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Installation Instructions

F062R 12” Brakes to fit 84/87 Rear

Parts list:

1 ea left caliper 120

1 ea right calipers 120

1 ea left park caliper

1 ea right park caliper

1 ea left rear caliper bracket

1 ea right rear caliper bra

8 ea brake pads

2 ea aluminum hats

2 ea SS braided hoses

2 ea 90 degree elbows

2 ea adapters (Bubble to #3 AN)

8 ea 3/8
24 x 1¼” hex bolts GR8

8 ea 3/8 flat washers HT

32 ea 5/16
18 x ¾” flat head allen bolts (standard track only)

4 ea 11 mm x 52
mm sleeves

2 ea ¼

20 x 1 ½” hex bolts

2 ea ¼

20 flat washers

2 ea ¼

20 nylon lock nuts

Remove the rubber brake flex hoses from the Chassis both rear wheel stations
and discard. Install the A/N adapters to the steel brake lines on the chassis and
ain these with the original spring Clips in place of the original hoses. Select
the four stainless steel braided flex hoses from the package and install one at
each wheel station on the A/N adapters installed previously.

On the inside of each of the above

calipers, remove the pipe plug and install the
elbows supplied so that the #3 A.N. flair of the elbow
is pointing up (the SS
flex hose will connect here after installation of the caliper

Using a Torx Driver, remove the two rear calipers and rotors. Note

that on the
front side of the upright assembly, part of the casting forms a ledge or tab
which protrudes toward the outside of the vehicle. This interferes with the
larger diameter replacement rotor and must be removed. Using
a hacksaw, cut
the tab off

flush with the surrounding material and de
bur the fresh cut with a
flat file to avoid injury.

Unpack the rear brake caliper mounting brackets and 4 ea 11 mm I.D. sleeve
tubes. The brackets are different left to right and should be installed as follo

the two llmm I.D. holes (un
threaded) are used to

mount the bracket to the upright

in the position of the original Fiero brake caliper. The bracket is installed from

the inside of the upright assembly so that no part of it
protrudes past the outsi
de Surface

of the upright assembly (as this would interfere with the fit of the rotor) and so

that the park brake caliper mounting section of the bracket

hooks around behind the


Strut. With the bracket properly in position, using the original r
caliper mounting bolts, apply thread lock compound to the 11 mm bolts and
install them

with the spacer sleeves provided to secure the bracket. Torque bolts
to 35 ft/lbs.

Slide the rotors into place over the lug studs. Install the brake pads into the
calipers and install calipers over the rotors and onto the mounting ears of the
spindle using 2 ea. 3/8"

24 x 1 1/4' GR8 hex bolts and f
lat washers. Apply
thread lock compound and tighten bolts to 30 ft./lbs. torque. Install the loose
ends of the front flex

hoses on the caliper fittings previously installed.

Unpack the two mechanical parking brake calipers. They are different left to righ
and can be identified by the actuating lever. Once installed, the lever will be on
the inside of the rotor and towards the back of the vehicle so
that when the lever
is moved downwards, it clamps the rotor. Once identified, the park calipers must
be dis
assembled into two sections by removing the through bolts. The inner and
outer sections

are then positioned either side of the rotor so that the slots on the
front and rear edges of the caliper engage the slide rails on the bracket.
Reinstall and tighten t
he nuts to 30 ft./lbs. torque. With the calipers installed, fit
the park brake cables in the same manner as for the Fiero caliper with the return

The adjustable proportioning valve allows one to change the front / rear brake
bias by varying the
pressure to the rear system. With the adjustment to full
increase as stated above, there will almost certainly be too much pressure
available to the rear system. If the vehicle is driven the rear brakes will lock
before the front. Once this is proven to be

the case the knob should be turned
towards decrease to reduce rear pressure. For most normal street driving the
valve should be adjusted so that front and rear wheels lock up at the same