Specification of O

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Specification of O.T.Table

It should be multi purpose OT table with C
Arm compatible operated with cable

Arm electrically operated operation Table with remote control system with
rechargeable cadmium battery with at least 45 min back up.(Motoriz

All movements of the table top, including height, trendelenburg, reverse
trendelenburg, lateral tilt, reverse lateral tilt, flex, reflex, head section adjustment, leg
section adjustment, table top sliding and back section movements should be smooth
hout any noise and be controlled accurately with the help of light weight remote
control with feather touch soft buttons.

Length of the table top should be between 1800 to 2000 mm App., Width should be
between 500 to 600 mm App. and height of the table wit
hout mattress should be
between 850mm to 1000mm App.

The longitudinal shift of the table top should be less than 250mm.

The table top should be freely slidable towards heads end and leg end to facilitate
easy access for C
Arm image intensifier.

The table
top should be made up of high quality radio translucent material for
fluoroscopic capability.

The head and leg sections should be interchangeable and pelvic section detachable.

There should be built in kidney elevator

manually gear operated and head rest

should be fully adjustable.

The castors to be incorporated in the column base, stainless steel slide rails with

The Table should have electric floor locking & unlocking system with cable remote

For maximum safety control DC
12V should be
used for hand control unit.

The table, base, base cover and all accessories should have complete 304 grade SS

CMC for five years after expiry of warranty period

Accessories for O.T. Table


L shaped Anaesthetic frame

: One Pc


Shoulder supports with


: One Pc


Arm board with SS Top

: Two Pcs


lateral supports with pad

: One Pair


Wrist srap

: One Pair


Water Proof Mattress

: 2” tick: One set