Joomla 101 Rookie

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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Joomla 101 Rookie
1 Days
9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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Joomla! is one of the most popular content management systems on the planet, used by
millions of websites all over the world. In this comprehensive introductory course, you’ll
learn all about the new features of the latest version, how to create and organize content
using Joomla!’s intuitive system, add menus, sidebars, and other interface features, as
well as how to customise the look of your website using Joomla! templates, install plug-
ins and extensions, assign specific users to create and edit content, and much more. If
you’ve decided to use Joomla to build and maintain your site, this course will teach you
all you need to know.
The course covers 1.6 new features, demonstrates how to create and organize content,
and add menus, sidebars, and other interface features. It also explains how to change the
site look and feel with Joomla! templates, install plug-ins and extensions, assign specific
users to create and edit content, and much more
Who is this course for?
* Individuals wanting to learn Joomla! best practices.
* Business owners or employees responsible for their company's website.
* Webdesigners looking to expand their service offerings by providing Joomla sites for
* Individuals considering Joomla 1.5 for your next project.
* Web Professionals looking to save time by learning from Joomla! experts.
Assumed Knowledge
There are no pre-requisites for the beginner class. We assume that all students in our
beginner classes start with no Joomla experience.
What you will learn
* Understanding the role of a content management system (CMS)
* Building a CMS-driven web site versus a HTML/Dreamweaver web site
* Completing a Joomla! installation
* Organizing content within Joomla!
* Creating categories, articles, and menus
* Identifying good quality third-party extensions and templates
* Downloading and installing Joomla! plug-ins
* Managing users and permissions
* Changing the look of the site with templates
* Moving a site from a local computer to a web hosting provider
Installing Joomla!
• Understanding the installation process
• Running Joomla! locally vs. on a web host
• Web hosting overview
• Installing Joomla! 1.6 on a PC
• Installing Joomla! 1.6 on a Mac
• Restoring the .jpa exercise files using kickstart.php
An Overview of Joomla!
• A quick tour of the Joomla! interface
• Modifying global configuration
• Using the Media Manager
• Using Joomla! help
• Creating content in Joomla!
Creating Categories
• Creating categories for your site
• Modifying categories
Creating Articles
• Creating individual articles
• Formatting articles
• Adding an external link
• Adding an internal link
• Adding article images
• Adding a YouTube video to an article
• Linking to a PDF or other document
• Using Read More 04m 19s
• Dividing long articles using page breaks
• Adding articles to the featured page
• Deleting and restoring articles
• Practicing with articles
Creating Menus
• Understanding and configuring menus
• Linking an article to the menu
• Understanding parent and child menu items
• Configuring category blogs
• Advanced category blog configuration
• Configuring category lists
• Advanced category list configuration
• Comparing page headings, article titles, and browser page titles
• Configuring submenus
• Creating a new menu and displaying it on the site
Setting Display Options
• Setting global configuration options for articles
• Setting menu options
• Setting individual article configuration options
Using Modules
• Configuring modules
• Creating a custom HTML module
• Assigning a module to the site
• Creating a breadcrumb module
• Creating a random image module
• Creating a newsflash module on the home page and turning off the home page heading
Using Components
• Using the content component
• Using the contact component
• Creating a contact list
• Using the banner component
• Using the web links component
Using Templates
• Changing the look of the site using templates
• Setting the default template style and assigning template styles
• Creating new template styles
• Adjusting template masters with the HTML and CSS editors
• Changing the admin template
• Joomla! templates from third-party providers
ACL Essentials
• Introduction to ACL
• Understanding default groups
• Creating a new group
• Creating a user
• Assigning permissions to a user group
• Creating a new access level
• Configuring content for ACL
• Creating a login link
• Allowing self-registration and allowing users to modify their details
Extending Joomla! 1.6
• Evaluating extensions in the Joomla! Extensions Directory
• Installing Akeeba Backup and creating a backup
• Installing and using Simple Image Gallery
• Upgrading extensions
Launching Your Site and Beyond
• Launching your site
• Training the client on front-end editing
• The importance of backups and coordinating backups with your web host
• Additional Joomla! resources and opportunities to participate