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March, 29th 2006

Tony Ortells

Luis Portillo

Senior Project Implementation

1. Introduction

In this report we will show what we have done so far in this second semester
concerning to our senior project.

We finish the previous semester by showing a
demo version of the project. We
will describe that demo version and the updates added in this report.

Also, we are going to write about the work that is missing and have to be done
before the semester ends.

2. Where do we start this semester?

The de
mo that we shown on December 2005 consists on getting a key from a
room that has one enemy on it, so, we also have to escape from him. When we get the
key, we are able to open a door and get one weapon that is lying in the floor.

The demo version ended
here, so, in that demo, we were able to pick up items
(as the key or the weapon), to make a 3d model moves trying to get you, to animate a 3d
model (the enemy is not still, is moves walking to you), to play sounds (from the
enemies and from yourself), etc.

So, this is the point where we start when we get back to Miami on January 2006.

3. Updates added to the demo version

3.1 Mouse

This have been our best advance in the programming aspect. Now, we are not
limit to the keyboard input we are able to poi
nt things in the virtual world, click to
mouse bottoms and use the mouse wheel.

How to point models in the virtual world is conceptually easy. First, we apply an
identifier to every model in the virtual world, then when a click occurs one Open
ns tells us which of all the model did the click goes over. Finally, we select
among all these models the one closest to us and then, depending on the model, we
apply one action or another. For example, if the model is an enemy and we have a
weapon with bu
llets on it, the action to take is to shoot the enemy.


The right bottom of the mouse is use so far as the trigger, so, if we have a
weapon on our hands and enough bullets it will appear an arrow to allow us to point and
show in the virtual world wherever

we want.

Another addition to the demo version is the inventory. In every moments we are
able to see and to choose among all the items that we had picked up from the world in
our adventure. And to go over all these items, we use the mouse wheel.

3.2 In
formation Displayed

In every moment we see some information in the application screen. Here we
have one screen shot from the game:

In the top of the screen we can see our life bar which will go down if some
enemies shot us of some
thing hit us. We also see the number of bullets left that we
have. We have planned to pick bullets from storing places and from dead enemies, to
make the game more realistic than if the bullets were infinities.

In the bottom we can see the next action th
at we should make and at the right
hand the item from the inventory that we have in our hands in this moment.

Probably in the final version, we are going to show the user also information
about where he is in the game, I mean, in which level he is for ex


3.3 New maps and 3d models

4. Work to be done by the end of the semester