REST API for Joomla

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Dec 4, 2013 (3 years and 14 days ago)

REST API for Joomla
Presented By
Ashwin Date
CTO, TechJoomla
Parth Lawate
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Whats REST Anyway ?

REST = Representative State Transfer

The World wide web is built on REST

Various resources are made available on the
internet in various types of representations
Whats REST Anyway ?

A Web page is the example of a representation
thats human readable

A representation that can be used for machine/
application level data exchange are called as
'Web Services'
Web Page
Web Service
REST webservice basics

Each method has it's own URL

Is a http based comminucation channel

Output can be JSON, XML or any other format

Requests are sent via POST/GET/PUT/DELETE
POST = Create
GET = Retrieve
PUT= Update
Delete = Remove
Who is using REST APIs ?
Joomla! Too has it now
REST Server

Server Core -
Separate application (like xmlrpc)

Uses Joomla plugin architecture

Only Super Admins can use API


Output formats – JSON / XML
REST Server

1 plugin per method
(1 plugin each for user create, delete & update)

Extendability using Joomla Plugins
Flow Diagram
Whats there now ...

User Create/Update/Delete
(Supports Jomsocial)

Jomsocial Groups
Assign group members
Create wall posts, discussions &

List content categories

Create content
Plugins in development

K2 content creation

Jomsocial photos, events & activity stream

Jomsocial points
Coming Soon

Implement PUT & DELETE

Multiple methods per plugin

Extend Joomla search to REST
Implementation Scenarios

Google Apps integration to create Joomla user
when one is created in Google Apps

Selling access to Joomla via non Joomla
shopping cart

Mobile application interaction with Joomla

POS application development for Joomla
shops like Tienda & Virtuemart
REST for Joomla - Demo
Thank You

Ashwin Date

Parth Lawate
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