Shepherd's Hope Technology Assessment


Dec 9, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Today, Shepherd’s Hope (SH) maintains 9 active clinics and a
corporate office with widely varying levels of technology
infrastructure and software. Much of the case management and
patient record management is done manually, and storage of
files is becoming an increasingly difficult problem for SH to

The clinics, because they are shared or donated space, do not in
general have reliable connectivity or necessarily space where a
shared computer could be set up and secured.

There are three primary areas in the typical SH clinic where
computers could logically be utilized: the check
in desk, the
patient triage/clinic manager area, and the pharmacy area.

In order for SH to continue to grow without adding staff in a
linear manner, we must seek ways to leverage technology to
maximize the utilization of volunteer and staff hours.

Our primary objective is to maximize the benefit
brought by technology while minimizing the
consumption of donor funds allocated to
technology initiatives. The two primary ways we
can minimize the investment are:

By identifying and allocating tasks to technology
capable volunteers already in the SH organization, or by
specifically identifying and recruiting technology
capable volunteers.

By utilizing free or open source (FLOSS) software
wherever possible to eliminate up
front and ongoing
software licensing costs.


Most clinics have phone/fax capabilities, only
two have laptops and Internet access.

One server at IT solution provider in Longwood,
one server at corporate office, one older server
with Access database at corporate office.

Wired access in corporate office, no VPN for
external security.

One multifunction printer for printing, copying,
and faxing at central office.

One outsourced individual responsible for IT
support for all clinics and central office.


Evaluate centralizing hosting of servers.

Add VPN capability for secure access to
servers (e.g.

Evaluate spend/benefit of current technology
providers and recommend alternatives.

Evaluate pricing on additional multifunction
print/scan/fax devices for central office.

Formulate plan enabling PCs and Internet
connectivity at each clinic.

Identify tech
capable volunteers who can
help out in the clinics and at central office.


Quickbooks used for Finance functions.

Donor Perfect used for donor tracking
service provider, charges
donor fee).

Volunteer tracking done manually and
reported to Health Department manually.

Case management performed manually on
paper files.


More robust financial accounting system.

Evaluate alternatives for donor management
system (e.g. CiviCRM/Orange Leap).

Evaluate alternatives for volunteer tracking
and reporting (CiviCRM).

Evaluate alternatives for case management
(OpenEMR, CiviCRM).


Patient medical records are paper
based, with 1
year expiration on eligibility and referral notes.
Storage, retrieval, and indexing are becoming a
problem for clinics and central office.

Volunteer, provider, and patient scheduling all

Lab results are faxed and inserted into charts

Pharmacy inventory records are managed

Encounter documentation is handled manually on
the paper chart.


Evaluate open source EMR alternatives
(OpenEMR, OpenVISTA, OpenMRS) for patient
EMR and provider tracking.

OpenEMR also provides laboratory result
handling, faxing, referrals, encounter
management, and pharmacy inventory
logging functionality.


Web site available at

with online donor link.

No Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter presence.

Constant Contact used for newsletter


Evaluate desirability of increasing social
network visibility

highlight donor events,

Assess ease of web site updating and
evaluate potential technologies for web site if


Categorize and prioritize projects
(infrastructure projects have been approved
and funded, need deployment plan).

Identify additional committee team members
who are willing and able to help on the
technology front.

Manage evaluations of open
source and low
cost alternative software packages.


In addition to the projects identified above,
the following are wish
list items from the
Shepherd’s Hope management team: