Welcome to CWB Board Co.

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Welcome to CWB Board Co.

Thanks again for your support… Although cliché and over used, there is no
better way to say it. The past twelve months have been crazy! We have had
epic times on the water, in the pro shops and at demos this year more than ever.

The buzz has been staggering. The 2006 collection rattled cages and we are
stoked to top that for 07, bringing to market the best, most diverse board line
ever. Creating a boot line that makes your ride easier and less stressful, while
enhancing your o
n the water performance. Managing the best young pro team in
the sport and freebasing Red Bull. These are the things that wake us up at 2am
with that one idea….the one idea that could change everything. Last year we
changed everything, in 07….

As you p
age through this collection you are looking at the end result of ideas and
products that have been in development for many years. From a shape that has
been copied more than any other, to a boot line that was the first to use achilles
pads and lycra, to o
ur progressive Hinge Tech, we are changing the sport
forever. Silencing the critics, most of whom don’t even ride. We hand to you the
07 collection with the best shapes, boots and accessories to fall into your boat.
All of which are brainstormed, design
ed, tested and built by people who are the
arteries of the CWB brand

our employees. No other brand can match the
passion and drive to ride. No one. From customer service reps, outside reps,
designers, product managers, factory workers, shippers... the

list goes on and

We are proud to deliver four new board shapes, six new boots, new ropes and
handles, a new apparel line and some of the coolest accessories ever. Also,
watch for our monthly contest that can land some of this stuff on your porch.
tay tuned to RideCWB.com and Wakeboardingmag.com to stay chin deep in
the action. Be unique. Start the change and ride for fun on CWB…


Every one of our boards is hand made. We use hand spread resin, hand layed
fiberglass long cycl
e counts and hand tuning each board. It means less boards
produced in a day, but when you ride a CWB board you will feel the difference. All
pro models are hand made in the U.S.A., no other board company can make that
claim. Our boards start with a clos
ed cell polyurethane foam core. The inserts are
pressed into an ABS T
bar then covered with layers of fiberglass. Pro boards
have a full length insert strip adding strength and stiffness to your ride. Each level
board has different lay
ups depending on
the performance level we desire. Using
different lay
up methods builds stiffness as well as torsional flex as you lay down
your deepest slaysh. We have incorporated flex patterns providing stiffer tip and
tail section. The snap off the wake is unmatched
. This combined with the PT78
core in our platinum decks will give you a ride that will be etched into your head as
groundbreaking. These are the best shapes and cores in the sport. Welcome to
the future in wakeboarding, welcome to CWB 07.


ved for those who want the best of the best. The highest end core
on the market our Platinum core boards have no rival when it comes to weight,
snap off the wake and durability on rails. Two hollow fiberglass rods encapsulate
air adding stiffness, pullin
g weight out and storing energy. We surround these rods
with the lightest most durable foam on the planet. The core is then wrapped in two
full sheets of uni
directional carbon top and bottom. Bi
directional glass is
wrapped around the ABS insert strip
that runs the full length of the board. Carbon
is very strong, light, expensive and ads an amazing amount of snap. XFlex makes
the board rebound back to its original shape quicker than ever meaning more pop
than ever. Twill Texalium replaces a sheet of f
iberglass on top for a unique flex
pattern that looks good.


Reserved for pro decks this core is denser than the PT78 closed cell
polyurethane foam. A uni
directional carbon strip is placed in the insert area of the
board for added strength and fl
ex. Bi
directional glass is wrapped around the
edges and an ABS insert strip runs tip to tail. XFlex

extra uni
directional glass
making the board snap back into shape quicker than ever. PBT tops provide a
deep gloss and even flex


This co
re is denser than Pcore closed cell polyurethane foam. Uni
directional fiberglass a matrix weave wrap this foam core. The full fiberglass wrap
makes all edges stronger with quality to spare. Molded inserts and PBT tops
round out these mid level boards t
hat rip.


We love the ladies. We have taken our Xtrans core and pulled out
some of the stiffness. What we created is simple, a core that absorbs the rough
water, doesn’t shoot out of the corners and generally is a butter ride. Boasting a
deck soft flex, never has a line of women’s boards been suited to ride like the
07 Diamonds.


The most forgiving and softest core in the line. There is nothing better than
a board that will teach you the basics one turn at a time in a forgiving f
ashion. A
matrix fiberglass wrap covers the board top to bottom. Molded inserts and PBT
tops for a deep gloss finish that is full of long lasting strength.


Absolute Platinum

The PT78 core makes this high end board even better. If you want

a super light,
stupid responsive, stiff as a Martini board that looks unlike anything out there, the
Plat Abs is your ticket to funky town. Choose between a .75” or 1.3” aluminum fin
to dial in the performance you demand. Light, strong, stiff and cool. Th
e most
elite core, construction and shape available anywhere.


When our boy Zane (aka The Godfather) sat down five years ago with CWB
board designers to create a shape that worked for intermediate to high end
riders, he had no clue it would turn i
nto the most talked about, most copied and
most rider friendly pro deck in the industry. Five years later with some fine tuning
and tweaks along the way it is our flagship shape. A board we know you can put
anyone on and see a smile immediately. We injecte
d our new Pcore into the
heart of the Absolute giving it Xflex. Boasting the thinnest and lightest tip and tail
out there we added extra glass creating a ridiculous amount of snap as well as
speed. The Absolute was the first wakeboard to grow a center spi
ne. The
Absolute was also the first board to utilize small molded fins on the outside edges
to give you a locked in rail like no other. The Absolute was the first board to
utilize extensive top shaping, adding strength, while reducing weight. Almost
board on the market now has adopted each of these CWB innovations.
The long base fins are slightly angled, while cupped rails and a dropped down
edge grace the bottom. This provides a speed building edge that no other board
can emulate. A fun, fast edge ch
anging ride with a ticket for speed when dumped
on edge. Once again the best selling deck just got better. See what Xflex can do
for your sesh. It made the Godfather better, now it is your turn.

Transcend Platinum

One of the most innovative shapes just go
t better. Slide a PT78 core in

the already rock’n Transcend and it becomes one whole pound lighter! A revised
flex pattern makes the Plat Trans stiffer and snappier off the wake Plats also
come with two sets of fin extensions so you can add 1.5” or 2.5
” of length to the
5” molded fin system. You thought a 3” rocker board popped hard before…wait
till you try it with the snap snap snappiest core in the industry. It will rule the day.


A complete overhaul for 07. The Transcend has always been
a finicky shape
reserved for those who are comfortable with their edge and enjoy the hardest
wake to wake buck out there. The first deck to go beyond 3” of rocker, it has a
strong following from those who love a smooth, consistent hard pop. With that
mendous rocker come a sacrifice of speed. For 07 Andrew determined we
should scale back the rocker to approximately 3.02”. We also added twin tunnels
off the tip and tail, beefed up the center spine and created a fin system that can
add a bit of traction
, but not totally change the ride. This new industry first fin
system allows the rider a choice. Choose the 5” molded fins for a loose ride, or
bolt on a 2.5” fin extension for 7.5” of fin. This shape gives you the ability to only
put the extension on y
our switch toe edge adding a small amount more bite or ad
bite to your heel edge for hard edging. It also adopted the CWB innovated center
spine to break up landings as well as extensive smooth top shaping for a tip and
tail diet program to trim off some
weight. Andrew has spent even more time on
the podium this year with this new board. He loves it, we love it, he loves Taco
Bell. Good times.

Marius Platinum

New for 07 we injected Trevor’s ride with the hottest, strongest and lightest core
out there.

PT78 core system means this really big board is now lighter, stronger
and snappier than ever. The Marius stomped its way into the market only last
year and now that the rumors are confirmed that we are going Platinum

for 07, the buzz is huge. The Plati
num Marius will change your life…on the water
that is.


Width is the best thing to hit wakeboarding if done right. Trevor did it right.
Trevor rides with a style that makes his riding look effortless. Coasting into the
wake and boosting a Method
back five eight feet skyward. The question is how
can he get so high with such little edge? Width my friend. Lay your eyes on the
Marius and the first thing you will see is that it is the widest board ever. This
extra width means mucho surface area whi
ch translates into lift, soft landings and
great room for stickers. Wide boards are historically harder to edge which is why
most on the market are short wide boards The brilliant minds at CWB developed
Tech to enable the first fully functioning wide,
long board on the market. This
deep V means rocker at the corner is nearly 3", but in the middle it is almost an
inch lower. The V
Tech makes the long wide board switch edges incredibly fast,
turning like a long narrow board. Gone are the days of sacrif
icing pop when
edging hard. With V
Tech and the massive real estate packed into the Marius,
bring on the pop!


