Spectra iFlash Advanced IDE Disk (512 MB)


Dec 9, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Spectra iFlash

IDE Disk (


Spectra iFlash Basic

IDE Module for Converting a Desktop to a Thin Client

Linux Embedded Thin Client OS resident on IDE Flash

Plug the IDE Module in the IDE port of the motherboard and the computer is
converted to a thin client

Size of Flash Disk : 512


Minimum RAM Requirement : 256


Suggested RAM Requirement: 512 MB

Server Support

Supports Windows 2008, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT TSE editions

Supports Windows Vista (Ultimate & Busi
ness editions), Windows XP (Pro/MCE/Home editions)

Supports All flavors of Linux, Unix & Solaris OS

Supports Citrix Metaframe & Citrix Presentation Server

Supports GoGlobal

Connectivity Features

RDP 5.X, RDP 6, ICA, X11, VNC, SDM, Tarantella, PNAgent,
REXEC, ShellScript

Dial up connection support (PSTN, ADSL, ISDN)

CDMA connection support on USB (Reliance, Tata Indicom)

Wireless LAN Support (select adapters)

Supports DHCP & Static IP Addresses

Supports Session Connectivity over Broadband Internet

Local Support

Printing Support for Serial, USB & Parallel Printers

Mouse Support on Serial, PS2, USB ports

Keyboard Support on PS2, USB Ports

Support for Font Server & RGB Server

Supports upto 24 bit color depth & upto 1280 x 1024 resolution

File System Support

NFS, SMB, LPD Printing Support

Hot pluggable USB Storage Device Support

Hot Pluggable Option for USB 802.11g Wireless LAN Dongle

Local Utilities

Local Window Manager (XP like desktop)

ThinClient Control Manager: Config. utilities f
or Network setup & Terminal config. with image upgrades

Connection Manager for connecting to a single or multiple servers

PDF Reader (xpdf)

Mozilla Firefox

Skype with Voice

GAIM Chat Client (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc)

Intranet Chat Client


Open Office

Java 1.6 Runtime


Adobe PDF Reader 7.0

SAP Client

OpenVPN Client

Terminal Emulations

VT Series (VT 52, VT 100, VT 220 etc)

IBM emulations (3270, 5250E)

SCO console

ANSI At386

Management, Administration & Control

Password Protecti
on for Setup

Smart Card Authentication Support

RFID Support

Remote Upgrade, Management, Administration & Control support

Advanced Web Browser

Firefox Browser with Sun JVM 1.6

Flash plug

Media Codecs

PDF Reader


Manager Features

Connection Auto Start on reboot

Adding Connection to Menu

Adding Connection as Desktop icon

Enable/Disable Multiple Sessions for a Connection

Connection ending option (None, Shutdown, Reconnect)

Failover Connection

Specifying Differ
ent Interface for a Connection (Lan, Dialup, PPTP)

Displaying live connections as Active

Disconnecting active connection

Thin Client Control Manager Features (Control Panel)


Keyboard setup (Type, Delay, Repeat rate, Numlock on boot, Dead ke

Mouse setup (Speed, Auto hide, LH/RH configuration)

Display setup (Resolution & Frequency, Color depth, Negotiation)

Touchscreen setup (Port, Report delay, Untouch delay, Model)

Fontserver setup (Local XFS, Remote XFS, NFS)

Network Setup


IP, Subnet, Gateway, Domain, WINS, DS, Speed

DHCP or Manual IP Configuration


RDP Global Settings (Mapping of Serial port, Parallel port, Printer & Drive)

ICA Global Settings (Mapping of Serial port, Parallel port, Printer & Driver)

Browser G
lobal Settings (Proxy settings)

Port settings (Serial port configuration)

Hosts/Xhosts Creation


Drive Access, NFS settings, SMB settings

Reads CD ROM Drive

Reads & Writes on Pen Drive, USB HDD, USB FDD, CDROM, HDD, FDD


Drivers for

printer included locally, for Local Applications installed and Server Redirection


Direct Printing

For redirecting printing from the server to the client

Support for Host Based Printers like HP 1020,

1018, 1007, 1008


Local printer creat

Network Unix printer creation

Network SMB printer creation

Sharing of Printer installed on Client Machine

User Level Features & Controls

Screensaver Settings (Password,Timeout, Mode Slideshow included)

Date/Time settings (RDate & NTP Time servers)

Time ZoneSsettings

User Interface (Terminal mode, Taskbar option, Language selection)

Power Settings (Shutdown procedure, Energy settings)


Security (Admin/Root password, User Access Rights, Remote shadowing)

Limiting a User to use a S
pecific Connection

Flash Upgrade (FTP, HTTP, Local)


Ifconfig, Route, Packet info, Ping, Traceroute, Restore factory Defaults


System Diagnostics (Hardware)

Installed components (Software)

Configuration file (Import & Export of co
nfiguration files)

Generate & Export System Report (via FTP)