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Sep 10, 2020 (14 days and 3 hours ago)


The company, over the years, enjoys strong market credibility with its customers, employees and partners. We have high-accreditation alliances with industry leaders, and annual budget and investment in R&D, quality and capability development.

ERP Software Company in Dubai, UAE

FACTS Computer Software House LLC
, a Software Development,
Solutions and
Services Company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over these
years the company enjoys strong market credibility with its customers, employees
and partners. With its unique focus to provide comprehensive and integrated
software bu
siness solutions to facilitate businesses,

offers the best software
solutions for our customers mainly in the UAE, UK, India and other Middle East
region. We possess a strong support system, a well
equipped and state
development center and

a dedicated team of professionals in UAE. With our vast
industry specific experience, we ensure that all our customers gets the best
software solution. We are able to provide quick support to our customers. Our
client base of over 400 plus satisfied custo
mers certifies that we are focused on
making each of our customers 'feel
special' with our software solutions, services &


To be a best in class Solution Provider in the field of
Customized Solutions,

Business Intelligence and Management Systems

with our innovative


Our mission is to provide enterprise solutions by which our clients can
make distinctive improvement in their businesses and bring op
excellence with the best industry specific practices.

To create an exciting work environment by fostering continuous learning
and to promote individual excellence and team work


with an out of the box approach

, an integrated FTA approved ERP made in Dubai for UAE that offers
complete business process automation. It is already recognized and
appreciated by most reputed, renowned

business houses in UAE as the most
suitable VAT Enabled ERP software made in Dubai for UAE region. A complete


that helps in business automation that helps SMEs and large
organizations to streamline their business operations, reduce costs, improve

productivity, leverage industry best practises, stay compliant with tax rules &
reports and procedures and take more informed decisions. Our ERP Software is
operationally proficient, easy to use, responsive, which makes us the highly
demandable ERP soluti
on provider in Middle East especially in UAE.


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