The Faction is a core group of riders forming a cohesive, usually contentious
minority within a larger group. The CWB Faction i
s a group of riders, designers,
shops and reps that will do whatever it takes for their next ride. We are riders
that wait at the boat ramp for it to open. We travel to rail contests not to watch
but to ride. We don’t tell people how a deck performs bec
ause that’s what we
were told, we ride everything, from everyone and we know how and why a board
reacts the way it does. We nurse sore knees, backs and broken eardrums so we
can go out and do it again. We endure the pain of numb feet and hands for that
id January session. We watch wake videos everyday. We read Wakeboarding
Magazine cover to cover ten times. The release of the next years product line is
better than any holiday. We don’t ride to win, we ride to express. We ride to live,
and love to ri
de. Ride for what you believe, not for what some believe. Grab
tindy, narrow up your stance, call it a mobe, ride because you love to.

We are the Faction. We are what wakeboarding is. We live, eat and breath
feedback from all those who ride, not just
the pros. Tell us what you think. Tell
us how we can make our product better. Tell us when you grab that back three.
Tell us why wakeboarding is your life. We will tell you why it is ours. Welcome to
the Faction 07. Be a part of the soul……never forg
et why you ride.


A board designed around the movement. A free shape with a clean message, no
confusion. As smooth and fine as your best slaysh. A shape to teach you the
correct way to edge. A shape that gives you options. A shape that is m
oney on
the rails, fun behind the boat, but not a noodle off the wake. A shape that shows
you’ve got skills. Delivered as a four fin board the Faction has a hard edge side
to it. When on edge the outside fins bite hard locking you in, jetting you forwar
Remove those fins and experience a free ride like you’ve never felt. Boasting a
center spine and small edge channels this shape covers all the bases. Banging
big continuous rocker, the forgiving flex of the Xtrans core and a top shape to
build stiffn
ess. Faction is a great board for all aspects of your sesh. Try the
Faction. Not only will you be riding a board with meaning, you will be riding as a
part of something much needed in wake. Partner the board with the
boots...vest…handle…rope. The Fact
ion is the movement for 07. Be a part of it.


The 07 Kink has all the ingredients to make the ultimate package. A mellow
subtle 3
stage rocker to help the rider perfect their pop. Long base molded fins
and a gnarly cupped rail with a very soft o
utside fin. The most important aspect
of riding is to learn the progressive edge. The Kink will do just that as it will hold
the board on edge and allow the rider to make mistakes without smacking the
wake. The tip and tail are designed for an easy to h
andle edge change, with a
smooth rocker pattern and core that is made for progression. Coming to you with
the patent pending Hinge Tech boots, this is a package to be reckoned with. Is
there anything better?


Another new shape for 07 is the Pure.

Designed to take the beginner to the next
level, the board uses the Xtrans core for a solid, durable and quality deck.
Smooth top, aggressive bottom and pinstripes you could wear to prom. The 07
Pure carries on the tradition of being a board you can pu
t any rider on and they
will feel the difference. Arriving to you with large removable fins it creates a ride
that is true combined with the option of a finless free ride. Also rocking a chrome
CWB icon for bling. Partner this deck with Torq boots featu
ring Hinge
Tech…..Look out!



Attention ladies that rip. The 07 Sapphire is brand new for this year. A shape
that will take the ladies to higher highs. Using the framework from our popular
Pure board, the Sapphire is graced w
ith Diamond Core. This shape has all the
tools necessary for the girl who wants to learn that three, or her first invert. Long
base molded fins, an aggressive yet friendly rocker pattern and a center spine
will all help to take her riding up a few notche
s. The captain of our Diamond
Series, the 07 Sapphire is sure to impress even the toughest critics….the ladies.


Another women’s board that is focused on performance first. The Lotus comes
from a proven board design that is known for smooth, soli
d and consistent rides.
The Diamond Core designed with a softer flex specifically for the ladies is one of
the reasons it is a best seller. Deep molded fins help the learning process, they
can be used for a snowboard feel when the bolt on center fin is r
emoved. We
used linear top shaping to add strength and pull out weight on this gem. A ride
that rips, a graphic that pops and matching shoes. Ladies the half yearly sale
has begun!


