking
where your gasoline comes from it comes from oil rigs and the people who drill for it. They drill
so far down and reach oil or petroleum or any other natural gas and they take it and use it a
s oil
in your cars gas and other things you use in your everyday life without you even thinking about
where this stuff comes from. This is important because if we don’t drill for oil we wouldn’t have
gas for automobiles plastics and the merchandise in you
r local food markets.

Oil drilling is the basic product for why gas prices go up and down all the time at your
local gas station. If you’re drilling good and you’re in a good spot with a lot of oil and you make
more then you spend to get there then they

sell it to gas plants and they go out and put the gas in
your stations that determines how much gas prices are. If there isn’t much oil there then the gas
prices are high like they are now today. Oil drilling provides most of every things you see an
ple of this is gas prices and when you’re shopping the plastics are made from different
types of oils like crude oil is the main one that is in most everything.

There are colleges you can go to for this type of career like the North Dakota petroleum
and N
atural Gasses College. They have a program that you can join for only nine months in
college. If you do they have a practice oil field for oil drilling. You go out there and practice on it
and they teach you the basics to drilling and what everything is fo
r on it. At first you go and they
give you the basics to work on it then you actually go out on a live rig and practice on it and see
how you respond to break downs and situations where you have to make everything count. Once
you get the hang of it then yo
u go more in depth for and oil field and start looking at positions in
the oil field. There are so many different positions in this career. If you want to get in the work
force faster start experimenting on different positions on the rig like the oil drill
er, rough necks,
drill manager and things like that. If you start liking certain positions you can focus on them
more and more and how to do it. If you really like what you’re doing in the college course then
you have a good chance that you will be doing
it after you graduate from college. There are some
positions that you have to work for to be able to get to there for intense drill manager you have to
know everything about the rig and you have to do all the paper work and all that stuff.

If you want
to be in this kind of work force you need to know some things about it before you go
out o
and do this. There are some things you have to know when you start looking forward to
this type of career. You need to know what the benefits are your salary and all

that good stuff.
For intense you need
to know a good amount on how to know a lot about

computers and

eed to be well versed in

math really good because when you drill there’s a computer room you
have to check quit frequently when drilling for you
know how far your down or if everything is
going ok. The math part is a little bit harder you have to calculate how long the drilling pipe are
how big your hole is going to be how deep you go and match all that with the computers.

And on
top of all that yo
u will also need to know how deep you are drilling
keeping in mind how many
joints of drilling pipe you have in the hole for that distance

kind of a hard task but if your
good with those two things then you should be fine a
nd won’t

have to worry abo
ut stopping the
whole operation
. Its alot easier to get this position if you have a math degree because you already
know pretty much most of the things you will need to know when you’re doing this.

If you’re in college you might be having some struggles w
hile taking your courses.in the
end you will be fine because you have a backup plan in case you don’t get any positions and you
still have a little bit of money to use in case anything goes wrong or if anything goes write you
know what to do.

When you a

about to Finish College you will for sure get chances to work on a live oil
rig and get your experience so you’re ready when you graduate. At this time you can try different
positions and see what is best for you. Like I said earlier you can try positi
ons like

rough necks


, deck hands, pipe threaded, oil waste maintenance

things like that while
you’re out practicing to see what you are really best at. Its best to get your experience in at that
time you’re out there because if
you don’t then you will probably not get to have a good position
in that part of the rig.

Life after college would be good goes how successful you are and happy you are with
your new job. Life after college is a good thing to every one because they are h
appy to get out of
college and be able to work full time and make money to get things and actually start your life as
an adult. You would start meeting your goals in life and actually be able to afford
. When you start working

life wi
ll get better and better for you because you will be
getting pretty good checks every two weeks and would be able to get things you need or save it
nything you would want to do with you money you make while working for this type of career.
After a while
you might be thinking how well you are going and taking college classes in North
Dakota. If the North Dakota College of oil and petroleum is a good college you will probably tell
your friends how good it is and you spend less time there and more time in th
e work field. When
you get your degree from graduating from this you will be remembering that how much you
could get paid a year and what your salary is just thinking of all the incomes and bank stuff.
Once you have worked for

a while you will be ma
king really good money and get nice cars
you have a nice job you like nice house and be a fairly wealthy person and still be happy with
what you do for a living. Pretty soon you will be living good and have nice stuff because out the
outcome of what you ha
d to go through the good and hard times while you were still in

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