Private and public sector


Feb 23, 2014 (8 years and 9 days ago)


Private and public sector

In hospitals they could use eye sensors to lock off
important rooms,
Recent mathematical studies of more
than two million pairs of human irises suggests that iris
recognition may indeed be an easy way to authenticate
one's ident
ity. Researchers at the University of Cambridge
compared over 2,000 iris images

a total of over 2.3
million possible pairs

and found the chances of one
person's iris being mistaken for another's were negligible.
Even genetically identical eyes, it tu
rns out, exhibit
different iris patterns

Eye recognition is

highly accurate
biometric authentication system
. "The implications of iris
recognition are highly significant at a time when
organizations such as banks and airlines are looking for
more effectiv
e security measures," said researcher John
Daugman. "The possible applications of iris recognition
span all aspects of daily life, from computer login, national
border controls and secure access to bank cash machine
accounts, to ticket
less air travel, acc
ess to premises such
as the home and office, benefits entitlement and credit
card authentication, to name some.

Private sectors such as MacDonald’s and banks could use
peoples eyes as recognition so in a drive threw at
MacDonald’s they could scan your eye

and the bank
details can be used to pay for the food however there
maybe some problems with blind people.