The young ladies have spoken. Our Bella board has received gre
at reviews. A
great shape for progression, awesome graphics and Hinge Tech! We are
creating wake lovers everywhere. The Bella is a very soft ride using our new
Diamond Core for 07. This creates a board for the young lady that will give them
the steppin
g stones to greatness. The forgiving flex pattern of the Bella will
provide the little girls with the perfect learner board to land their first wake to
wake, her first on the water ear to ear smile and her first addiction. The cure for
the common girls b
oard, the 07 Bella. All girls love cats right?



Attention all beginners! There is no comparison to the 07 Faze by CWB. None.
Where else can you get a shape that looks aggressive, a graphic that says pro
deck and Hinge Tech boots

all for a price that is so ridiculous it screams value.
Welcome the 07 Faze/Seven to the boat. With the overwhelming success of
Hinge Tech we wanted to deliver that technology to the wallet conscience
wakeboarder. As we all know, getting in and out of
your boots for first timers is
not an easy task. That all changed with Hinge Tech (patent pending) by CWB.
For 07 that ease of use, comfort and performance is available for the first time on
the entry level board for all to fall in love with. A shape th
at will carry the
beginner to the next level with its smooth and forgiving ride. The Faze uses our
Axis core, handing the pilot a ride that will hold them like a swing. Soft and
smooth in rough water and while learning to get your first air. As an optio
n it
comes packaged with our instructional DVD “The Fundamentals of
Wakeboarding” and a Proline Upstart rope with handle. Learning to wakeboard
just became easier.


A staple in the beginner venue, the 07 Sol is the best entry level board on the
arket. Utilizing a soft flex pattern, molded fins and removable fins the Sol is a
beginners dream. Compression molded, the Sol is a great do
everything board
the whole family can ride. Top shaping and high gloss PBT give the board high
end features, whi
le keeping your wallet fat.


Built for the initial pull, the Tempest is flat, wide and rocks the biggest fins you
have ever seen for stability and traction like no other. Designed for cruising, the
novice rider will appreciate the smooth and
easy learning experience the
Tempest delivers. Surface area is your friend when learning to wakeboard and
the Tempest has plenty. A quad channel bottom tracks like crazy and the board
is compression molded for longevity and quality. Big bang, little buc



With wakeboarding now in its teenage years there are starting to be bus loads of
riders that can out rip us. Depressing, maybe, exciting you bet! There is nothing
better than watching a boat load of kids cheering each other o
n having the best
day of the summer, until tomorrow and riding a shape that was designed for
them. That’s what makes proud parents. We unveiled the Surge last season to
a huge response. Now the kids have a shape that can progress their riding and
be that shape they became too good for. The Surge is a pro level shape
sent to the shrink room. Using a mellow 3
stage rocker, long base molded fins,
soft edge fins and even a center spine, this is a shape that will produce the next
House or Hansen.


Kids boards don’t have to be boring. These are the rippers who will be killin' it in
the vids and mags in ten years. We need to bring them up right with better
equipment than we ever had! Enter the CWB Charger. A shape for kids that is
ive yet soft. A shape that has been born from years of perfection in the
Absolute shape, then toned down for the beginner board head. The Charger has
a center spine, edge fins, 3
stage rocker and molded base fins. Top shaping for
strength without weight
. What more could you ask for? Get Junior on the
Charger and see what they have been missing. A size they wont grow out of in a
season and killer graphics. Bring it!



Wakesurfing is the coolest thing since canned beer. The
Tsunami is a surfer
designed for the more advanced slaysh master. Delivered shorter tipping the
stick at 4’11”, the Tsunami will teach you 3’s and shoves in no time. Using the
fastest rocker line in the industry, the Tsunami can be used on even the small
inboard wakes. Four fiberglass fins, 3 for the tail and 1

for the tip give the surfer nearly unlimited fin options. A molded kicktail, EVA tip
protector and a free instructional DVD come with each and every board,
seriously. Short, fat with a bunch

of attitude.


