How to Install Joomla!

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Dec 4, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


How to Install Joomla!
Download the Joomla! Installer files

Joomla! 3.1 requires you to edit some files to overcome some setting issue before it can be installed.
For more reference please click
Unzip the files as shown below.
Open your FTP client and login to your FTP account. Please click
for a Setup FTP Quick Guide.
Go to the Joomla folder you have unzipped just now and copy all files
the Web folder.
While waiting for the files to transfer, please login to your web hosting account and create a database for your

Joomla! Site. Please click
to learn how to create a database in Web Hosting Malaysia.
Please take note on your database username and password. The information will be required during installation.
Step 1
Select your language in the screen above, then click 'Next' button in the upper right corner.

Step 2
A series of system and server will run to check that Joomla will be able to install, and function correctly. The

top section of items should all be green and 'Yes'. Otherwise, they'll be red and say "No") then you will need to take

action to correct them.
Step 3
GNU license will display. This is the software license agreement for Joomla use, and simply requires you to

click 'Next' in the top right corner after reviewing.

Step 4
In this section, you will be required to insert your database information. If your settings are not correct, you

will not be able
to connect to the database
. An additional option is to change the Table prefix. (Note: Joomla 2.5.x

now offers a random default prefix) This may be helpful for security purposes.

Database name and username below is just an example. Please set your own database name and

Step 5
For FTP Configuration, it is unnecessary unless if you find that you cannot upload media or images or

install Extensions. The details can be added at a later time directly within the
Global Configuration
in the Joomla

Administration pages. Please click
and refer to learn how to create FTP.
Step 6
Site Configuration,
you must add a
Site Name
Admin User Name
Admin Password
, and
Admin e-
mail address
. For new Joomla users, you should also click
Install the Sample Content
, this will trigger the system

to add in sample information or pages so you can get started.

Step 7
In this final step, you will be notified that Joomla is installed!
Note: Please remove the installation folder to prevent anyone else from reinstalling Joomla over your existing site.
Click the
Remove Installation Directory