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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 10 months ago)


Summary of CS 12

CS 12 introduced me to a new kind of programming language which is JAVA. This
language, being an object oriented, dynamic, threaded programming language, taught me new
techniques in solving computer and other related problems.

concepts of it such as the use of classes, its objects, attributes command
, function creation,

the basic flow
and structure of a JAVA project and others were
established as a stepping stone to help us go in deeper to the language itself.

After suc
h preliminaries, NetBeans were introduced as a mechanism to better
implement the language in solving trivial as well as significant problems. Also with this, we were
able to create and understand methods as well as their supposed behaviors.

Complex ideas w
ere later presented which we

eventually use in creating our card
game project

and probably will also use later in our higher CS subjects

concepts were

encapsulation, the superclass and subclasses concept or inheritance, multiple inheritance,
morphism, packaging, method overloading and many others.

To better maneuver the language, ADT’s or abstract data types of the form stack,
queues and linked list were given. These data types defined the inputs and outputs running in
our program. We mostly
focused on linked lists but still the other types weren’t ignored so as to
give us a preview of the data types we are to use later in our CS life.

And finally, other significant algorithms and codes for functions were given to complete
and improve not onl
y our project but also our extrinsic knowledge in coding. Examples of these
were the recursive functions and synchronization.

Though we didn’t tackle using GUI, the above mentioned concepts had been sufficient
to complete or if not, to “mostly” complete o
ur card game projects. These are projects that
contained the algorithms and codes from the lessons learned which will

be of use
later on.