Ch 17 Essential Questions Powerpoint

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Foreign Policy and National

“A successful foreign policy in a

Nation where informed citizens have

a free vote must be based on a public


Rep. Millicent Fenwick (1975)

Foreign Affairs and National


A refusal to become involved in the
affairs of the rest of the world.

What has led from the to the U.S.
position of Isolationism to

Should the United States be the
World’s Policeman?

As the world’s wealthiest Such a policy is expensive,

Nation we have a responsibility imperialistic and unfair to

to send humanitarian and the American people.

military aid any where in

the world where people live

in poverty or suffer under an

authoritarian government, or

face some other great hard


What do you think?

Foreign Policy

A group of policies made up of all the stand and actions a
nation takes in every aspect of its relationship with other

Everything a Nation’s government says and does in world


diplomatic commercial economic aid

treaties immigration import/export economic sanctions

medicine fishing rights military aid disarmament negotiations

alliances oil technology international trade

United Nations

space exploration

Cultural exchange programs weapon’s testing


An official representative of the
United States appointed by the
President to represent the nation in
matters of diplomacy.


Issued by the government for
citizens who travel of live abroad

Privileges accorded by international
customs and treaties

Diplomatic Immunity

An ambassador is not subject to the
laws of the state to which they are

Department of Defense

Est. in the National Security Act of 1947.

Succeeded the War and Navy

Created to unify the Nation’s armed forces

Made up of more than 1.4 mission
uniformed service and 700,000 civilians

Department of Defense

and Defense Agencies

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA):

Created in 1974, under the National
Security Council

Three main tasks:

To coordinate information gathering
activities of all State, Defense, and
other Federal Agencies

To analyze and evaluate all data
collected by those agencies

To brief the President and the National
Security Council of all intelligence

The need for an intelligence gathering service to alert the American people to the threat of terrorism
is vital. However, for a number of years stories in the media about problems at the CIA have
undermine confidence in that institution.

What is the implication about the ability of the CIA to gather intelligence?

Do you believe that a government agency should spy on its own citizens?

Selective Service

Selective Service

1940 Selective Service and Training Act

before U.S. entered WWII

Selective Service Act of 1948

5 million
men were drafted

Vietnam called for end to the draft

1973 selective service suspended


draft remains in the books.


all males between 18 ½ and 26 have
a military obligation and must register
with selective service at age 18.