Our flagship wakesurfer. The Ride is the perfect do everything board. Catering
to those who want to experience their first surf session and carry them well onto
the land of 3’s and shoves. Extremely flat rocker and lots of surfa
ce area make
this board the fastest on the market. A sharp edge bites into the wake pushing
the board forward fast and easily. Four fiberglass fins, 3 for the tail and 1 for the
tip give the surfer many options for traction. A molded kicktail gives the
more board control while the EVA tip protector keeps the back of the boat scratch
free. Toss in a free instructional DVD and you have the most value packed
wakesurfer there is. Feel the sweet spot fast and drop that rope!



A true skateboard feel on the water. A molded EVA top deck gives you true ollie
power of your favorite skateboard in a wakeskate. Flaunting kicktails and
concave edges, the response from your shoe is unparalleled. Ten thick layers of
Poplar wood give th
is skate a stiffer flex pattern. Throw down more flip tricks
than anyone on the Deck.


The Base skate is a flat, grip taped wood skate designed for the entry level
skaters wanting to get the feel of rocking a board with no boots. The Base
ms and snaps off the wake for even the most advanced skater. Boasting
an eight ply wood construction, a slight swallow tail and a rocker pattern that is
forgiving. The Base will take you everywhere you want to go bootless on a


We sp
ent the past three years developing and perfecting the 06 boot collection.
We know that Hinge Tech made the biggest impact of any boot innovation ever
to hit our sport. That was just the beginning...

Over the next six pages, you will see the next genera
tion of Hinge Tech.
Strategically placed throughout the line in all the right areas. On the high end to
provide heel hold down you never thought possible. On the low end to provide
simple, easy entry and exit. On the mid level to do both. Never before

has there
been a boot innovation that can make you feel one with the board. To keep all
riders happy, we are also unveiling traditional boots that give more support and
comfort than ever imagined. Innovations such as the Articulated Toe, T
bar lace

ups, and the new Recoil lace system show and prove once again that we are
the leaders in boot technology. Nowhere, with nothing else, will you have fit,
function and performance like we can provide. We deliver the 07 CWB Boots.


The best boot ever
created for the aggressive high end rider, period. If you have
yet to try a Zeus, we are sorry, you are missing out. Rockin the industry
shattering patent pending Hinge Tech, a super high and stiff wrap for amazing
ankle support, recoil and a laundry lis
t of other innovations. For 07 we are
stoked to introduce the Recoil lace system. Laces create the best fit for your
boots, but they get in the way when riding. In walks Recoil. A simple system that
keeps your laces coiled up inside a pull handle. Giv
e it a pull and watch the
laces disappear back into the handle. Yeah… we love it too.

On top of recoil the Zeus is using the best fitting tongue ever to be used in a
wakeboard boot. The Articulated Toe is precisely cut EVA covered in lycra and
e. Since no two feet are the same, this segmented toe will perfectly
wrap around any foot out there. A longer toe rubber gives increased board
response without looking like clown shoes. The patent pending Hinge Tech
system gives you the best heel hold d
own ever. You can quote us, it will again
be the king.


Redesigned for 07, the Fuse is a super stiff high end boot that will hold your
ankle tight. We threw the Articulated Toe at the Fuse, along with a new wrap, the
new T
bar lace system and a new

footbed. The heel rubber is molded and lined
with neoprene for comfort and performance that is unmatched. Laces up the
back and up the front for a fully customized tension system. It looks as good as it
rides and is the choice of some of the best pro w
akeboarders in the world.


Released mid way through 06, the Faction sold out

five times. Placed between the high end Zeus and the intermediate level Torq,
the Faction is the answer to the riders who want a locked in ride without a super
high wrap
. Dubbed as the Hinge Tech (patent pending) boot with the flex of a
low cut, this boot allows for presses as dirty as they come. The Articulated Toe
lives here too, along with T
bar and a hidden lace system over the toe. The
molded heel rubber is lined
with neoprene for solid firm heel hold down. This
boot is cleaner than Jeff House’s teeth. Built around a movement, this is just one
of the products that is the Faction for 07. Be a part of the Faction.


So clean. When we finished building the br
and new Deuce we sat back and
gave high fives all around. The final product turned out to be the cleanest boot
we have ever done at the CWB boot lab. The 07 Deuce also has the Articulated
Toe, T
bar and neoprene molded heel rubber with Achillies Pads for

hold down
and sheer performance. A white wrap, white plate, white pad, but don’t let the
clean image fool you, this boot comes with an extra

helping of rad. The wrap is a tad lower than the Fuse, the Deuce allows a
tremendous amount of tweakage while i
t maintains an amazing amount of hold.
The best traditional boots ever are bester….is that a word?


