Minutes of the November 10, 2011 Meeting UWW Department of Communication Andersen 1205 3:45 pm Present:

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Minutes of the
November 10
, 2011 Meeting

UWW Department of Communication

Andersen 1205

5 pm

Borchardt, Brady, Casey, Davis, Disrude, Fishburn, Frederick, French, Geissler, Hixson,

Kates, Knabe, Kranenburg, Lowell, Lucas, Martino, Mead,
Penington, Ridgeman, Robinson, Spiegelhoff,
Um, Vogl
Bauer, Wachanga, Welch, Wiederholt, Wildermuth.

The agenda was approved unanimously

on a Welch/Vogl


The 10/18

Minutes were approved unanimously

on a




Kathy Brady reported that 320 students were seen during marathon advising and 63 more were advised
later or by group advising. There will be a debriefing meeting on November 17

at 3:45 p.m.

Sally Vogl
Bauer spoke about the assessment training on
Saturday. There will be an 8:45 session and a
12:45 session in the Center of the Arts building, room 2 (in the basement), look for signs directing you to
the room once you enter the building.

Sally Vogl
Bauer reported that departments, offices and groups
from the UW
Whitewater campus are
invited to propose teams of three or more members to participate in LEAP
) workshops held Jan. 10
11 and continued during May 17
ms spend these four days learning about LEAP and developing plans for concrete actions to employ
during the spring of 2012 and the next academic year. Stipends are paid for faculty, staff and student

A group has expressed interest in working
on the internship program. See Barb Penington
if you are interested in this. The LEAP workshop proposals are due on 12/5. Stipends will be awarded.

ine evaluations will be administered across the department beginning this semester
. We
find out
he names of the students who have completed the evals. A meeting with tenured faculty is still needed

decide discuss items related to the evals

Andersen staff was moved into the new suite of offices this week. An open house will take place once
one is settled in.


New updates of Office, Windows and MAC Lion are out. We have been advised to clean up our drives
and put our data on removable media such as flash drives.


Ed Frederick announced that the library
funds are still available but he will be meeting with MAGD
instructors soon and they may spend the remaining budget on video games.

Brian Lucas announced that the Alumni Foundation
will match all donations by faculty, staff and students
between now and De
cember 31

to help students. Every dollar raised will
directly to students in Spring
Semester. This appeal is called “Cents for Students”. Contributions may be made directly to the students

(donation center set up in front of UC Tues. through Thurs.) o
r by payroll deduction, check dropped of

mailed to Alumni Center or by credit card on the Foundation website.

The Communication Department Advisory Board met on November 11 and had an excellent meeting.
Ann Knabe’s students and Communication Ambassad
ors made short presentations.

Kathy Brady passed out a document of the lapse allocations in the 2011
13 budget. The UW System is
taking more than its fair share of the cuts. Faculty Senate is urging faculty to write letters to the Governor,
Mike Hipsch an
d members of the Joint Committee on Finance Reform.

Julie announced that she will be collecting canned good

for the food pantry.


Faculty members with November

birthdays were announced.
Jim Kates, Gary Myers, Ann Knabe and
Jodi Galvan we
re wished “Happy Birthday”!

Digital Measures deadline is 12/1. Please have your data entered by then.

If you are marching in Graduation on 12/17 and have not yet rented a cap and gown, please check with
your colleagues to see if you can borrow something

If you have data on partnerships you have done with companies and individuals outside the university,
please report it to Barb within the next couple of days.

Faculty were reminded that they must be available to students during their scheduled exam tim
e and day
even if not holding an exam.

Sally Vogl Bauer announced that she coordinated this semester’s “Fairhaven Lecture Series” which has a
Wisconsin theme. Monday at 3 p.m. Jeff Hamilton, President of Sprecher Brewery will be speaking.
11/21 will be B
ob Mertens with a talk about self taught artists and the series will conclude with Northleaf
Winery and a talk about the Wine industry in Wisconsin. All meetings will be held at the Fairhaven
Retirement Home.

The last group advising session will be held today at 5 p.m. in Heidi 101. All available faculty were
invited to participate.

A motion was made by
Robinson and seconded by



the meeting. It passed unanimously
and the meeting was adjourned

at 4:35


Respectfully submitted;

Tricia Borchardt