Introduction to UPCat

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Introduction to UPCat

This project is funded (in part) with a Library Services and
Technology grant from the Institute of Museum and Library
Services administered by the Library of Michigan

What IS UPCat?

Searchable collection of 85+ libraries

Contains 680,000+ unique titles

Contains book covers, reviews, book
excerpts, and more

Gateway to selected web resources and

Kids’ Catalog

How Do I Access UPCat?

Go to the Peter White Public Library
homepage at

Under Quick Links, click on the Online

Searching in UPCat

Users can search by Author, Title,
Keywords, Periodical Title, or Series

Users can search ONLY their library or
ALL 85+ Libraries

Libraries participating in PII (patron
initiated ILL) can place requests for
materials at other libraries.

Root Menu Bar

The root menu bar
always appears at the
top of the screen in
the online catalog.

Login ONCE to
place multiple

Navigation Bar

bar changes
on your
options as
you are
searching the



Search Terms

Search Type

Search Indexes

Sample Search: Browse Author

Example of Browse Search Results

Link to titles by clicking an
author’s name

Number of titles with that title
or author heading

Browseable list of

Search Results

results for

Enhanced content
and Reader Reviews

Icons indicating
format of the item

Working with Search Results

Click Details
to access
and content

Add to a list for emailing or
printing. Coming soon

users will be able to create
“persistent” lists that can
remain on the system.

Click to Place a Hold or
Request for this item.

Access Enhanced Content
and Reviews

Details Screen

Call Number and item info

Link to Enhanced

Links to related titles

Link to Reader

A Look Inside

Enhanced Content

Catalog Record Tab

Reader Reviews

Add your own review

Read reviews
from others

Sample Search: Global Warming
ALL Libraries and Title Keyword

Search Results

Global Warming

Detailed Info with

Enhanced Content

Book Review and TOC

Placing a Hold

Click the Place Hold

Place Hold Screen

Enter your
barcode or
ALT ID and
PIN number.

If you don’t
know your PIN
number, or
you’d like an
ALTID, see
your librarian.

dates can be
added to
save your
place in the
hold queue.

Books by Mail Pilot

NOTE: In the future,
there will be an
additional option to have
the item MAILED to your
home for those patrons
participating in a Books
by Mail Pilot Project. Be
watching for additional

Hold Confirmation Screen

My Account

Login to your account to view and/or manage
current checkouts, bills, and holds.

Enter your Barcode or Alt ID

and PIN Number

Click to Display Your Information

View Current Checkouts, Bills, and Holds

View, Cancel, or Suspend Holds

Additonal Options on the
Search/Home Page

Reading Lists, Bestsellers,
and Special Collections

Search for
to be played
on your
burn to CD,
or transfer to
an iPod or
other portable


Search MeLCat for
additional titles not
found in UPCat.

Power Search

The Power Search
allows you to create
more complex
searches using AND,
OR and NOT

Use the Power
Search to create
more complex
searches using

Call Number
Searching is also

Recommended Reading and Best
Seller Lists

Kids’ Library

Submenu for “Spooky

Select another item
from the graphical
menu to complete
your search.

Search Results

from Kids’ Catalog

Item Details for Kids’ Catalog Search

Call Number and
shelving location of item

Links to related items and ability to browse
“nearby items on shelf.”

Nearby Items on Shelf

aka Call Number Search

Find it Fast!

Find it Fast is
a graphical
search menu
for adults.

Lexile Level Searching

The online catalog includes a search by
reading level.

Lexile Measure

is a number indicating
the reading demand of the text in terms of
semantic difficulty (word frequency) and
syntactic complexity (sentence length).

Lexile scale ranges from below 200 for
reader material to above 1700 for
advanced text.

Lexile Chart

You can learn more about how to equate
Lexile scores to reading levels by reading
MetaMetrics' FAQ on the subject at

AR and Lexile Search

Sample of Lexile Search

Search Results from Lexile Search

“Kept” List Option

A “Keep”
button is
available to
select items
for emailing or

They are placed
on a “Kept” List

Working with a Kept List

Kept Items can be
printed/emailed in a
variety of formats


Brief Format

Other Features in UPCat

Participating libraries can link to MeLCat, a resource
sharing system for all of Michigan, or download audio books
from OverDrive. New libraries can be added to either
service on a regular basis.

Web Resources

Librarians selected links to reference
and other useful resources for patrons.

Web Resources

World Wide Web Links

Contact Us

Use this option
to send a
question or
comment to the