The boot to fit all! The 07 Vapor is yet another brand new boot from the monkeys
in our boot lab. A patent pending Hinge Tech boot strategically pl
aced in the mid
level to sit atop many of our package boards creating an item you must have.
Catered to the intermediate rider wanting to get more from his setup, the Vapor
will suck him in creating the easiest step in boot system ever. Hinge Tech on the

back, a wrap not to high, not too low, dual padded gorilla grips. The molded and
lycra lined heel and toe conform to the foot while a dual lace system lets the rider
adjust the tension to perfection.


The one that started it all. In 06 we rocked
the world with the best boot
innovation ever to hit the wake. The first and only step in system that made your
day effortless, the learning process easier and the in
water experience better.
The Torq with Hinge Tech (patent pending) became the best selli
ng boot for a
reason. It works. Great fit, great look and a price that makes many ask “Are you
sure?” As we all know the hardest part of wakeboarding is putting your boots on
and taking them off. Climbing back on the swim platform to get back in your
oots, etc. The introduction of Hinge Tech changed everything meaning those
days are over. Also allowing feet the size of a Yugo to fit into a pair of boots
comfortably for their first riding experience. Try on a pair, you will simply be


Delivering Hinge Tech to the masses, our most wallet friendly boot rocking Hinge Tech
(patent pending) is the 07 Seven. Placed on the Faze this creates a package for the rider
who wants the best in tech without shelling out too many bills. A lower wrap
good support for the beginner to intermediate rider. A unique combination of a floating
lycra and neoprene toe for the utmost in comfort and Hinge Tech providing the easiest
entry and exit ever. Comfort, support and performance with the added lu
xury of not
costing too much freeing up more cash for boat gas!


One of the simplest most comfortable wakeboard boots ever. A best seller for
years the Mobe has been copied more times than we can count. Super soft
footbeds cradle the base of your fe
et while a neoprene toe rubber conforms to
the top of them. A soft EVA heel with perfectly positioned Achilles Pads wraps
around your ankle. A Gorilla Grip on the heel helps entry and the single lace
wrap snugs up nice to provide support at a value price


The best fitting entry level boot on the market. A molded tongue floats over the
top of your foot held in place by a soft lycra and neoprene liner. A full front lace
lets you firm it up to your liking, while your foot rests on the super cushy f

Ladies Boots


Every day we see women out riding the guys, so we designed a boot specifically
to fit the daintiest of feet. The ultimate boot designed for the ultimate in
performance. The Ember sports patent pending Hinge Tech, the Articu
lated Toe
system and T
bar lace pull system. A molded EVA heel rubber is neoprene lined
for a performance feel. All wrapped around a softer heel and women’s specific
rubber to form fit smaller feet. Take the

Hoffman sisters for example. Two girls who
have been riding under the radar for
years only to come out and beat paid pros at their own event. The Hoffman girls
needed a boot that matched their ability level, we built the Ember to serve that
purpose. Of course it also matches the whole line of Dia
mond products.


Packed with value, performance and Hinge Tech makes the Sage a must have.
Molded and lycra lined EVA heel and toe conforms to your foot while dual lace
adjustments lets her dial in the tension in two separate areas. The thick, cushy
footbed will have your foot feeling comfortable while still maintaining the
performance feel. The patent pending Hinge Tech makes entry and exit easier
than ever, saving more energy for the ride. With shoes this pretty she will be
looking and feeling goo


The most comfortable boot with features galore all packed into this entry level
boot for the little girls. Hinge Tech makes the Bliss the easiest boot on the
market to get in and out of. A single lace holds the stylish wrap down just right

a floating toe making the Bliss oh so comfortable. The soft EVA heel with
Achillies Pads conforms around the heel for the ultimate in comfort and entry
level performance.


A traditional choice for the high end lady who wants great support. The Tr
density footbed holds your foot secure and the dual lace system lets you
customize the fit you desire. Molded heel, lycra lined molded toe and padded
Gorilla Grips also enhance this boots overall being. Not only hot looking, it works



ultimate learners boot to fit a variety of foot sizes. The Mobe sports a
neoprene toe rubber to comfortably form over your foot. A single lace wrap
system firms up this boot with ease while your foot is cradled on the soft foot bed.
Cormortable with gr
eat support, a perfect combination for an entry level boot.


