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New cedar oil technology provides instant kill relief from fleas, ticks, scorpions
and bed bugs when applied

to people, pets, premise, furniture, carpet and
outside areas.

The Woodlands, Texas (PRWEB) August 6, 2007

"An aggressive flea, tick, bed
bug and scorpion infestation is currently blanketing North America," announced
Dave Glassel, President and CEO of
CedarCide Industries Inc., a Texas
Corporation specializing in the formulation of non
toxic insect control products.
Calls from desperate home and pet owners located throughout the U.S. and
Canada are received daily. Furthermore, Motel

Hotel chains are fr
antically in
pursuit of a bonafide treatment that will provide instant results to what appears to
be a ongoing flea and bed bug issue in their many rooms.

CedarCide Industries is pleased to announce the availability of its new cedar oil
formulation BEST Y
ET, a panacea for flea, tick, scorpion and bed bug control.
Production levels have been increased to accomodate for the demand created by
the current infestations.

According to entomologists, the majority of fleas, ticks, bed bugs and scorpions
in North Am
erica are immune to the chemical pesticide treatments promoted by
local and national exterminators. Furthermore, pest control researchers in many
major universities and independent laboratories have for years warned against
excessive use of Pyrethroid
d products for consumer use. "We are now
paying a heavy price for the continued use of carcinogenic and estrogen
mirroring substances that are linked to breast cancer and autism. The same
toxins that led to our diminishing honey bee population," quoted Dr.

Ben Oldag,
Senior entomologist at the CedarCide Laboratory.

The USDA recently announced testing on "BIO" Products as a replacement for
the chemical formulations currently used for insect control. Their actions were
prompted by the U.S. Army in its quest
to provide troops deployed to the Iraq
conflict relief from the desert sand flea infestations. In comparison among various
"bioproducts", CedarCide's BEST YET surfaced as the first choice in bio control
formulations. "We actually invented (BEST YET) for ou
r troops in Iraq," Glassel
said in a recent interview with
Iowa State University
, who conducted the final
product analysis for the USDA.

Ironically, this safe, radical new product is now needed here in North America as
much as in the Middle East. Flea and

scorpion infestations appear to be the
largest in recent history. This is not surprising considering each flea can lay up to
500 eggs in its lifetime. The eggs often lay dormant for several years until ideal
conditions prevail, subsequently triggering a m
assive infestation. More serious
illnesses and deaths worldwide can be attributed to flea
borne diseases than any
other catastrophe. The bubonic plague was spread by fleas on rodents such as
mice, rats and squirrels. There are recent reports of homeowners
having to
evacuate because of severe flea infestations here in the U.S. "Due to the cyclical
nature of the problem we could experience this trend for many years," Dr. Oldag

CedarCide Industries' BEST YET provides instant death to fleas. When ex
to the cedar oil solution, the mortality rate of the flea is 100 percent within
seconds. There has never been anything like it on the market until now, Glassel
says. Flea treatments prior to BEST YET used water or petroleum distillates as a
carrier o
f the active ingredient, primarily permethrin or other toxic nerve gas by
products better defined as pyrethroids. The CedarCide formulation uses a
proprietary cedar oil blend of Texas Red Cedar (juniperus virginiana) and a
carrier created from liquefied qu
artz. In concert with each other, a new molecule
is formed that has penetration abilities superior to any flea control substance
manufactured. When entering the flea through its numerous breathing pores, the
exposure to the cedar oil instantly freezes the
insect, creating a never before
mortality result referred to by CedarCide Industries as INSTANT KILL. Exposure
to the cedar oil formulation immediately triggers the erosion of the exoskeleton of
insect eggs and larvae, which results in their dehydration, s
rendering their pre
life status DBH (dead before hatch) For outside treatments,
CedarCides PCO Choice is used. It is applied with a hose end applicator that
delivers a mixture of water and cedar oil to all areas desiring the eradication of
cts including but not limited to flea, tick, scorpion, chigger, mosquito, no
um, grub, cricket and mole cricket, army worms and numerous other non
beneficial arthropods and snakes.

BEST YET provides immediate relief to home and pet owners experiencing
infestations that are off limits to the standard flea treatments practiced by the
pest control industry, veterinarians or animal health product providers. Dogs and
cats experiencing untreatable flea populations can quickly find relief with one
of BEST YET. Homeowners can easily initiate do it yourself
treatments with the use of hand held sprayers or, in the alternative, provide their
own solution for treatment by contracted exterminators, maintenance personnel,
landscape contractors or handyman.

BEST YET is considered a minimum risk
pesticide and is exempt from registration by the EPA. No applicator's license is
required. BEST YET can be applied to furniture, carpets, hardwood floors or any
type of surface. There is no subsequent staining or unde
sirable residue created
with the treatment. BEST YET can be applied on people, pets, premise or any
species of animal including newborn kittens and puppies. It should not be applied
to plant life.

CedarCide Industries is a provider of active ingredients to

the agricultural, plastics, insect control and wood preservation industry. Private label and license
opportunities are available nationally or internationally for the BEST YET technology. CedarCide ready to use products are av
ailable commercially or to th
e general
public from the

Internet store or by shopping on the

Phone orders are accepted at 1
1464. Same day shipments insure prompt delivery.