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Oct 1, 2013 (4 years and 9 months ago)


Rainer Breitling

Groningen Bioinformatics Centre

University of

Title: Metabolome bioinformatics

from Rank Products to Network

Abstract: One of the first tasks in a metabolomics analysis is the robust
identification of compo
unds that are differentially present in different
types of samples. Rank Products, a method first developed for gene
expression microarrays, is particularly suitable for this task. It performs
well in the common situation of having (very) few replicate mea
but thousands of parallel observations on other compounds in the sample.

Rank Products can also be applied to the integration of diverse
measurements by meta
analysis. But metabolomics can provide much more
information than just differential ab
undance of individual compounds.
Exploiting the power of a recent new generation of high
performance mass
spectrometers, it is possible to infer the (bio
)chemical relationships
between the observed compounds directly from the measured masses. This
h places abundance variation in its metabolic context and greatly
increases the ability to extract meaningful patterns of variation.