Carbon Handles

In 2006 Proline unveiled their first carbon handles featuring the patent pending
Reverse Radius Technology. The first handle that actually improves your riding
making handle passes easier has only been made better for 2007. We have
improved the construction and look for this year. Each handle comes with an
extra grip to help customize your ride.

• 100% Carbon

• Sanded EVA grip (with replacement grip)

• Patent Pe
nding Reverse Radius Technology

• Carbon Limited Edition Handle (only 250 available)

LG Handle

The top selling LG (Leather Grip) Handle is new and improved for 2007. The LG
Handle features a chamois cloth style grip that offers extreme comfort, whil
e still
having a tacky grip when wet. For 2007 the LG Handle has a new EVA foam core
to increase durability and comfort. The LG Handle is now offered in two
diameters to help fit all riders’ preferences.

• 15” lightweight 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum core b
ar • Chamois grip is soft &
tacky • 1/8” Dyneema PRT coated line • Standard or Large diameter • Optional
Pistol or Diamond grip

Synthesis Handle

The Synthesis Handle comes with a NS (no
seam), sanded EVA grip giving the
rider superior hold and increa
sed durability. The triangle shape of this grip fits
perfectly in the anatomical grooves of the riders hands locking you in with little

15” lightweight 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum core bar • Soft durometer, sanded EVA
grip • 1/8” Dyneema PRT coated l
ine • Optional Pistol grip

Deuce Handle

The Deuce handle has a NS (no
seam) EVA grip with a larger diameter for riders
with bigger hands. The soft durometer EVA grip offers the rider increased
comfort with superior hold while they ride.

15” lightweight
6061 T6 aircraft aluminum core bar • Soft durometer EVA grip •
Large diameter • Optional Pistol or Diamond grip

Faction Handle

The Faction proudly supports those riders that have dedicated themselves to
pushing the sport they love. With the constant prog
ression and innovation in this
sport Proline would like to introduce a new handle for 2007 for that core group of
riders, The Faction handle. The newest handle from the minds that brought you
the leather grip and the reverse radius technology has a soft, h
igh performance
EVA grip. The unique pattern gives the rider superior hold, while still offering the
extreme comfort of a soft durometer EVA grip. The solid side bars prevent the
handle from collapsing making handle passes smoother and easier.

15” lightw
eight 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum core bar • Soft durometer Eva grip •
Torsion bars •Optional Pistol grip

Clutch Handle

The classics never go out of style. This soft rubber grip is the preferred handle of
Pro Team Rider Andrew Adkison. The Clutch has p
roven over the years that it is
the tackiest and most durable handle in our line.

15” lightweight 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum core bar • Molded natural rubber
compound grip • Optional Pistol grip


LG Package

(80 ft, 5

• Chamois grip

with EVA foam core

• 75ft PRT Coated SK Mainline

• 80ft with handle (60’ sections w/ four 5’ sections)

• Offered in solid white or solid black

ZS Package

(80 ft, 5

• Soft Durometer EVA Gripstick handle

• 75ft PRT coated SK mainline

• 80ft
with handle (60’ section w/ four 5’ sections)

Answer Package

(75 ft, 5

• Soft durometer EVA Gripstick handle

• 70ft no
stretch Spectra mainline

• 75ft with handle (55’ section w/ four 5’ sections)

Diamond Package

(75 ft, 5

• XS diam
eter soft durometer EVA handle specifically designed for the core
woman rider

• 70 ft no
stretch Spectra mainline

Surge Package

(70 ft, 5

• XS diameter soft durometer EVA handle specifically for the young groms

• 70 ft no
stretch Spectra mainl

Upstart Package
(75 ft, 5

• Soft durometer EVA Gripstick handle

• Low
stretch Poly
e mainline

Apprentice Package
(75 ft, 4

• The perfect beginner package at a great price

• 15" clutch handle

• 4 section low sretch Poly E mainl

Ration Package
(75 ft, 5

• A great all around starter package

• 13" handle

• 4 section low sretch Poly E mainline


Faction Mainline
(80ft, 5

• 1/8” Dyneema no
stretch line w/ 4000lb tensile strength

• 65’ sect
ion with two 5’ sections & two 2.5’ sections

• PRT coating protects against UV light, adds strength, and prevents tangles

• Interwoven metallic ribbon for increased visibility

Vapor Mainline
(80ft, 4

• 1/8” Dyneema no
stretch line w/ 4000lb ten
sile strength

• 65’ section with three 5’ sections

• PRT coating protects against UV light, adds strength, and prevents tangles

SK Mainline
(75ft, 4

• Spectra no
stretch Mainline w/ 2200 lb tensile strength

• Polyethylene coating adds stre
ngth, protects against UV light, and prevents

Spyderwire Dyneema
(75ft, 4

• Dyneema no
stretch mainline

• 60' section w/ three 5’ sections

Nautic Mainline
(70ft, 4

• Multi Filament Polypropylene line for increased strength an
d reduced tangles

• 55’ section w/ three 5’ sections

Electra Poly
E Mainline
(70ft, 4

• Low stretch Poly
E Mainline


Since day one we have been the leader in safety and function in the wake surf
arena and 2007 is no different.

(new 07’, 16 ft, 3

• 6” T
bar for easy grip on deep water starts

• 10’ section w/ two 3’ sections

Super D

The fop functioning, safest surf rope from one of the leaders in wakesurf

• 10' braided tail

• Two 3' take off sections


Faction Non
CGA Vest

The Faction proudly supports those riders that have dedicated themselves to
pushing the sport they love. With the constant progression and innovation in this
sport CWB would like to introduce a new team vest for 2
007 for that core group
of riders, The Faction Vest. The first Non
CGA vest from CWB offers a unique
angled side
entry to increase ease of use and comfort for the rider. This vest has
function, style and goes perfect with the rest of the Faction products d
specifically for any core rider.


Thinner profile Non
CGA neoprene vest


Oversized arm holes


Hidden straps


Extra padding for lower back


Mesh drain holes

Delta CGA Vest

The Delta, like every vest in our 2007 line, was d
esigned with comfort, style, and
safety in mind. The cut and segments of this vest were designed for maximum
movement and superior comfort while riding. We know how important having
freedom of motion is while you ride, but we also know how important safety

because floating is good. The new 07’ Delta vest fuses these together.
Everything from fit, function, style, and safety came together on this vest.


US Coast Guard Approved


Oversized Arm Holes


Segmented foam with ergonomic flex patterns f
or freedom of motion


Mesh drain holes

Pulse CGA Vest

The Pulse vest from CWB is perfect for the rider who doesn’t need all the bells
and whistles. This is a traditional cut neo vest with great style at a great price.
For this vest we beveled the
edges to increase comfort with out sacrificing safety.
We added mesh drain pockets to increase performance. Grab this clean
cut vest
and let your riding do the talking.


US Coast Guard Approved


Oversized arm holes


Mesh drain holes

Solace C
GA Vest

The core group of women riders continues to grow and they demand innovative
products that address their needs. With help from our Diamond Team the new
Solace vest was made specifically for the female rider. Everything from the cut,
style, and l
ook was designed for today’s hard charging female rider. For the
ladies we have designed vests and rag tops

that will tie into the total look because as we know, looks

are an important piece of the puzzle.


US Coast Guard Approved


Female specifi
c cut/style


Mesh drain holes

Surge CGA Vest

With so many young grom’s pushing the limits of the sport CWB needed a vest
just for them. This vest has all the characteristics of our high
end adult vest, but
is built to fit the younger riders. The
USCGA Surge vest is perfect for the 90
120lb rider.


US Coast Guard Approved


Mesh drain holes


One size 30
32" chest


The CWB Superflex Neo Tops represent the union of materials and design into a
wetsuit that is lightweight and e
xtremely flexible. The combination of
SuperStretch fabrics and Ultra Light neoprene foam throughout allows these tops
to stretch where you want them to, while providing durability where it is needed.
The result is a Neo top that feels softer and flexes wi
thout restriction. The CWB
Superstretch Neo Tops are perfect for training in mild to warm conditions.


Men’s: S

Women’s: S


1.5mm SuperLite Neoprene chest, back and collar

.5mm Arms for flexibility


Flat l
ock seams throughout prevents chafing.


SuperStretch fabric used inside and out for extreme flexibility. Comfortable and
durable flatlock stitching throughout. Lifetime Warranty